I sat on the mattress not knowing what to do. I don’t have anybody on her camp I can call except for Janet. Oh! Will I call Janet and be asking about Funmi from her or ask her to deliver message to Funmi? That’s going to be counterproductive. I started to think about what I did wrong to have pushed Funmi into breaking up with me in just two weeks we were apart. I tried her number again but was still switched off. I sent her a text message claiming I love her and will do anything in my capability to please her. I also said I’m sorry about everything even though I’m yet to understand what really is the problem as I don’t believe it’s just about reduction in communication. Some minutes later she replied my text saying I made her cry and sad contrary to my promise never to do that again. I tried calling her immediately the message entered but her phone was off again. I did not know when I screamed out in frustration waking up some guys who had been sleeping earlier.

I laid back on the mattress not knowing what to think about as my mind run from Ifunaya to Uche’s drama and Funmi’s shocker. One of my fellow corps members in the hostel name Tali did came to have words with me.

Tali: Hey Will, can I have a word with you?

Me: Tali how far? Maybe tomorrow, I’m not in good mood right now.

Tali: Yeah, your scream says a lot.

Me: I’m sorry if I woke you up

Tali: I wasn’t sleeping. I’ve been noticing you since you came back. What’s the problem?

Me: Oh, I’m okay. I just needed some rest

Tali: Is it about ladies?

Me: Why must it be about ladies?

Tali: Because you are a guy and I heard you on phone the other time.

Me: So every guy worries about ladies right?

Tali: No, those who can control themselves don’t worry about ladies.

Me: Hmm, it’s okay. Thanks I’m fine.

Tali: Is it lust?

Me: Lust as how?

Tali: I mean you are having feelings for many ladies at a time, that’s lust.

Me: Who told you I’m having feelings for multiple ladies. Anyway, thanks for your lust definition.

Tali: You know I’m right because you can’t love all of them at the same time; you are only looking for something else

Me: Something else like?

Tali: You know what I’m talking about

Me: Just say it, will you?

Tali: Okay, you are only sexually attracted to them.

Me: Here we go! Common dude, must everything be about s-x?

Tali: If what you are looking for is not s-x, then what it is?

Me: Dude I don’t understand you. Let’s just end this discussion already

Tali: Hmm, I saw you in church this evening, are you born again?

Me: Positive

Tali: Since when?

Me: I can’t give you a date, but I know it was while I was in 100level

Tali: Hmm, nobody forget their birthday. Anyway since you claim to be born again I’m sure you know premarital s-x is a sin.

Me: Yes I know. Are we still talking about s-x? D–n!

Tali; Good to know. Why don’t you table your worries to God then?

Me: How do you mean?

Tali: You are a Christian and are born again, then present what’s troubling you to God.

Me: Hmm

Tali: Except of course your situation is not presentable to God.

Me: Really?

Tali: Yes, you’ll be ashamed to present unholy stuffs to God.

Me: Is there something one cannot present to God?

Tali: His eye is too holy beneath iniquity

Me: But He still answers sinners’ prayer

Tali: Abomination! The prayer of a sinner is a taboo to Him.

Me: Really? What about when the sinner is asking for forgiveness?

Tali: That’s different.

Me: You are making it sound like you must first be holy before you can talk to God. Meanwhile Christ never came to meet the holy dudes but the other peeps. God said “come let us reason together”. He said he’s able to forgive. He wasn’t talking to righteous dude in that regard. Well I understand where you are coming from and I know sometimes I tread the wrong path. But don’t be saying this to everybody. Only the deep in Christ can understand your points, it will only chase away the baby Christians away. God answers sinners’ prayer, he love sinners. He only hates the sin in them not the sinners. Well to clarify your point, God only answers according to His will, so a sinners prayer outside forgiveness is most likely not going to be in tune with God’s will. That’s the deal.

Tali: Hmm preach it sir

Me: (Smiling) Really, I appreciate your words. Thanks, God bless you. I’ll tell my worries to God.

Tali: You are welcome bro. whenever you want to discuss anything you can call me.

Me: Thanks bro.

Tali: Hope you’ll come for the program tomorrow?

Me: I will thanks.

I actually felt more relieved with the discussion I had with Tali. The truth in is words is I must be focus and know what I’m looking for. Whatever I won’t eat I should just let go, not sniffing it. I planned on having a chat with Ifunaya tomorrow and apologize to her.

I was still in thought when Ifunaya’s message came in and it reads “Will, whatever it is that is bothering you, just be calm, we’ll talk tomorrow and I assure you it’s all settled”. That message sent a mixed feeling into my system, good and bad. The good there is we’ll talk and I’ll be able to express myself but the bad there is she said “all is settled”. I hope she’s not thinking I want to ask her out. It that’s the case, I’m sure going to continue this drama tomorrow.

I was already sleeping when Temmy and Mark came back waking me up.

