The first set of pictures showed her while she was contesting for Miss NYSC for her platoon. Even though she never mentioned it that she contested for the beauty pageant, the pictures were actually stunning and adorable. Other pictures showed she did won the contest and I felt goose bumps while viewing them. The shocker came when she was pictured with a muscular guy. My first thought was that the guy is the macho man of their camp but seeing her pecking him more than once makes me feel like going to toilet. Temmy was right, she has actually found another guy and that’s why our reduction in communication becomes an issue.

I continued to read the message Janet sent to accompany the pictures and it goes thus; “Will, I’m sorry to be the one saying this but your cherished angel has become somebody else’s angel. The guy was the macho man contestant for their platoon, though the guy did not win but the chemistry between them is open to everybody. I took my time to study them so I won’t give you false info because I know it will make you devastated but I think you deserve to know the truth. On the other hand, it might just be a camp fling and I wish you both the best. Call me I’ve got news for you”.

She’s right because I was highly devastated. I personally don’t just conclude like that without finding out the truth, but the fact she broke up with me is enough proof that the news is true. By the way, the pictures were too glaring and I don’t see a reason why Janet will want to blackmail her since she’s no more on to me. I couldn’t hold it; I put a call through to Temmy asking him to meet me up on the field. I showed him the message and the pictures sent to me by Janet to which he was more shock than I was.

Temmy: I said it, but I wasn’t hoping to be right. This is going too far menh!

Me: Temmy I don’t actually know what to do

Temmy: Try calling her again.

I put a call through to her but she wasn’t picking up just like it has been over a week now.

Me: She’s not picking up.

Temmy: Maybe we should use another number to call her

Me: What’s the point? She doesn’t want to speak with me.

Temmy: This is ridiculous, and it’s unlike her really. Something is wrong somewhere because this is really too funny to be true. Try calling Janet to confirm again.

Me: I’ll call Janet but there is nothing to prove again. Those pictures are enough evidence. (I put a call through to Janet)

Janet: Hello baby boy

Me: Jane what’s up?

Janet: I’m okay, the way you are sounding it’s like you’ve view those pictures

Me: Yes I have, what news did you say you have for me?

Janet: Which one did you want first, the good or the bad?

Me: I already have the bad news, tell me the good.

Janet: Well the bad news isn’t completed but I’ll start with the good.

Me: Okay I’m listening

Janet: I’ll be getting married in the next three months.

Me: Wao! So fast, I thought you’ll wait a little after your intro.

Janet: My man wants to start processing my paper, he said the earlier we do it, the faster its likely going to be.

Me: That’s good. I’m happy for you dear. Congratulations.

Janet: Thanks dear. Your own will come too

Me: Yeah thanks

Janet: Hmm don’t give up just like that Will, even if it’s not Funmi, you’ll find a great lady to marry because you are a great guy yourself.

Me: Thanks Jane, so what’s the other news?

Janet: I’ll prefer to send it on Whatsapp with pictures

Me: Send the picture but tell me what it is

Janet: Are you sure?

Me: Positive.

Janet: Alright. Well, we all initially thought it was a drama or maybe they were just being naughty but we realize it’s too real to be ordinary play.

Me: What’s real?

Janet: That guy proposed to Funmi with a diamond ring

Me: Wao. Proposed just after two weeks of meeting each other? That’s will be the fastest proposal story I’ve heard in my life. Diamond ring means the guy is very rich

Janet: Yeah, I heard his father is a popular politician

Me: It’s alright, so what happened?

Janet: Well Funmi accepted his proposal.

Me: I thought you said it wasn’t a play let

Janet: No it wasn’t, she accepted and they kiss for real.

Me: They accept kissing on your camp?

Janet: I guess the officials thought they were merely acting. Although I strongly believe they know about it because the guy is highly influential.

Me: Hmm, getting engaged to a guy you met in just two weeks? I’m sure they must have been having affair before now. Well, that’s good, may God bless their union

Janet: What did you say?

Me: I said may God bless their union.

Janet: Oh oh! Where is that coming from?

Me: Janet I can’t kill myself because of a lady now. Please send in the pictures so I can have something to hold on to

Janet: Are you sure you still want to see them?

Me: Yes I need it. It will be the evidence.

Janet: Okay I’ll send it immediately after this call. But please take it easy o. The way you are acting as if it’s not affecting you is scaring me.

Me: Thanks Jane, I’ll be fine. So how do we get the venue for your wedding?

Janet: Common, I’ll send you your IV

Me: Alright I’ll be expecting it. Thanks Jane.

Jane: Please take it easy o

Me: I’m good, thanks a lot

Janet: What of Temmy? He’ll be in good position to handle this

Me: He’s here; let me give the phone to him.

I gave the phone to Termmy while they speak on. For the first time in my Life, I almost shamefully shed tears because of a Lady, if not for the quick intervention of Temmy who noticed the abnormal behavior on time.

Temmy: Common stop that rubbish you are about to do.

