That semi-kiss probably sums up everything. I blamed myself for leading her on when I know it won’t lead anywhere meaningful. Even if we’ll part after camp, I still felt it’s very wrong. Ladies heart is not like that of guys, I think it’s more delicate. Not something to be toying or playing with.

Ifunaya: Otondo, you weren’t picking my calls

Me: I did not even know it rang; it has been on silence since the time for morning parade.

Ifunaya: I thought you are with your girlfriend

Me: Which girlfriend?

Ifunaya: That hot babe now

Me: (Laughing) Hot babe? You mean Uche right?

Ifunaya: She’s Igbo? I’ve never heard her speak it before.

Me: You are not her friend now, besides everybody speaks English here.

Ifunaya: Not you and Temmy. You guys speak Yoruba like your life depends on it. Sometimes, it makes me feel somehow.

Me: Oh oh, we can’t be speaking it when you are around now.

Temmy: Ifunayamo! Don’t feel somehow ee, we can’t sell you en. How are you doing?

Ifunaya: Sorry Temmy, my mind way actually greeting you

Temmy: And my mind was answering too (We all laughed). Don’t worry you are not for sell

Ifunaya: For where, sell me kwa, you can’t! I’m too sharp than that. Just don’t speak it again.

Temmy: Of course when you are around we won’t.

Ifunaya: Better, because if you do I’ll break your head (she playfully tilts my head). By the way I want to learn the language.

Me: Really? But you’ve been to Lagos several times now

Ifunaya: Yes but my uncles’ compound is mainly Igbo speaking. Even the three Yoruba families there speak Igbo fluently.

Me: That’s cool; I’ll love to learn Igbo too. I’m tired of saying just “biko” and “oginin” every time.

Ifunaya: Go and read that manual they gave you

Temmy: Why didn’t you use the manual to learn Yoruba? That manual is the best language learning tool you can have; only it will confuse you rather than teach you.

Ifunaya: (laughs) Will you guys come to the social night this evening?

Me: What’s happening there?

Ifunaya: Dancing competition between platoons. I’ll be dancing for my platoon.

Temmy; Really, I’ll love to see you dance.

Ifunaya: You think I can’t dance (She started showing us different skills and moves while she sings and drum with her hand)

Temmy: (clapping) Well done! Will, let’s go there tonight.

Me: What about the NCCF programme?

Temmy: Oh, that’s true

Ifunaya: You want to join executives?

Temmy: Executives of what?

Ifunaya: NCCF now, if you go there too often, they’ll make you executive.

Temmy: (Temmy and I look at each other) But they can’t force me if I don’t want to

Ifunaya: Of course they can’t force you, but you won’t be able to reject it.

Me: I’ll reject it if called. I’ve not led myself properly as a Christian, now you are saying I should be leading people? I’ll pass. I don’t think the programmes will disturb each other anyway. NCCF is 6:30 while social night is 8pm.

Ifunaya: Meaning you are coming?

Me: Yeah, but after we are done at NCCF

Temmy: Why don’t you want to become exco self

Me: Same reason you don’t want to. Bro, I’ll pass.

Ifunaya: Will, I want to get something in mami

Me: What’s that?

Ifunaya: When we get there, you’ll know.

Me: We?

Ifunaya: Yes now, aren’t you following me?

Me: I’ll prefer to stay on the field here; I’m enjoying the breeze and the view.

Ifunaya: Which breeze? Common let’s go

Me: I’m trying to avoid mami, that place has been eating my money hard.

Ifunaya: You won’t buy anything, except are you waiting for Uche here?

Before I could defend myself, the rain started pouring without notice and in few minutes it became so heavy we had to take cover inside the registration hall and that automatically cancel her proposed tour of mami market as nobody loves to go inside mami immediately after a rainfall.

We did go to the social night after the NCCF programme and no, we were not asked to become executives. It was a great time in the presence of God, life imparting to which I’m not planning to miss any till the camp close. Am I becoming religious? Far from it, but one need the spiritual food so our spiritual person don’t get lean while we store fat in the mortal body.

It was our first time in the said social night and I was patiently waiting for Ifunaya’s platoon to perform because that was the reason I was there. Her platoon did perform and I must confess, she’s a great dancer and I almost got carried away by her dancing prowess if not for Uche that tapped me.

Uche: I don’t know you do come here, and you are so engrossed.

Me: (Smile) This is my first time here. How are you?

Uche: I’m fine. I asked you to wait for me the other time but you left

Me: I thought you said we’ll see later.

Uche: No, I was registering for platoon’s volley ball team

Me: Oh, you can play?

Uche: I played it in secondary school.

Me: Cool, I’ll love to see you play

Uche: We have practice tomorrow; you can come to watch us

Me: I hope it’ll be fun

Uche: It will. Are you not going to play football for our platoon?

Me: Those guys are organized and I’m not with my soccer booth

Uche: Lazy boy (She pinches me by the side)

Me: Uche, soldiers are here o, I don’t want to do frog jump I beg.

