Temmy, Sam and I looked at each other surprised by the gut and the audacity he has to come and look for her. At that point I felt like leaving that environment but I don’t know where to. I tried as much as possible to calm myself down not to create a scene I’ll not be able to handle as Temmy placed his his hands on my lap. Not that I was going to fight, but I was obviously getting to the edge of losing control.

I wonder how he misses Funmi at home since that’s where she left for. I got lost in thought and could not hear anything they all were saying until Sam’s question to Fred brought me back.

Sam: Who did you say directed you to this place?

Fres: Most times when I drop her off, she enters that green house so I guessed that’s her place but she’s with her friend here

Sam: What’s her name?

Fred: Her name is Blessing

Sam: Blessing?

Fred: Yes, that’s what I call her

Sam: You don’t know another name she answers, maybe she’s not been called blessing at home

Fred: I really don’t know

He started to stagger and was almost falling down before one of the guys that came with him held him.

Guy: I told you not to leave the hospital, but you won’t listen. Please let’s go back there before you collapse for real.

Fred: (Speaking rather with pain) My mission here is not completed menh!

Guy: Common! We can always come back for her when you are okay. At least we know her house now.

Fred: But the name?

Guy: We’ll get that later

Sam: I thought you said she’s blessing?

Fred: No, that’s her friends name

Sam: Nobody answers Blessing here, I think you are in the wrong compound.

Guy: Guy don’t mind him, nobody bears Blessing and the lady she’s looking for is not her girlfriend yet. The lady has been ignoring him, yet he wants to kill himself because of her. (facing Fred) let’s go back to the hospital before you collapse here man!

Sam: The intended girlfriend lives here right?

Guy: Yes, we’ve traced her here before.

Sam’s countenance suddenly changed as it was obvious the lady they were talking about was her sister. I guess he was furious because the girl just wrote her SSCE exams and he wasn’t expecting such things for her at that period.

As the guy was escorting Fred out of the compound, Funmi and Sam’s sister entered into the compound as Sam’s sister questioned their presence in annoyance.

Girl: What are these guys doing here?

Funmi: Mary you know them?

Mary: That’s the guy (pointing to Fred) I told you has been giving me problem since. He stopped filling me for some weeks but has resumed since day before yesterday.

Funmi: You mean Fred?

Mary: His name is Fred?

Funmi looked at Fred with am accusatory expression and her countenance changed totally as she left them there and entered into the house while Mary followed her in. Sam stylishly pushed Fred and his friends out of the compound as he shut the gate behind them.

Sam: Did you see what just happened?

Temmy: He came for your sister even though he’s still weak, it must be love.

Sam: Jokes apart bros, this guy is trying to date two cousins at the same time.

Temmy: I don’t blame him, they are both beautiful, who doesn’t like good thing

Sam: Bros Temmy stop joking about this now, this is serious. I was suspecting foul play when he said a girl from the green house because there is no girl in that house.

Temmy: Really?

Sam: In fact nobody inhabit that house yet. It was completed not long ago and they’ve not rented it out.

Temmy: Maybe they’ve rented it out while you were in school.

Sam: Taa! I know the owner very well and we still spoke of recent. The house is still free. D–n, this guy is something else.

Me: Sam please where do we sleep?

Sam: You want to sleep by this time?

Temmy: What’s wrong with you?

Me: I just feel like sleeping. I’m tired.

Sam: But you’ve not eaten anything

Me: I’m okay, I can’t eat anything again.

Sam: Alright, you’ll be sleeping in my room. Let me go and prepare the place (He left)

Temmy: Will what’s going on?

Me: What do you think Temmy? Coming to Lagos was a gross mistake.

Temmy: No, it’s better you see everything by yourself than be guessing

Me: Actually in this case, I would have preferred not to see.

Temmy: What did she told you earlier?

Me: She said we’ll talk later this evening but I’m not sure I want to do that again.

Temmy: Common talk to her and hear her out

Me: I don’t think she’s trying to explain anything, she just want to tell me her stand.

