Smiling with those guys, I’ve end the call with Cynthia but I don’t want to stop cus I don’t want embarrassment, she look at me but pretend not to see me. I enter the building and I saw her office, we are about to reach the place, she looked back and saw me, I waved at her, but she didn’t reply.
I am happy to get to her office, I knock before we enter
Me: afternoon
Omolara: yes how may I help you?
Me: Omolara
Omolara: (her eyes don change) what do you want before I embarrass you
Me: sorry, we are here to do internet cable in your office,
She open her office, my guys set to work, she was looking at me while I am also looking at her, I didn’t see ring on her hand, se she never marry ni, she went out and return with a girl, the girl sit beside her, she was busy with the system, after some minute again, she went out to deliver a file, my guys just dey look me, I called the girl, what’s your name, “Susan” very sharp girl
Me: how are you?
Susan: fine sir
Me: what about your Daddy,
Susan: my mummy said he is in Ogun state
Me: okay, is that your mum?
Susan: yes
Me: you are pretty
Susan: thank you
She come back
Omolara: what is he asking you
Susan: he asked about my Dad and he said I am pretty
Omolara: what did you now tell him?
Susan: I said my Dad is at Ogun state
She rise to her feet, “Daniel don’t let me go and report you” my guys were surprise with the way she call my name
Susan: Mummy do you know him
Omolara: don’t mind the fool
After the day work, I told the guys to be going to their room, I wait for her inside my car, she kuku can’t see me, my glass is a little dark, I saw her, she was using Lexus, “omo this girl sef ge money o” she drove out, I followed her, but I did that codedly so as to prevent her from noticing I was trailing her, so I have to give a little space by allowing a car in between us, her house is not that far from her place of work, she lives in a self-contain, after 30 minute, I summon courage, alight and knock the door, it was Susan that answered “who is there”
Me: a friend
She open the door, she hugged me, her mum was in the bathroom
Omolara: Susan who is that?
Susan: Uncle Daniel
She rushed to the sitting room, she was wearing a short bum short
Omolara: (looking furious) what do you want Daniel?
Me: calm down please, let me explain, please for Christ sake
Omolara: Explain what? (She hold her daughter) explain what?
Me: truly I knew I had offended you but I am sorry, you never gave me chance to explain before taking the law into your hand,
Omolara: now get out
Me: (I knelt down) Omolara please, I know I have offend you, I know, but please forgive me, Cynthia caused it
Omolara: I don’t care, just stay away from me, you player
Me: Omolara please sit down and let me explain everything
Omolara: I don’t need your explanation, ( started crying) Daniel you hurt me, I don’t want to listen, don’t hurt me again, you make my father to hate me, he said I disappointed him,
Me: how, haha
Omolara: don’t worry, Susan go into the room
Me: (I move close to her, wiping her tears away) please am sorry
Omolara: sorry is not enough to fix all what you caused into my life, I dream of a happy family, see what you give me, you turn me into a single moo never mind
Me: single mother? (I released her hand) Susan is my daughter?

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