• August 2, 2017
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Hsaw Kingsley walk past the salon I was in, and I swear my heart fell down right into my tummy, the large intestine to be precise. The man that’s my bodyguard for today was sitting at a chair in the saloon, sitting at a place where he’ll see me clearly.
At that moment, I was blow drying my hair. Suddenly, without thinking, I turned my heard, flipping my wet hair in the process. The hairdresser blow drying my hair, exclaimed “Jesus!” But that didn’t penetrate my brain cause I was wiggling my fingers in the direction of the bodyguard whose name I’ve forgotten. He was reading some magazine when one of the ladies in the salon tapped him on his shoulders.
He looked at the lady, the lady pointed at me, he then looked at me. I stopped wiggling my fingers and shouted like the crazy woman that I am, “Kingsley!”
He was confused for a moment, so I yelled his name again, “Kingsley!”
Pointing at the door, and at the same time, jerking my pointing finger, At this point, the whole gossipers had stopped gossiping to stare at me.
At my first scream, they looked at me, then their heads turned to my bodyguard.
They watched the bodyguard as he had on that blank confused look on his face, then on my second scream; they turned to look at me, then at him again. But he still looked confused.
So I yelled, “man trying to kidnap me, is here”
That activated his brain, cause he immediately got up from his seat, (well more like jumped up) and came to me asking. “Where?”
I pointed at the door once again, his head turned towards it, then back at me and he asked, “Do you mean his outside the door?”
I nodded my head vigorously, my hair also moving at different directions cause of it..
“Ok stay here and Ada please don’t go out, no matter what”
I squeezed my brow asking, “what if I want to use the rest room, its right outside”
He looked at me like he wanted to fold me up and put me inside one of his pockets.
I on the other hand was very serious, I mean what if he stayed out for a very long time and I end up getting really pressed, am I supposed to do it on my body?
“Do it on your body” was his reply to my question, it’s like he read my mind.
My mouth dropped open, “what?” I yelled, then continued “I can’t do it on my body, are you crazy?”
He looked heaven wards asking God for patience, I hope God decides not to answer his prayer cause there’s no way I’ll be peeing on myself.
Then he looked at me, he was about to speak when one of the gossipers said, “we have our own rest room ma, you don’t have to go outside”
My bodyguard said a relieved “thank you God” then he walked out of the saloon without saying another word, not to me or the gossiper that just helped.
So I decided to thank her for the both of us, so she won’t think we’re rude people.
“Thanks dear” I said to her, adjusting myself on my seat, acting like I didn’t just perform a show for everyone.
She replied, “You’re welcome” but she didn’t sound like she was at all. Cause her face said something else, she was looking at me strangely, like she was trying to understand me.
The place was quiet for a few minutes, when an old lady sitting beside me asked, “ does someone really want to kidnap you?”
I nodded my head saying, “yep”
Her eyes increased double its size, then I continued, “it isn’t the first time too, it has happened before”
Her mouth dropped open.
“To my best friend called ‘Fola’, but she was kidnapped for 5 days”
The blow dryer that was used to dry my hair got switched off, and the whole saloon became deathly quiet.
The old lady said a silent, “oh my goodness”
I shrugged, facing the mirror in front of me.
But unknown to me, the gossipers in the saloon all had their mouths hanging open, and they now had a new thing to gossip about, once I’m gone.

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