Uche: Temmy how now?

Temmy: I’m fine Uche, how are you?

Uche: I’m okay; you are not playing football too?

Temmy: I’m not interested jor

Uche: How are you guys even enjoying the camp? You don’t do anything.

Temmy: You people doing something will be employed I guess

Uche: Funny, without these activities, the camp will be too dull.

Temmy received a call and excused himself out of the hall.

Uche: So why are you here?

Me: You are the one that said I don’t do anything; therefore I’m here to do something.

Uche: Hmm, you think I don’t know you are here to watch your crush?

Me: Which crush did you give me?

She pointed to Ifunaya on the stage that was now having a solo performance after her fellow dancer had left the stage. She displayed some of the dance steps she showed us earlier as both Uche and I watch in awe.

Uche; She’s actually good.

Me: You notice it too? I’m surprise she can dance this much

Uche: I wish I’m the one you are engrossed watching like this

Me: Uche!

Uche: Is it wrong to watch me?

Me: I’ll be watching you tomorrow

Uche: That’s a mere practice Will, not performance and I’m sure you won’t be focus like this

Me: You are sounding jealous

Uche: Why won’t I be? We were always together but you never even gave me a chance. You always see me as a bad girl and I don’t blame you.

Me: Uche!

Uche: You know what, don’t bother. I’m leaving; your girlfriend is looking for you.

Me: Common Uche!

She left in an angry manner while Ifunaya did come to sit by my side. “How do I explain what just happen? Has Uche developed something real for me? I always see her as the playful and disturbing type but I’ve never seen her emotional before. And why am I suddenly concerned about Uche’s feeling? I think I’m losing my mind. What the d–n is wrong with me?”

Ifunaya: What? (I did speak out without knowing)

Me: What?

Ifunaya: You are asking what is wrong with you

Me: I did? I must have thought out

Ifunaya: What’s on your mind?

Me: Many things, but I’m okay. Nice performance you had out there.

Ifunaya: Thanks, but I did not see you clap

Me: I did clap

Ifunaya: No you did not; you were talking with that girl

Me: Maybe you did not see me when I clapped

Ifunaya: I think we need to talk, let’s go outside.

Me: Yeah, we should talk, but not tonight. I’ll love to go and sleep now.

Ifunaya: Something is wrong but you aren’t sharing it. No problem, we’ll talk tomorrow, but at least see me off to my hostel before going to sleep.

Me: Alright, let me call Temmy.

Ifunaya: He’s outside with a lady

Me: Okay let’s go then.

We left the hall while I signal to Temmy who was busy chatting with Fola. I saw Ifunaya off to her hostel while I headed to my hostel to meet a rather empty and quiet dormitory. I went to the bathroom, took a shower and laid myself down on the mattress being elevated by the old style designed iron bed. I lay there looking up with the mattress covered with mosquito net as I got lost in thought. Funmi’s call came through into my phone and I was more than happy to receive it because I’m sure hearing from her will change my mood to a better one.

Me: Hello dear, I’m happy to hear your voice

Funmi: What’s the problem? Where are you?

Me: I’m on my bed

Funmi: At this time? If you are happy to hear my voice, why didn’t you call me?

Me: I was going to call you but. . .

Funmi: But you did not! You know what Will; I think we need to talk for real. I’m not feeling this anymore

Me: Common Funmi, what are you talking about?

Funmi: Before the camp, you call me like five times in a day, you send lovely and assuring messages. You are always missing me and wishing to be with me, but since the last two weeks, you don’t even chat as often again.

Me: Dear, I’m sure you’ll understand we don’t have most time to ourselves on camp and can’t be operating phone during training except I want to be in trouble.

Funmi: Am I not on camp here too? Yet I still call you

Me: Baby your call is not as before too, and I guess its same reason. I do call you Funmi, just not as before. Everything will change once we are out of the camp, just one more week.

Funmi: Really? Change to good or worse?

Me: Common baby, you know I’m missing you, I just don’t have options.

Funmi: You have options Will. You chose that state just to avoid me.

Me: Common, don’t say that.

Funmi: You know what? I think I need a break

Me: A break from what?

Funmi: A break from us, until you are ready.

Me: Common how can you say that. You don’t cut the head off to cure headache now. We can only resolve issues when we stay together, not when we are apart.

Funmi: I’m the only one trying here, you don’t even feel it. Let’s just have a break till maybe later.

Me: Just like that? You are breaking up with me on phone barely after two weeks we last saw each other, even while we were not fighting? Okay I don’t want a break and I’m not permitting it. We’ll stick together and solve every issue we have.

Funmi: I’m not asking for your permission Will. Good night and don’t bother to call me.

Me: Come on Funmi! (She cut the phone)

I dialed her number immediately but she ignored it showing “user busy”. I tried again but this time it was switched off. My night just got from bad to worse.

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