Journey through the wilderness… (Love,Betrayal, Money,sex).
I was sleeping before I felt a tap on my shoulder. I open my eyes
gentle and saw my mom.sitting on d bed with her wrapper. everywhere
was dark. thank to the crack opening of the window that make the
midnight moon to pierce to the room. I sat up and wonder wat make her
to come to my room by this time of the night. to wake me up, it her
voice that jolt me back from the thinking.
Am the First born in our family. The 1st boy in the family of 5 two
boy one girl.
mama: junior junior junior
me: mama what did u want by this time it late already.
mama: uhmmm junior sit up properly I want us to talk mother to son
me: OK all hear pls be fast you know m going to work tomorrow.
mama: remember you re not a small boy most of your friend re back to
the village for Christmas, with big cars see your friend Chukwudi he
have already started building his own house. ehn look at you in the
village go and meet him to help you ehn my son
me: mama pls if that what you want to discuss with me again pls m not
ready for that if my time come god will lead me through.
She stand up and left my room with talking again.
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