“Today I finally met my biological
mother but it wasn’t a Hollywood sweet
moment where mother and son re-
unite with much jubilation. I strongly
believe there was a reason I felt that
way because I don’t think it supposed
to be that way. Whatever it is, I will
unravel it so I can at least feel her
embrace, smile with her and have
opportunity to love her.”
We all went to Funmi’s side where guys
were recalling and laughing about the
verbal abuse we were dished at
Aramide’s side while I just lay there on
the mattress with so many thoughts
going through my mind. My phone rang
and it was from Aramide but I ignored
it. It rang again and Funmi picked it this
time around. She spoke for a while and
then faced me.
Funmi: It’s Vera, she want to speak
with you.
Me: (I took the phone from her) Hello
Vera: Brother Kehinde, sorry about the
other time.
Me: No problem dear, I’m good. How’s
Aramide, I saw her call earlier?
Vera: I was the one calling, she and
mum has been crying profusely since
you left
Me: Crying? Why are they crying?
Vera: Please can you come over? I’m
getting fed up
Me: I’m really not in the mood right
Funmi, obviously listening to my
conversation with Vera, snatched the
phone from me.
Funmi: Hello Vera, he’s coming very
soon (she terminates the call and faced
me). Will, what’s wrong with you?
Me: What did I do?
Funmi: You are too emotional Will.
Common you are a man, behave like
Me: Do I have any fault here?
Funmi: Yes you do. When you should
have spoken up, you chickened out. You
kept running away from situations, you
can’t keep living like that. You have to
be facing situations headlong baby.
Temmy: She’s right Will. You can’t be
running away every time. Stop allowing
the fear of unknown to stop you from
doing the right thing. You know this
attitude almost cost you your
relationship with Funmi. Go to your
mother now and talk to her.
Dan: See BB Will (we both smile),
remember what mum told you. She
asked you to love her. I know you have
some dislike towards her but do not let
those words that were spoken earlier
bring out the hatred.
Temmy: Exactly! I know you love her.
Take up courage and work on that love.
Solve this issue once and for all Will.
Dan: If you want it, we’ll still go together
Me: Let me go alone
Funmi: I’ll go with you
Me: No dear, I don’t want you involved
again. Let me face whatever it is alone.
Funmi: Will you be able to drive?
Me: I’ll call if I’m not able to.
I took Funmi’s car and headed back to
Aramide’s side. My friend words gave
me the necessary strength I needed to
face the hurdle. I knocked on the door
but was greeted by a lady we did not
meet there the other time. I guess she’s
one of the two other student nurses
staying in the other rooms. I went
straight to Aramide’s door and
knocked, Vera welcomed me in and
that was when I realized the other two
women had left. I did not meet them
crying but their face was still designed
with the aftermath of the cry. I stood
there looking at my mother while she
stood up to face me. She kept
repeating “my son” until she almost
started crying again but I moved closer
and prostrated. She lifted me up and
hugged me while she cries on.
Me: Stop crying mother, I’m sorry about
the other time
Mother: You just called me mother? (She
started crying the more)
Me: Yes mother, can I keep calling you
Mother: Of course my boy. You don’t
know how much I’ve wanted to hear
that all my life (we both sat down). The
last time I set my eye on you; you were
still an infant and can’t produce any
meaningful word. I am so sorry my boy,
I made a mistake and I am regretting it.
I offended you; I offended both you
and your father.
Me: It’s over mother; you don’t have to
apologize anymore.
Mother: Thanks for coming back to me
and I am sorry for all I said to you
earlier. I am sorry son, mother doesn’t
hate you. I love you so much and I
never meant to make you feel bad.
Me: (I had to caution myself here to
avoid crying. Funmi is right, I’m indeed
emotional). No problem mother, I
Mother: May God bless your mother for
me. She’s the reason why I could even
locate you. She’s a great woman.
Aramide: Mum you said the other time
that you offended our father. You never
told me that before. What did you do
and where is he? Is he really dead?
Me: Aramide, I don’t think this is the
best time for mother to start talking
about that. We’ll find another time
when the atmosphere is less tense.
Mother: No son, I’ll tell you some now. It
was my selfishness that caused your
separation from us. It wasn’t after your
father left that I started dating my
husband. I was cheating on your father
with my husband even though I was
engaged to your father. Your father
wasn’t really well to do but my husband
was a free spender then. I never told
your father I was pregnant, so I don’t
think he know he has twins, except if
his brother, your step father was able
to reach him before he passed away.
Your father told me what his plan was
and gave me enough money to travel
down to Ghana to meet him, but I spent
the money and refused to even look for
him. I was the only one that knows
where in Ghana he was heading to, but
I refuse to tell anybody. All I told people
was he run away when he discovered I
was pregnant. I only hope he’s still alive
so he can forgive me.