Temmy: That’s wouldn’t be bad too, at least you’ll be sure and can move on from there.

Me: You are right about that.

As Temmy and I were conversing, I received a call from Uche. I was reluctant to pick it because I’m likely going to lie that we are at and I don’t want to do that but I eventually pick.

Me: Hello Uche

Uche: Will, why didn’t you call me when you got home?

Me: Because we haven’t

Uche: Really? Why, where are you?

Me: At a friend’s place

Uche: I don’t know you have friend in Lagos, I thought Temmy is your only friend.

Me: You are not far from the truth, but I still got others.

Uche: Where exactly are you?

Me: You want to come

Uche: I can if you want me to

Me: Common Uche, we’ll meet in PH

Mary called on Sam to attend to something and Uche her voice over the phone

Uche: Who’s that?

Me: Who’s what?

Uche: I heard a female voice, are you in an Hotel?

Me: (Smiles) No Uche

Uche: I don’t trust you

Me: Hmm, it’s okay Uche, I’ve got to go now.

Uche: To meet her right?

Me: To meet who?

Uche: That girl now

Me: I’m not in the mood Uche, can we talk later?

Uche: when are you leaving tomorrow?

Me: Very early

Uche: Okay I’ll call you

Me: Alright, take care of yourself

Uche: Bye sweetheart

Why I was still on call, Sam called Temmy inside and I was left outside. After dropping the call, I decided to take a nap as I was indeed feeling sleepy that moment. I went into the car and sat at the drivers sit resting my head on the chair’s shoulder since the back sit was still wet.

I was already dozing off when Temmy cane waking me up.

Temmy: Guy wake up, won’t you eat before you sleep?

Me: I’m okay Bro, I just want to sleep

Temmy: I thought you said you are having a chat with Funmi this evening?

Me: Maybe later, I want to sleep now

Temmy: Common guy, she’s been crying since she entered

Me: Crying? Why is she crying?

Temmy: She won’t talk to any of us but I think she’ll talk to you.

Me: I’ll rather not see her cry.

Temmy: Don’t be like that, go and talk to her.

Me: (Sighs) Alright where is she?

Temmy: She’s in Mary’s room.

She was still there sobbing, buried her head on her laps as she sat on the mattress. This posture reminds me of the first day I met her in the MKO ring while in school. She was crying that day also only this time around she wasn’t bleeding and I’m no more a stranger.

She continued to sob obviously unaware of my presence as I stood there looking at her not knowing what to do. Here we are playing a scene that brought us together all over again. One thing I confirmed while standing and looking at her was that I still love her in all totality. The more I look at her the more I get emotional. I moved closer to her, sat beside her on the mattress while contemplating if I should touch her or not.

While I was still contemplating, her phone rang and the name displayed was “Fred Love” and it come with a special ring tone of Nelly’s “Angel”. As the phone rings on, she cry the more not lifting her head. The phrase “Fred Love” actually withered my arms temporarily as I was thinking if I’m in the right place. Some minutes later after the call, a message entered her phone and I guessed it’s from Fred as the message content displayed on a slide manner at the notification bar of her Android phone. I was able to read “baby I’m sorry, it’s not what you think. Call me”.

I decided to stand up and leave the room but responding to the other voice on my head I draw closer to her and loft her head up. She stopped crying momentarily when she discovered I was the one. I pulled out my face trowel and mop off the tears on her eye but I’ve not returned the trowel when she started to cry again. I drew her to me, hugged her, pressed her head on my chest while I use my hand to dress her hair downward periodically. She surprisingly wrapped her arms around me so tight as if she didn’t want me to leave.

In my confused state, not knowing our stand point, I still felt I should make her happy.

Me: It’s okay dear, please stop crying, I’m here now. (she cries the more). If you won’t stop crying I’ll have to leave, don’t forget I don’t have extra cloth here. (She released her grab and forced a smile)

Funmi: Will I’m sorry

Me: We’ll talk about it later, I just need you to be happy now.

Funmi: You don’t understand Will, I’ve lost my… Will I’ve lost to him my. . 

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