Episode 3
Kola: I don’t even know what to say sef
Cynthia: not that I don’t love Daniel, I love Daniel with all my heart, but I can’t marry him, Daniel is not as rich as this man and besides I know Daniel very well, if Daniel can leave me cus he caught me, now Imagine when he knows I’m dating chief, when I see him again, I wanted to leave him and come for you, but I know Daniel very well, whenever he is remembering the scene, he will be using it to behave to me
Kola: (he rose to his feet) what do you want him to do, I want to go and see my wife
Cynthia: he should be visiting me once in a while, and he should start by next week
Kola: he will
Me: how can you be talking on my behalf?
Kola: Daniel at this junction this is what we can do, you put yourself in all this
Daniel, I heard Daniella’s voice approaching our place, we change the discussion, she came and greeted Cynthia
Cynthia: you don’t even ask of me, abi you don’t know me to be his cousin
Daniella: I am sorry ma, he didn’t tell me, and how is your body ma,
Cynthia: now okay, you are pretty o
Daniella: (smelling) thank you ma (face me) Daniel I’m still with mummy baby
She left with kola, I sat at the edge of the bed, thinking when Cynthia’s phone ring, it was chief
Cynthia: yes darling……Daniel is even hear………….yes o,,,,,,,, we don finish our fight…..speak with him
I collected the phone
Me: hello sir…………..yes sir……don’t be angry sir, I will come by next week sir………..bye sir
Me: Jesus Christ, Cynthia why all this for Christ sake
Cynthia: Dan the chief will soon go, he will soon die and I will be free, I can’t kill him cus bouncers plenty
Me: you don’t need all that
Naso Cynthia enter my life.
We did kola’s naming ceremony, I went to visit chief with my wife, and Cynthia do call me once in a while to greet me.
Some weeks later, Daniella bec ame pregnant again, I was so happy again, I’ve stop going to their place of work, I faced my work fully, Ronke do come to my place of work, I can’t bleep the girl there, cus my secretary do come in to give me some information, I’m falling for the secretary girl but I don’t want one small girl to be talking to me anyhow. Ronke visit me at work one day.
Ronke: Dan Dan
Me: oga o, not even brother again, before you do respect me outside
Ronke: na u know o,
Me: how is your bf now
Ronke: he dey jare,
Me: the guy must be enjoying o, all this thing (tapping her Bre**st)
Ronke: o serious,
Me: let’s go home, I want to go and pick something
Ronke: what about your wife
Me: na night she will come jare
We go home together, I kept the flash in my bedroom,
Me: follow me na
Ronke: no o, go and pick it and come back, I will wait
I carry her, and drop her on my bed,
Me: I’ve missed that thing na
Ronke: Daniel you are married
Me: so, (already pressing her Bre**st)
Ronke: Daniel ha
I remove her top, laying helplessly on the bed, we started kissing while my hand is working on her Bre**st, unhook the bra, was squeezing her Bre**st, I remove my shirt as well, I started sucking her Bre**st, after some min of sucking, I proceed to her short skirt, pull it off, use my hand to put her pant her in one side, “chai she don wet already” I started fingering her, while sucking her Bre**st, she is giving me a good sound, she grab my big erected D! ¢k, I allow her to take charge, she put it inside her mouth, sucking it like a goat new born baby, she remove my trouser, she sleep on me, sucking my D! ¢k, her Pu$$¥ facing the mouth as well, I started eating her Pu$$¥, she was moaning while sucking my D! ¢k, after some minutes, she stop and shovel her pant to one side and slide my D! ¢k inside, she is on top, “huu, haaa” after some minute of riding, we changed position, I was banging her with my big D! ¢k, you wanna know the inches, not too big na, but between 10 and 13, she was moaning, I was about to cum, I released it on my white handkerchief. We dress up, I wash my mouth, and I pick my flash drive and go back to work, and she also left for her house.
Some weeks after, I was giving a contract in Lagos to run internet cable throughout the office, it was a big office, Daniella don’t want to release me but I have to go, I understand her, cus of her condition, I picked my guys 5 of them, we arrive the place, we are to use 3 days, we have hotel reserved for us to sleep after work, the manager showed us the office and the control room, it is a big insurance company, we start our work, when it is time for lunch, we went to the office restaurant to eat, after the day work, we went to our room, I occupy a room while the guys share the other two room, I called my wife. We continue our work, my phone ring. So I went to pick it, the call is from Cynthia, while talking to her one pretty damsel, it seems the girl is also there staff cus I can sense that through her I.D card, she was approaching the office door with her colleague, is my eyes deceiving me? Is this not Omolara?,


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