Me: You don’t know if he’s alive?
Mother: No, I don’t. Nobody heard
anything from him since he left, and
nobody cares to look for him since they
all thought he ran away.
Me: Do you have any of his pictures so
that we can at least know how he looks
Mother: I used to have a picture we
snapped together that I kept inside my
box, but my husband has destroyed it
during one of our fights. He burnt
everything inside the box, including the
Aramide: I remembered that time, but
that means there is no way we can
trace him or try to find him.
Mother: I’ll help you in whatever way
you want if you decided to look for him.
I still have the address of the place he
was going to in Ghana.
Aramide: That’s twenty-five years ago
mum. I’m not sure he’ll still be there if
he’s alive.
Me: I have a feeling all is not right with
him. If all mother says about him is true,
it’s either he’s dead or he’s in bondage
somewhere, because he would have at
least look for us.
Mother: He might not; he didn’t know
he has children. He’ll think I just decided
to leave him.
Aramide: Which means, he might still be
Me: Positive, although I never heard
from my mum if my dad was able to
contact him at any point. I think we
should let everything rest for now; we
can try to search later.
Aramide: Everything has been resting
for the past twenty-five years Will.
That’s enough rest.
Me: What if he’s married now and we
showing up destroy his home?
Aramide: He never knew we existed, so
I don’t think it will destroy his home.
Me: What if he rejects us?
Mother: He can’t deny you if he sees
Me: I think we can try then, after your
Aramide: Yeah, service year is okay.
Mother: Kehinde, whenever you want
to see me, let me know. I’ll love to be
seeing you, although I’m not too at
peace with you coming over to my side.
Aramide: Why is that?
Mother: You know my husband, the
kind of person he is. He was the one
that decided we should drop him and
have you alone in the first place. Now
he didn’t have a male child, even three
kids he had outside are all girls. Seeing
Kehinde might make him bitter and I
don’t trust him at all.
Aramide: There is nothing he will do
Vera: Dad is not that wicked mum; he
only brags about, he can’t harm a fly.
Mother: All I’m saying is we should
tread carefully. I’ve lived with him for
twenty four years now; I think I know
him better.
Me: No problem. Will you still be able to
make it home today?
Mother: Yes my son, others will still be
waiting for me. I’ll join them soon.
We saw her off while I conveyed her
along with Aramide and Vera to where
she joined her church members who
were already in their church bus. I was
surprised to see the other two women
came down from the bus to greet me,
eulogizing us as a twin. I guess they
are the closest pal of my mother and
she probably had told them who I am.
We waved them off and I dropped
Aramide and Vera back to her flat
before I headed to Funmi’s side. I met
only Funmi as Dan and Temmy has
taken Sewa back to her lodge.
Funmi: At least you drive home, so I
want to believe it went well this time.
Me: (Smiling) Yes it did. She has gone
back home.
Funmi: I’m happy to hear that. You will
have to look for another day to fulfill
your promise.
Me: Which promise is that?
Funmi: You said we’ll spend today
Me: we did now
Funmi: But not alone. Half of the day
you were moody and sad, I want a full
day with happy you.
Me: We weren’t dating when I made
that promise you know, but now you
have me all to yourself.
Funmi: I know, but I still want a day
with you alone.
Me: No problem love. After my defense
next week, we have all the time in the
world. I’m thinking we should go to a
waterfall or a beach, with Temmy,
Rachael, Dan and Sewa.
Funmi: I said a time with you alone.
Me: We’ll always have that dear. Like I
said, we have the whole time but I
think the waterfall or beach plan will be
Funmi: Okay, I’m watching and
expectant. Can you sleep over tonight?
Me: That won’t be advisable dear
Funmi: Why? I slept at your place while
we were not even dating.
Me: Yes we were not dating and
Temmy was there, but you and I alone
in the room on the day we cement our
love? We are calling for William junior.
I’ll sleep over sometimes but not today
dear, I don’t trust myself.
Funmi: Hmm, okay promise?
Me: Yeah sure, why not. I will, let’s just
take it step by step.
The truth is I’ll love to sleep over but it’s
very dangerous that night judging by
the volume of emotions running
through my body. Since I know myself, I
had to prevent a sorry case as
protection might not even come to
mind in situation like this.
The guys came back and we had our
dinner before we left for our lodge in
Dan’s Jeep. It was a fulfilling day for me
and I should be able to sleep well. A day
I met my biological mother and cement
my love with the mother of my unborn
children. But this question lingers on,
“who and where is my father?”

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