Mark: Will, why are you sleeping by this time?

Temmy: What’s wrong bro?

Me: It’s already late now, it’s almost 10.

Temmy: Yeah, but I know you’ll either be chatting or surfing net by now.

Me: We’ll talk later. Where have you been?

Temmy; Fola wouldn’t let go of me. She insisted I stay with her. We were in mami since.

Mark: Temmy be careful with that lady

Temmy: Why did you say that? I’m not dating her.

Mark: I know, but she’s giving you too much attention and she obviously like you.

Temmy: And what’s wrong with that

Mark: No, it’s not wrong if she’s single.

Temmy: Is she not?

Mark: She’s married guys

Temmy/Me: What?

Me: How can you tell?

Mark: I saw her redeployment form

Temmy: She’s redeploying?

Mark: She didn’t tell you?

Me: How did you come across the form?

Mark: I was in the hall while they were filling it. I don’t think she knows me as your friend though.

Temmy: Menh! I have died!

Me: (Laughing) What killeth thou bro?

Temmy: Mark, thank you so much for saving me from a potential abomination. (We all laughed)

Mark: I beg I want to sleep before those crazy hungry Man-O-War will come with their frustrated behaviors tomorrow morning.

Me: Thanks mark, good night.

Temmy: Good night bro (He sits on my bed). So what’s the problem bro?

Me: You won’t believe it if I tell you that Funmi broke up with me this evening.

Temmy: What kind of play is that?

Me: I’m not kidding bro; she said she needs a break.

Temmy: How did she say it?

Me: She said we should have break till further notice

Temmy: And your response?

Me: I said I wasn’t in support of it that we should be together but she said she wasn’t asking for my permission.

Temmy: Wao! What was her reason for the breakup?

Me: Reduced communication between us

Temmy: Are you serious? That’s normal now; we are on camp for God’s sake.

Me: Tell her that. She has switched off her phone since then. She sent me a massage that I made her cry but I don’t know how.

Temmy: Maybe I should call her.

Me: You can try, but you should call Rachael first.

Temmy: She called me while I was coming back (He dialed Funmi’s number and it rang but was ignored). She’s dropping my call.

Me: I tell you. You are being punished for my sin.

Temmy: I have another angle to this.

Me: What angle?

Temmy: I don’t think she can just breakup with you over phone for lack of communication.

Me: So what do you think is the problem?

Temmy: There are two schools of thoughts

Me: Which are?

Temmy: One is somebody is telling her about you.

Me: Telling her what about me?

Temmy: Your closeness with Ifunaya and Uche.

Me: Yeah, when does getting close becomes cheating?

Temmy: She won’t see it that way

Me: And who knows me as her man here?

Temmy: There is only one person who knows and have Funmi’s contact

Me: Uche?

Temmy: Something like that

Me: While will she do that?

Temmy: Maybe because she likes you

Me: So she’ll destroy my relationship because of that?

Temmy: Ladies can do anything to get what they want

Me: No, Uche can’t do that

Temmy: What’s up with her though, I saw her leaving the hall in an angry fashion.

Me: I can’t even explain. I was watching Ifunaya dance and next thing she said was “I won’t watch her like that” and her facial expression changed. She said I never give her chance.

Temmy: Chance for what?

Me: I was going to ask but she never waited for me to. More like she’s jealous of Ifunaya.

Temmy: Mehn, things are happening.

Me: Bro I can’t wait for this camp to close, I’m tired. Everything is getting so boring and frustrating.

Temmy: Sorry bro, you still got like 7days

Me: D–n! What’s the other school of thought?

Temmy: For Funmi right?

Me: Yeah

Temmy: Well, I’m sorry to say this but I think she has met another guy on camp and that one is always available unlike you that is far away.

Me: I’ll choose not to believe that.

Temmy: It won’t change it from being the truth if it is.

Me: No, I know funmi, she can’t do such thing. I’m her first love remember.

Temmy: Well time will tell. Have you send those details to the manager?

Me: You are just asking now. I’ve sent it since last week. I’m even hearing they won’t allow anybody to go to company. I heard everybody is going to be posted to school except the medical guys.

Temmy: No problem with that. We’ll ask the school principal to reject us.

Me: If he refused?

Temmy: We’ll speak his language.

Me: Hmm, what if it’s on water.

Temmy: Same technique.

Me: Till then. My mind is on Funmi presently. What if we indeed breakup?

Temmy: It’s camp distraction, after camp her eye will clear.

Me: I pray so.

Temmy: Just keep your calm and start avoiding both Uche for now.

Me: I need that big time, just like you have to flee from Fola.

Temmy: On point. You don’t have to tell me.

My mind could not get off Funmi throughout the night, even the dream I had was on us. I really love Funmi, yes I’m getting little distracted but it is a mere distraction. I really can’t lose her.

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