Episode 5

Omolara: I don’t know

Me: talk, are you serious

Omolara: I don’t know

I was dump folded, so the girl is my daughter

Me: why don’t you tell me

Omolara: I don’t know, please get out and don’t come near me again please,

Me: wait, wait (she pushed me out)

I go back into my car, drive to my hotel, I am not happy, Daniella even noticed my behavior when she called me, I lied someone offend me at the place ni, kola even called me, I didn’t tell him anything, after some hour, I summon courage, for not telling me, she doesn’t want to bother me with kid ni.

I went there the next day which is the last day, she was looking at me, we finished earlier that day, I told my guys to go and wait for me, cus we booked 3 days for the room, I went into her office,

Omolara: are you not going home again? I heard you guys are done

Me: (was surprised with her soft word) yes, just want to see my daughter before going home

Omolara: your wife will be waiting for you, besides she’s doing lesson today, so she will be back by 6

Me: I will wait, can I sit?

Omolara: yes now, free world

Me: so why don’t you tell me

Omolara: (sigh) did you care to know, if truly you love me, won’t you come to Abeokuta to beg me,

Me: I wanted to, but I was scared, cus of your parent

Omolara: I just don’t tell you, though I wanted to abort it, but my mum caught me when I want to use the drugs, that was how I explained everything to them

Me: oga o, imagine the eyes way they go dey use look me

Omolara: so my Dad heard about it, and he is an Elder in our church, he said I let him down, all sort, he changed to me, he shift the love to his other children, when I can’t take the shame again, I mean streetwise, am left with no other option than to relocate to lag, I sold my car, to rent an apartment here, and luckily for me, a friend of mine get me this job

Me: I’m sorry, is that your friend a guy or lady

Omolara: a guy now, he wanted to marry me, but his family didn’t allow him to marry me, cus I don born, and since then I’ve close my heart for guys, enough of the heart broken, I want to raise my daughter and when she grow up, she will give birth, and her children is also my children(she smiled)

Me: how did you now get the car?

Omolara: the guy bought it for me as a birthday gift, before getting married to his heart rob, we still talk, he is a very good friend of mine, but no more dating,

Me: can you stay all alone

Omolara: yes, you should know I don’t fancy sex, I develop the feelings cus you like it, and when we depart, this guy I told you about is not that sex freak, he is a young pastor, so since then I am all myself

Me: I am sorry, so Dad never forgive you?

Omolara: don’t mind him jare, he never call me since the day I relocate, but mum do call me, and I won’t also call him, I am leaving my life without him, even if he sick, I won’t go let alone attending his burial,

Me: ha,

Omolara: yes I beg him now, what else again









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