got closer to my twin sister and biological mother. She kept blaming herself for betraying our biological father but I assured her she’s not entirely at fault as I thought the man supposed to have look for her all these while. Her matrimonial problem however continued as she was not able to manage her husband who became weirder in his pursuit of male child. I honestly don’t understand why one will be hell bent on having a male child when you already have female children that have the same ability in all areas just as the male child does. I understand it has to do with keeping the family name but what does he want somebody like Funmi’s dad who only has a daughter and no wife do? The man stood by his daughter and made her everything he loves, and that’s a true man. Everyman should be appreciative to God and care for the children given to them, whether male or female. All are children and have the same ability to be great.

My love to Funmi wax stronger by day. We were always together throughout our defense and convocation period. It was service that is about to separate us and Funmi is fighting it so hard. She was posted to Lagos state while I was posted to Rivers state where I can join one of Daddy Orire’s company’s major branch offices over there. I was asked to choose between Lagos, our home town, or Porthacourt branch of the company and unknown to Funmi, I chose Porthacourt branch. She thought it was mere fate that took me to portharcourt not knowing it was my idea so I can explore other parts of the country. It would be my first time outside the southwest and I want to enjoy it to the fullest but Funmi is insisting I must redeploy to Lagos sighting the fact that distance will affect our relationship, though I don’t subscribe to that. To make it more interesting my personal guy, Temmy was also posted to Rivers state. We worked it together there to the disagreement of Rachael who was posted to plateau state which is very far from Lagos where her best friend Janet was posted.

Funmi: There is something to this Porthacourt you are not telling me.

Me: No dear, it’s just fate. I think there is a mission I need to accomplish there.

Funmi: Which mission is that?

Me: When I get there, I’ll know. It will be exciting; you know I’ve never been out of this place before.

Funmi: I know it! You are going there to explore

Me: Exploring is not bad dear, besides I’ll still be in your Dad’s company.

Funmi: I’ll tell my dad to work it for you down to Lagos

Me: Your Dad knows who I am?

Funmi: No, not yet. I can’t tell him yet but this situation might force me to.

Me: Why didn’t you tell him before, I thought you are very close to your dad and tell him almost everything.

Funmi: Our relationship is still young Will

Me: Common, six month is not too young.

Funmi: My dad has an Idea of who he wants me to marry. The only way I can conquer that is if our love is strong for a long time but now you are going to jeopardize that with this your Porthacourt thing. My mind is not going with you.

Me: Come on baby, it can’t affect our relationship. The world is a global village, we’ll call, chat, text and even Skype every day.

Funmi: It’s easier said dear. The story will change when you meet other babes on camp.

Me: Hmm, you seem not to trust me

Funmi: I trust you to the core baby, but I don’t trust those babes. I live among hot chicks remember; I know how they work.

Me: I’m an average guy dear, no girl want to be with a guy like me.

Funmi: Really? An average guy that I totally fell in love with, that Janet almost ditched her fiancé for, that Uche got hard feelings for, that Judith (Aramide’s flat mate) tried to snatch away from me.

Me: Come on baby, it’s because I gave them attention.

Funmi: Dear my mind is not at peace with this.

Me: Don’t worry baby, I promise to be faithful to you.

Funmi: I said I do not doubt you, but I don’t trust those girls. You are a guy; your defense wall has limit. If you see what you’ve not been seeing now, your defense mechanism will come down flat.

Me: (Laughing while I pull and hug her) My own Funmilola, the only one my heart beats for. There are numerous fishes in the sea but they can’t be shark. There are several varieties of bird in the air but there is only one kind of eagle. Other girls will surely come, they will always do, but what’s the point when all I ever want is you. I used to have a world of my own baby, quiet and clean. I never knew it was ugly until you came into my world. You are the angel God sent to beautify my life baby. Other girls are darkness but you are light. It’s no more my world but our world baby, and in this world I can’t do without you. You are like oxygen, the life of our world. Thank God for giving me His best angel in you, I love you Oluwafunmilola.

Funmi: I love you my William Opeyemi Akehinde gbegbon (came last but the eldest). But promise me you won’t look at those girls.

Me: I’ll see them, but not as girls. I’ll see them as potential wolves.

Funmi: Yeah, I like that. They are indeed wolves. Please don’t toy with my heart William.

Me: Nobody toys with diamond, because it’s not easily found.

Funmi: You and these your words

Me: They are true baby. You are my world.

Funmi: I’m happy to be. So when will you leave?

Me: It depends on when you are leaving.

