Goethe, Johan Wolfgang Von said and I qoute, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”. At that very moment, Uche’s security was a topmost issue above what my mum or any other person might say afterwards. At least I’ll be sure she’s safe as leaving her alone there might not give me rest of mind until she eventually gets to her destination.

In the same vein, Goethe taught, “Treat a man as he is and he’ll remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be”. I’ve always have bad report against Uche, maybe it’s because that’s what I chose to see in her, but she deserve to seen with the righteous microscope too. Most times we love people not because they are entirely good but because we chose to see the good in them instead and that I’m going to be doing with her. I’ll like to see her good side as I’m sure she’s not the ‘bad’ egg I’ve always tag her to be.

Getting home, I was ready to protect her against any behavioral bully that might be melted to her but surprisingly, my mother and Debby especially whom I never knew was around, welcome and treated her so nicely. Debby took her to her room to change and have her bath. I dropped Temmy off at his place before coming back home. My mum had prepared meal for us and I met Uche and Debby already eating. My mum was a little upset Temmy did not eat before leaving but she also understood it was late. I had my dinner after which my mum and I excused us to her room leaving Debby and Uche in the sitting room.

Mum: I hope she understands Yoruba?

Me: Very well, she was born and raised in Yorubaland.

Mum: Good, she seems like a good girl.

Me: She is mum, and thanks for allowing her to sleep over.

Mum: You made the right choice dear, I would have been totally angry with you, had you left her there all alone in that situation. You met her on camp right?

Me: No mum, she has always been a friend from school. We studied the same course and she was my project partner.

Mum: Oh, you are that close?

Me: Yes mum, we worked together in the final year.

Mum: Good, even if you didn’t know her, I’ll still want you to do the same thing. Though one needs to be careful in such situation but we are indebted to God dear. See how God has been using strangers to bless us. You went to a place where we have no relation yet you met with a man that sees you more like a son.

Me: Uncle Ben, mum he’s really nice to me.

Mum: That’s what I’m Saying, though Daddy Orire linked you to him but he has taken it more than a relation would have done.

Me: He even gave me two hundred thousand naira to take care of my mum, though I’m thinking he thought it’s you.

Mum: Even if it’s me, have we met before? No. Yet he’s doing that. Dear, God has been helping us at all angles and we must always help people too.

Me: Yes ma’am

Mum: Anytime you have, please give to those who lack, help people in every way you can and don’t forget “the hand that gives always stay on top”.

Me: You’ve always taught me that mum, and I think it’s part of me now.

Mum: That’s good my son, and the God I serve day and night will never leave you.

Me: Amen

Mum: That being said, we need to be very careful of the way we approach situations, we can’t be negligent of the devices of the devil.

Me: Mum!

Mum: I know you don’t like to hear such things, everything is superstition to you. I don’t know if you don’t read your Bible.

Me: Mum I read the Bible; I just don’t like to be entangled with enemies, witches and wizard of a thing. I believe in God and I know he’s sufficient for me.

Mum: Yes he’s more than sufficient but have you read where the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh or blood but against powers, principalities and rulers of darkness?

Me: Yes mum, it was in Apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church I guess.

Mum: Good, then listen to me. I wish your twin sister is also here.

Me: What’s wrong mum?

Mum: I’ve been having series of wild dreams about both of you. It seems somebody is trying to force you to do something that will later harm you both. Debby also had similar dreams and we’ve been praying about it since. When your twin sister called to tell me day before yesterday that your mother is sick and has been admitted, I felt so disturbed in my spirit. To make the matter worse, Debby had a dream suggesting she might die.

Me: You are scaring me mum, while will she die?

Mum: Just listen, we went on a marathon prayer after that, which is why you could not reach me on phone yesterday.

Me: So what’s the way forward mum?

Mum: Tell your sister, both of you must not do anything fetish. You must not be involved in anything contrary to the Bible which is why I insisted you must come home first.

Me: You know I can’t do such mum.

Mum: Yes I know, but you might be forced to do anything if you see your mother dying. Please I beg you in the name of God, your children will listen to you, don’t do anything suspicious okay.

Me: Okay mum, I’m scared though.

Mum: Don’t be, just call me first before you do anything.

