Episode 1

I wanted to tell her, but it skippedmy mind, thought I could get away with it, cus I am scared of losing my home, don’t want Cynthia and the likes to laugh at me

Some month later, I was at work, when kola called me

Kola: guy where are you please

Me: what happen, calm down now

Kola: I can’t, my wife called me now, that she’s feeling somehow, I’ve called Cynthia but she is busy I guess

Me: cynwhat? She will go now

Kola: abeg forget this your hide and seek game, na my wife we dey talk about here jare

Me: okay, I will go

Kola: thanks, I’m also on my way, but were we deyfarabeg

I rushed home from work, oh I forgot to tell you, my family is back to normal, but I just don’t trust Daniella again, though she’s trying her best, but I still don’t trust her.

I rushed home, I met kola’s gate open, I parked at the entrance of his house, cus a Lexus jeep is parked in the compound already,

Mtttthhwww, Na Cynthia get am, I was about walking away when she shout, “please come and help me now”

I went back, cus it was my friend’s wife,

Cynthia: let’s use your own car

Me: why

Cynthia: can’t you see, she is in pain, and you are at the entrance, before you move your car, before I turn again, you can drive fast,

Me: okay,

Cynthia: oga o

Me: what do you mean by that?

Cynthia: will you beat me?

Me: just watch your mouth

I think of the girl in pain, I carried her to my car,she close the gate she also enter and sat with her at the back sit, I drove to the hospital, on getting to the hospital a nurse came to help us with mai friend wife, I sat down at the Reception, Cynthia sat beside me, whisper into my hear “how is she?”

I didn’t reply her, her phone rang, I guess it was chief “hello dear, yes, I’m with her, yes….she’s in the labor room, I will get back to you…..Amen, thank you

Kola also rushed in,

Kola: Cynthia, Daniel, thank you o

Me: you welcome guy,

Kola: (he faced Cynthia) you didn’t carry your car ni

Cynthia: na bro carry us come

Kola: (he smiled) thanks bro Dan

Doctor came out, we all rushed to him,

Kola: how far please

Doctor: congrat bro, it’s a baby girl, go and see your wife at the Recovery room

Kola: thank you JESUS

Me: (smiling) Congrat bro

Cynthia: let me go and see my friend

She rushed to the room, we met Juliet smiling, the baby is very pretty, just like her mum

Juliet: thank you bro Daniel

Me: you welcome dear

Juliet: and my sis, Grateful, bro Daniel have you call my friend

Me: ohh, let me go and call her

Kola: (while carrying the baby) Daniel, you and Cynthia are very fit, I mean posture,

Juliet: yes o, Bro Daniel dey shy, but my Boss no dey shy at all, you fit baje

Me: Daniella sef no dey shy, and besides our name goes with each other

I walked into a room to call my wife, the only thing I could see in the room is a bed

Me: hello dear

Daniella: how are you

Me: fine, Juliet don born o, am with her sef, at the hospital

Daniella: wow, thank God o, should I come now, or when

Me: take your time baby

Daniella: okay (in sobbing tone)

Me: what’s wrong with you?

Daniella: Daniel please I’m sorry about the baby (crying)

Me: stop baby, God will give us another one

I ended the call, turning to go back when I saw Cynthia walking towards me

Cynthia: sorry about the baby

Me: thank you, why all this, are you ear dropping my conversation?

Cynthia: does it seem so? Anyway your baby miss you,

Me: I am not his father

Cynthia: chief is suspecting me, cus the baby look like you, and I told him you be my cousin, se you remember, at least visit us please, cus he was like, you quit your Job, and you don’t even bother visiting us, if truly we are family, and he knows how close we are

Me: is like head is paining you, so your baby can’t resemble your family again

I was walking to the Door

Cynthia: na me you fi form for, your wife Ex deyknack her anyhow, if not because you talk, will they stop,

Me:(I walk up to her) listen, don’t come near my home please, don’t destroy my home like you did with me and Lara

Cynthia: I did nothing, am happy for you sha, but I just dey fear for your family nani, cus when your wife know the truth about you and her mother

Me: Cynthia are you mad? Stop

Cynthia: (laughing) Dele knack her mercilessly

Me: Cynthia stop before I lose my anger

Cynthia: (laughing) bleeped her like a slot

I was angry and I gave a blow, I walk out, I don’t even look back







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