Funmi: I can get to the camp in a couple of hours from my house in Lagos.

Me: I mean when you leave here.

Funmi: When do you want me to leave?

Me: I think we should leave today, so we can buy all the necessary stuffs needed on camp.

Funmi: Mine are ready

Me: I still need to get stuffs like mosquito net

Funmi: That’s true, I don’t have that.

Me: Aramide did promised to get me one but she couldn’t

Funmi: Where was she posted to?

Me: They are not going to service yet, maybe next batch.

Funmi: Oh, those medical people’s calendar is always different. Are you going with your car?

Me: I’ll love to, in fact it would have been interesting since I’m going with Temmy, but I heard they don’t allow corps member’s cars into the camp and I don’t even know the route.

Funmi: So what will happen to the car?

Me: I’ll drop it at home

Funmi: For a whole year?

Me: No, I’ll come back to pick it after camp. I would have known the routes by that time.

Funmi: Alright, I still wish you redeploy though.

Me: We’ve settled that baby, we are good.

I saw her drove off as she in the company of Rachael, Sewa, Janet and one other lady went to Lagos together in her car, while I left to my home town with my home boy Temmy. Dan had travelled back to the United States a month earlier after her introduction ceremony with Sewa in Lagos. They are going to be having their wedding immediately after our service year.

We branch a gas station to fill up the fuel tank while Temmy took over the steering.

Temmy: You’ve repaired this steering right?

Me: Funmi’s mechanic did work on it yesterday.

Temmy: I see it’s now very good.

Me: Thank God it’s Toyota and not Kia as Daddy Orire proposed.

Temmy; Kia is also great, very great self.

Me: Yeah, but majority of these local mechanics are good on Toyota.

Temmy: Mehn! This is so cool; I wish we can take it along to Porthacourt

Me: Me too, but do you know the route?

Temmy: Google map will do that.

Me: What about where we’ll park the car?

Temmy: That’s the only thing. Don’t you know somebody in Porthacourt?

Me: Not at all, but the camp is not even in Porthacourt.

Temmy: At least we can park it there and take cab to the camp.

Me: That’s true but I’ve got nobody there.

Temmy: D–n! It would have being fun.

Me: Sincerely I’ll love it too.

Temmy: Mark was posted to Rivers too.

Me: Markinson baba, funny dude.

Temmy: He said he’ll love to go with us. He thought we are going with the car.

Me: Oh, even if we were, will he travel down to our side from Lagos?

Temmy: He said he’ll wait for us in Ore.

Me: We’ll see.

While we were still discussing my phone rang and it was from Daddy Orire.

Me: Hello sir

Orire: Yemi, how are you?

Me: I’m fine sir

Orire: Where are you?

Me: On my way home sir

Orire: That’s good. When are you leaving for camp?

Me: I’m proposing Tuesday sir

Orire: I thought the camp opens on Tuesday?

Me: Yes sir

Orire: Then go on Monday. You know you can’t predict the way vehicles behave and your journey is a little far.

Me: I’m not going with the car sir.

Orire: Why not?

Me: I don’t know the route very well and they won’t allow us to park on the camp.

Orire: Don’t worry about that. Somebody is going to our branch over there; you’ll go together on Monday. He knows the route very well.

Me: What about where to park Sir?

Orire: I’ve already called the manager over there. He’ll receive you and you can sleep over at his place and go to camp on Tuesday. You can also park your car at his place.

Me: How do I get in touch with him sir?

Orire: The guy that is going with you will take you to his place.

Me: Okay sir, thank you sir.

Orire: Let me know when you are there, I’ll send the guy’s number to you now, or better still, he’ll call you.

Me: Okay sir (Line went off). Temmy call Mark, we are going with the car.

Temmy: Yes!

Monday came and we embarked on our journey to the garden city of Porthacourt. We left home by 5am in the morning and picked Mark up in Ore town. Our journey was sweet and fantastic as the four of us discussed till we got to Benin where we had a break to fill our stomach.

We took off from Benin City and we were enjoying every moment of the journey as the road between Benin City and Warri happened to be one of the best my car has journeyed on. Some miles to enter into the oil rich city, we met an auto accident scene involving a bus coming from Lagos and a car coming out of the city. There was no life lost but victims were in serious pain and I think I saw somebody I knew among the victims. “Let’s stop and check who that is” I said to Temmy who had taken oven the wheels from Benin.

My suspicion was actually correct as I saw her standing up trying to gather her stuffs. I’m happy she was able to stand on her own.

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