Episode 2

Where Cynthia Kola asked me

Me: I don’t know

Kola: cat and dog,

After some minute, I didn’t see her, I went to check the place, I can’t find her there, I went back to kola to tell him that I want to be leaving, I met the Doctor there,

Kola: (he face me) guy wetin do Cynthia, Doctor said her face deyswell

Me: I don’t know now, that’s her p

Doctor: faced me, she said she hit her face but I doubt it, big hospital full of light, I doubt it

Kola: where is she?

Doctor took us to her place, and left, she looked gentle, looking at me, Kolabroke the silence

Kola: Cynthia wetin do you

Cynthia: na your friend o, na blow he use respond my play o

Kola: (he face me) haha, guy, not up to this now

Me: ask her what she said,

Kola: just forget about all this please, you guys are now happy now,

Cynthia: he should come and greet his child, or else I will reveal the truth to his wife

Me: you dare not, you home breaker

Kola: (he sat at the edge of the bed) Cynthia you should know he can’t come now,

Cynthia: (sobbing) kola please help me to beg Daniel, this is when I need him the most, I knew I’ve done something bad to him,

Me: (cut in) need me for what, how did you know about all this sef

Cynthia:(sigh) Dele and I are friends, so he told me everything, the day I saw her picx on his phone, he said your wife’s mum called him that Daniella is around, (pause) so he use the opportunity to enter Daniella’s heart, he said the girl don’t want to agree, cus she love you madly, but her mother threatened her, if not she will chase you away from the company (he looked at me) Daniel the girl did it for you

Me: how did you know she did it for me?

Cynthia: he said she heard it the day she was blasting her mum for giving dele her num, and how I know the truth about you and her mother, I met their formal gateman, the guy told me how he even bleep your wife, and he said he do hear your wife’s mother moaning whenever you are bleeping her, I gave him 20k sha, for telling me

Kola: this is serious o

Me: so where is the guy now

Cynthia: the last time I went to check on him, they said he is dead, after a brief illness, so I am the only living witness that knows the truth

Me: thank God, and as for me coming to your place to greet you, I can’t come, go your way and let me dey my lane

Cynthia: Daniel I Love you and you know, I need you to help me please, cus this is when I need you most like I said, I mistakenly check chief’s file, I saw his will, before he submit it to the lawyer, he gave my son 30% of his property, (pause) his children are already okayand leaving large in the state, the man didn’t give me anything, and he do say it sometimes that,na my family my son go resemble, he said he resemble you and my mum, he do ask about you most times,(pause) I said you are now married and he said you can’t tell me, I have to lie that I offend you, cus I no dey ask of you, and I know him very well, he is not convinced enough with the excuse.

Kola: so you are doing this for the sake of your son

Cynthia: no Kola, if chief knows the truth, Daniel and I will be in trouble, he is only listening to me cus he thought the child was a mistake, he do listen to me, but no property for me, if chief want to deal with someone, the person might lose his life, I’ve witness it, his life might be in danger

Me: this is serious o







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