Me: Surely I’ll do that (my phone rang and it’s Aramide). It’s Aramide

Mum: Pick it, maybe I can speak with her. (I picked the call)

Me: Hello Aramide

Aramide: Will, where are you?

Me: I’m at home now, I’ll get to you tomorrow

Aramide: Oh, I was expecting you today.

Me: It’s late before I got home.

Aramide: Will, she’s getting worse and I’m scared

Me: Cool down dear, I’ll join you soon okay. He the doctors Saud anything about what’s wrong with her?

Aramide: No, they kept saying all the results came negative. They are transferring her to teaching hospital tomorrow.

Me: D–n! Where were you before?

Aramide: One private hospital like that. It’s was my father that brought her there.

Me: I’ll prefer they transfer her to teaching hospital so they can carry out necessary test to ascertain what is wrong. I don’t believe in all those result came negative scam.

Aramide: But my father is saying no

Me: Why?

Aramide: He said teaching hospital is too costly, that he’ll take her to his native doctor.

Me: Native what? (My mum snatched the phone from me)

I could hear her telling Aramide never to allow him do that. She told her to insist on going to teaching hospital before she gave the phone back to me.

Aramide: Hello Will, what should I do? I’m really scared.

Me: Listen Aramide, meet the doctor in charge tonight if you can, first thing tomorrow morning, transfer her to the teaching hospital. I would have prefer tonight self.

Aramide: But there’s no money to do that.

Me: What’s of Vera?

Aramide: She’s here

Me: Good, I’ll transfer fifty thousand naira to you now. Ask her to withdraw it very early tomorrow. By the time I come, we’ll settle the remaining bill.

Aramide: Okay Will. My father has already settled the bill here.

Me: Alright, please call me if there are any changes. I’ll meet you there tomorrow morning.

Aramide: Okay Will (the line went off)

Mum: You see what I was telling you? I know something is not right

Me: Funny, how can doctors say they can’t see anything, not even abnormal temperature?

Mum: We’ll keep praying; she will live.

I hate and detest superstition with all vehement. In fact that anything religion or fetish is a no for me. I am a spiritual being not a religious one. Religion has blocked so many people’s rational thinking ability to the extent they cannot think right again. I’m happy my Jesus hates religion which was why he’s always against the activities of the Pharisee and the Sadducee of this world that are chronic religionist whitewashed and blindly believe in rituals and sacrifices instead of doing the right thing.

How on earth can someone refuse an equipped teaching hospital to native doctor who would probably asked them to buy goats and what have you to be sacrificed to a useless stiff, deaf and dumb, Carpenter created statue they call god. Well, the worst enemy a man will ever fight against is himself.

I transferred the money to Aramide and gave Temmy update on when we’ll move the following morning.

I’ve already had my bath and was going to call Temmy when Debby knocked and entered.

Debby: BB good morning

Me: Good morning sweetheart, how was your night?

Debby: Wao! You called me sweetheart

Me: I don’t call you that before?

Debby: I’ve never heard you saying it, or I can’t remember.

Me: You should know you are my sweetheart now, my second love.

Debby: Really? Who’s the first?

Me: My mum of course, I knew her before you came around.

Debby: Hmm, I thought it is aunty Uche

Me: Oh oh, where is that coming from?

Debby: Is she not your girlfriend?

Me: No, she’s only a friend

Debby: She’s nice though

Me: Really? You know that in just one night?

Debby: Yes, she’s been friendly and homely. She even helped me to wash the dishes yesterday and sweep the floor this morning.

Me: Common Debby, that’s not right! She only sleeps over here. D–n! How can you allow your guest to work?

Debby: BB she insisted. We did it together

Me: I see why you said she’s nice.

Debby: It’s not just because of that, she’s really nice and I like her. Mum seems to like her too.

Me: Mum is only being nice the way a mother should be.

Debby: Believe me; she’s nicer to her. They’ve been talking since.

Me: They are talking?

Debby: Yeah, she’ll come back right?

Me: I don’t know o. Hope she has freshen up and ready to move?

Debby: Since. You better date her on time before mum remember Daddy Orire’s anonymous daughter.

Me: Funny both of you. Excuse me, I need to call Temmy.

We embarked on the journey and entering the teaching hospital premises, we discovered they were yet to move there as we could not sight them where we should. We headed back to the described hospital after dropping Uche off at the motor Park and met a rather shocking scene.

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