Journey To the city is uninventful.
We only gist about the old time, School,lifestyle e.t.c.
We get to the city late in the night, we have to Check in in a hotel
Cos we cant risk to drive in the night.
Getting to the receptionist the waiter is a beauty to behold. I just
open my mouth agape her top two booten is loosen and her twin orange
was almost pooping out of her bra.
a tap on my shoulder brought me back to life, I was really ashamed of
my self cos when I look up my eye and d receptionist jam each other
she finish it up with a smile. looking down my Crash is rock hard and
visible I have to put my left hand to my pocket to hold it firmly
while am using my right hand to hold my suitcase.
My friend order for two room and when I try to ask him y he just pet
me on my back, collect the key and wink at the lady.
we get to the 2nd floor of the hotel, he handed my key over to me and
went to his own room I stand admiring the beauty and textile of the
hotel before I went in the room is a beauty to behold I keep wondering
the amount the room will cost.
Food a Bootle of magic moment and 2 packet of condom were delivered to
my room by the cleaner with a note, Keep yourself ready for me baby. I
sat down on the bed reading the paper all over again, I decide to show
my friend when I get to the front of his door all I could here is a
girl mourning. I just shake my head and went back to my room to eat.
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