Me: ore, hwfa ??? Thanks for your visit the other time



Seye: don’t mention, I’m sorry I left earlier, hope you married the reason??????


Me: sure, I know, don’t worry about that, when again are you coming to lagos


Seye: can’t say for now oooooooooo, but don’t worry, very soon sha, please forget about what happened and make sure you stay by amoke’s side always. God that did that one will surely do another best one


Me: alright ooooooo, your wife nko?????


Seye: don’t mind her jare, I don’t even understand her again


Me: what happen????



Seye: she is recently playing her thing in wayward direction that I couldn’t trust her any longer


Me: what is she doing?????



Seye: I travelled and I sent her to do something for me, you won’t believe she couldn’t make it until I come back to execute the operation myself


Me: operation???


Seye: I wanted to say work jare………


Me: ok, but why didn’t she do it????



Seye: she said she was tired, while one of her friend that I use her pussy for refreshment whenever I got hurny outside the house told me she wasn’t in ghana since I left home


Me: haaaaaaaa, but where did she left for??????


Seye: I don’t even know, infact we were currently quarrelling



Me: heyah, you don’t need that, she is the mother of your children so you need not to be so wrath to her


Seye: leave that one aside jare….there is a deal I have for you

but I don’t know how you gonna feel


Me: what’s that bro????


Seye: what do you think about amoke????


Me: how????



Seye: don’t you think she can decide to have all her belonging back from you once what combined you together is no more???


Me: (hmmmmhn)what did you see???



Seye: you know I’m your best friend from strike?????? And I usually want the best for you, I was the one that usually put you on a right side always isn’t it????

Me: sure you are…and that’s why I give you the best honor



Seye: what I mean so far was that, you know everything you have or you are was amoke’s willed properties?????


Me: yes……..that’s why I was trying all my possible best to

make the company boom



Seye: what if there is conflict between you guys one day and she decided to send you out of her life..what will be your gain?????


Me: I have thought deeply about that also but amoke is not the type, infact we have make a change of name for both of us to everything we have


Seye: lol, what will it cause her to change the name back, this is what happening to me presently where I am, you remember I told you that everything concerning my wellbeing since I left lagos for ghana was responsible by suzzie?????it was suzzie that carried all the responsibility till I also became a man myself but till now, her properties from everything we had is huge than mine so whenever we have misunderstanding, she used to brag and sometimes raise the issue of “let share our properties” I was the one that will kill the fame off, how much

time do I need to act fool????? I’m even planning to get rid of her inorder sit on the properties and money, but the only scare

I have was about her family…………..her family is also here in ghana


Me: haaaaaa seye, that is too much oooooo, you want to kill????


Seye: don’t say that again…………


Me: so what do you want me to do?????



Seye: once amoke has no family to ask for her and all the properties had been written in your name, if she died, nobody will challenge or stand on the property…….why can’t you do what I intend to do to my wife


Me: what!!!! To kill amoke??????


Seye: stop shouting jur….is it for my own benefit?????? Is it

not for your own????


Me: that one is too big, I don’t think I can do that……..

Seye: why can’t you? Just think about it.its from your own



Me: ok..thanks,


Seye: please think deeply about it and give me a call back as

soon as you arrived on what you chose……..


Me: ok



I hung up and I was thinking about everything seye said……….why could seye thought of executing amoke???????

Is it a right idea???????? Why would I kill the only one woman that render the ever happiness my heart desire????? Why would I kill the only woman that remains for me in this life??????”No I can’t do this”


“But to think about this very well…..it was amoke the lawyer

of chief Daniel (her late husband that owns the properties) knows and heed to her instruction, even for the fact that I have become amoke’s husband, the man never heed to my instruction until amoke intercede” “God what should I do now?????”


“Hope I won’t be back to my state of poverty?????”


“That will be very bad of me oooooooo, I think I should followed seye’s idea”


Throughout the week, it was seye’s advice I was thinking about all days…………..if I should do what seye said, who is

going to be there as my wife???????? am I truly gonna have

the property all?












THE END!!!!!!!!!!!



Seye, Alabi and Fausa will returns in Season 8



:::::::Whatchout for season 8::::::::

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