Episode 50.
Tony closed his eyes and turned his back on her ‘Ximena, get out! Put on your clothes and get out this instant if you dont want to leave my house this instant’
‘baby……’ Ximena called seductively as she moved closer ‘i want you to do things to me, touch me in places i’ve not been touched in seven years, uh! I’m so ho.rny right now’
Tony turned towards her furiously ‘Ximena, i swear with Naomi’s life, if you dont get the hell out of here right now, i’m going to deal seriously with you, i bet you!’
‘Ximena! Last warning’
Ximena pouted in fustration, then picked up her robe, put it on and left the room, banging the door furiously.
‘psycho!’ Tony sighed..
Dave smiled and hugged Cindy ‘come in sweetie’
Cindy entered and fell on a couch ‘its a sunny day sweetheart, lets go out’
Dave sighed ‘babe, i’m busy’
‘really? Busy doing what? I could help you’
‘no, i dont need help’ Dave said and sat in front of his laptop.
Cindy shrugged and put on the television.
Dave watched her from the corner of his eyes, how was he going to get her to leave the house before Roxy and the kids show up.
Last time he called, Roxy had said they were in Ibadan, she and the kids might arrive soon and the last thing he wanted was Roxy meeting Cindy here. It was going to cause problems.
‘babe,’ he called.
‘yes darling’
‘i thought you were going to visit your mum in her supermarket today?’
‘Ella is already there. There’s no point going there any further besides i dont want mum bombarding me with questions about……..never mind!’
‘what questions?’
‘talk Cindy’
Cindy looked at him and shrugged ‘Dave, when are we getting married? When are we going to get serious? We’ve been dating for five years now and you are yet to propose to me’
‘eh?’ Dave sighed. This was the question he had been avoiding since. How was he going to tell Cindy that he had a pregnant wife with two children on their way to Lagos to join him?
He loved Roxy and he loved Cindy as well. He didnt want to lose both them, he loved the both of them in his own way.
‘Cindy, i……’
Cindy moved closer and sat on his laps ‘darling, i can make you happy. I know i’m going to make a good wife. At least, i can cook and i’m good in bed and i know how to keep a home neat’
‘its not about that…….’
Cindy placed her lips on his. Before the spelling of Jack Robinson, their clothes were everywhere around the parlour, moans and groans filling the room.
Then there was a knock on the door. Dave withdrew immediately as he struggled to enter his trouser cursing everything he could. Roxy was here with the kids. And here he was with a woman.
‘dress up quickly Cindy!’ he whispered fiercely.
Cindy stood up still unclad ‘common babe, lets just finish what we already started nah, i’m yet to c.um oo’
‘are you deaf!’ Dave whispered again ‘someone’s knocking’
‘so? Babe abeg’ she rushed to kiss him but he pushed her down.
The knock came again.
‘hold on baby’ Dave said aloud.
Cindy frowned ‘baby?’
‘my wife! Now get dressed and hide in the bathroom, i will find away for you to escape immediately…….’
The knock came again. Cindy slowly put on her bra and panties, in a snail pace.
‘fu.ck! Put on your cloth……’
The door was pushed open immediately and masked men matched in. Before Dave could cough, he was shot.
Who shot him?
To be continued…..

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