Me: Temmy I am a fool

Temmy: No you are not bro

Me: What the d–n did I eat that gave me such delusional confidence?

Temmy: What are you talking about?

Me: How do I believe a lady that is higher than me financially will fall in love with me just like that?

Temmy: D–n! That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard you say since I’ve known you. That’s pure low self-esteem.

Me: She got engaged to another guy.

Temmy: Janet told me, but I don’t believe it, I think it’s a misconception.

Me: Kissing in public is also a misconception?

Temmy: They kissed?

I switched on my mobile data and allow the message to enter then I show him the pictures.

Temmy: Oh my God! This is not Funmi!

Me: Maybe she’s a twin too

Temmy: I mean something is wrong somewhere. In just three weeks? Stuffs like that only happen in Nollywood, this is not possible menh!

Me: I’m thinking they’ve been dating before now. Well, welcome to reality

Temmy: That’s a possibility, because three weeks is too small for any lady to accept proposal like that. But she doesn’t look like somebody that was cheating before. Mehn, I honestly don’t know how to approach this

Me: I think I know what to do

Temmy: What’s that?

Me: I have to protect myself from total heart break therefore I’ll block her on every platform where we are connected. Thank God she did not want to hear from me before.

Temmy: That will be counterproductive.

Me: I’m not going to beg her Temmy.

Temmy: Of course, that will be suicidal. But blocking her will be childish.

Me: What do you suggest I do then?

Temmy: Just let her go from your heart.

Me: Just like that? Temmy this doesn’t look real. Oh oh, just a call, I need a break and that’s all?

Temmy: Let it go

Me: Alright. I pray this doesn’t turn me into a bad boy.

Temmy: You won’t, I won’t let it.

I tried applying Temmy’s advice of totally ignoring her but it was too difficult for me. I see her almost every time. “Is she playing prank on me just like she did with her cousin? D–n! This is a play too far”

The following day, we passed out of the camp and luckily for us, we were given the requested PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) contrary to the rumour we heard that everybody will serve in schools. Mark was however posted to a school in place we were told is on waters. They’ll have to board boat to get there. Both Ifunaya and Uche were posted to Porthacourt metropolis though of different Local governments to each other and to where the company we were posted to is located.

Before we could make any move, the manager called and asked us to wait till he’ll come to pick us. We left the camp after he was done discussing with the RSM who is now friendly with everybody unlike his usual way of shouting at us. I could even sight him consoling some female corps members that were crying because they were posted to islands.

We dropped both Ifunaya and Uche off to their respective destination before we headed down to the manager’s resident to meet a more beautiful lodge they’ve prepared for us. The cables had been fixed with the TV dish now installed. I also surprisingly met my car clean with the engine sounding great.

Manager: Do you like the way she sounds?

Me: So great, what did you do to her?

Manager: We had her serviced yesterday. We took her to their company’s outlet here.

Me: Wao! Thank you sir, using their company is really expensive.

Manager: Not really, we are a regular customer there, so there is discount.

Me: Thank you so much sir

Temmy: Mehn, the car wash must be a professional

Manager: We used the company’s car wash

Me: Thanks so much sir

Manager: You can be calling me Uncle Ben. Ben for Benjamin

Me: Sir, I’ll prefer Daddy Ben

Ben: (Laughing) Do I look that old? Just call me Uncle Ben. That’s what everybody calls me.

Me: Thank you sir.

Ben: Whatever you guys needed just let me know. We’ll sign and stamp your letters tomorrow so you can complete your registration at the LGA NYSC secretariat

Me: Thank you sir.

The environment and the reception suddenly made us forget all we went through on camp. The lodge was well furnished and the fact there is DSTV decoder to watch matches and Mnet series makes it more attractive. Temmy and I decided to be sleeping in the same room instead of separate ones thereby leaving the two other bedrooms empty.

After the dinner, we were watching “The Avengers” when I received a call from Aramide.

Me: Hello twin sis

Aramide: Hello dear, how are you?

Me: I’m fine, now in my PPA

Aramide: You were posted to the company you told me about?

Me: Yeah, Temmy and I.

Aramide: That’s great. Will, mum is ill and it’s very serious

Me: What? What’s wrong with her?

Aramide: I don’t know the nature yet, but she has been admitted into the hospital.

Me: D–n! Will she be okay?

Aramide: She will by God’s grace but she’s asking to see you Will.

Me: She’s asking to see me?

Aramide: Yes

Me: But she knows I’m far away here

Aramide: When are you coming home?

Me: I wasn’t planning to come home anytime soon, we were not given any break.

Aramide: You’ll have to come; she really wants to see you

Me: Menh! This is scary! Okay, I’ll come next tomorrow or by weekend.

Aramide: Why not tomorrow?

Me: I’ve not done my registration and I don’t know how long it’ll take

Aramide: It’ll be better if you come tomorrow

Me: You are scaring me! Okay, I’ll see if I can make it tomorrow.

Aramide: Alright, let me know your movement.

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