• August 8, 2017
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Three hours and some minutes later, I’m in the kitchen eating, macaroni and sausages.
The macaroni is mixed with veggies like carrot, green peas, green beans, cabbage and the rest, with the sausages cut into bits. I was really enjoying my food when Stephen walked in.
“Hi Stephen” I said
“Hi” replied Stephen.
He walked to the fridge and brought out a bottle of Smoove, closing the fridge and turning around to face me, he turned the cap opening it, and then took a healthy swing of it, almost consuming the whole bottle.
My spoon containing macaroni in it was held half way to my mouth which at the moment was hanging open as I watched him.
Is he that thirsty?
His head came down along with the bottle, then he watched me as he covered the bottle with its cover.
Dropping it on the kitchen slab, he came closer to where I was sitting which was by the kitchen slab. Then he sat beside me.
My food was still held half way to my mouth when he asked, “Aren’t you going to eat that, or are you full?”
“Huh?” was my reply, a stupid one if I must say.
“Your food, are you still eating it, it’s going to get cold if you don’t eat it quickly”
“You almost finished that drink in one go” was my reply.
His brow squeezed in obvious confusion, “I don’t get you, its just a drink”
“Yeah I know but”…………..
He interrupted me by asking, “But what?”
I continued to stare at him, then on a sigh, I said, “don’t worry, I don’t even know why it was surprising to me, I mean you’re a growing boy, almost becoming a man, so it shouldn’t be a surprise”
Stephen stared at me for a few seconds, then concluded, “You’re crazy”
I agreed with him by saying, “yeah I know”
He grinned at me, I smiled in return.
So it’s Sunday morning and I am ready for church, like utterly ready. I can’t wait to get to church. That’s why I’m standing outside waiting for everyone to come out so we can get going. But it seems to me they are all taking their sweet time.
“Stephen, Nancy, oya lets go, we’re getting late, we don’t want the angels of God to get there before us missing our blessings in the process!” I yelled out.
“We’re coming” yelled Nancy.
Then I saw them walk out together, Nancy looked really pretty in her purple ball gown that stopped at her knee having a yellow slim ribbon/belt on her waist that was tied in a bow. She was wearing black flat shoes, with her black purse hanging on her elbow to complete her beautiful look
Stephen looked his normal casual self. He was putting on grey trousers with a white shirt and white sneakers, he looked really good.
“ok we’re ready, let’s go” said Nancy, then she walked passed me and got into the back seat of the car, leaving the front seat for Stephen, Stephen glanced at me smiling then he too got into the front seat of the car closing his door. I on the other hand stood there staring, cause Nancy just acted like I didn’t just yell for them to step out. It’s like she was the one waiting for me, how bizarre is that?
Anyway, putting that aside, I got into the back seat of the car, joining Nancy. Our driver “Bello” asked, “all set?” there was nodding of heads, and chorus answers of “yes” and “sure”
Bello nodded his head, started the car, and off to church we went with the security team right behind us.

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