Funmi: You don’t understand Will, I’ve lost my… Will I’ve lost to him my…

Me: Don’t bother saying it. Just be quiet now, we’ll talk about everything later.

In my heart of heart I hoped she wasn’t talking of her virginity. Not that I owned it or something but it might mean the real end to everything we’ve had. I personally wasn’t looking for a virgin lady to marry, all I wanted was honesty. If I hardly kiss her in order not to create a situation where she’ll lose her virginity to me in an in appropriate time, respecting her decision to be intact till marriage but she eventually lose it to a random guy? Then I deserved to leave her happily.

Even though I was eager to know what happened, I insisted she talk not, until the atmosphere is lively, if it’ll be. I changed the whole story and start making the kind of jokes I knew she likes as she laughs on even though I wasn’t happy within. We left the room and joined the others in the sitting room as they were amazed to see her smiling.

Mary: Wao! Bros are you a magician?

Sam: Mary, you obviously don’t know who he is.

Mary: I’ll like to know because what he just did is a miracle. Nobody consoles her when she’s crying.

Sam: Well, he’s Bros Will, sister will explain the remaining to you.

Funmi got separated from me as she went through dinning into the kitchen, I guessed, as Temmy and Sam who were already eating, compelled me to eat.

Temmy: I don’t understand you really. The last time you ate was very early this morning and it was even snacks.

Sam: And you did not take your malt the other time before the whole place turned upside down.

Me: Sincerely I’m okay. I just don’t feel like taking anything again.

Mary: Maybe we should apply some logic here.

Sam: What logic is that?

Mary: If brother Will is the solution to sister Funmi then Sister Funmi is the solution to brother Will, just maybe.

Temmy: Gbam!

Sam: On point

Mary: Let me tell her he’s not eating.

As she was about to leave the sitting room, Funmi came with a tray of food she obviously prepared for me. Sighting the meal I got my appetite back and was ready to eat with my tongue already aspiring but the stubborn mind I’ve got insisted on No.

Funmi: (Sitting by my side and speaking in such a manner that only me could hear her) Why won’t you eat? This is your favorite.

Me: I know, thanks really, I just don’t feel like eating

Funmi: Please, I’ve been longing for this for the past three weeks.

Me: Really? (I honestly don’t believe that at all)

Funmi: Yes. I know you are angry with me and you your reasons. I am angry with you too and I have my reasons but let’s eat this together. It’s what will make me happy.

Me: Alright, I’ll eat it if it’ll make you happy.

Funmi: Thanks

We both ate the food as others were laughing with Mary claiming her logic was correct. I did enjoy the food though and I sincerely missed eating with her. The questions that kept bordering my heart throughout the meal was what she lost to the guy and her reason for being angry at me.

During the meal, Fred did call her again but she ignored it and hissed but that wasn’t going to change how I felt about the whole stuff. After the meal, while others were watching movies, we excused ourselves outside the sitting room and sat on chairs at a corner close to where my car was parked.

Funni: So how was camp?

Me: I’m indifferent about it, how was yours?

Funmi: It’s was fine

Me: Good. So why did you break up with me?

Funmi: Wao! Just like that? You wee not this blunt before, what happened?

Me: I never imagine you could break up with me before, so I guess it change a lot about my orientation.

Funmi: Hmm, seriously I never thought we’ll be having this conversation. I thought I had moved on from you, but I’ve obviously not.

Me: Move on from me when I’m not the one that broke up. You were the one that broke up even though I rejected it remember? Why did you? On phone for that matter?

Funmi: You gave me no option Will!

Me: No Funmi, you had plenty options but you decided to leave me for another guy.

Funmi: I did not leave you for anybody

Me: Really, so what did you left me for?

Funmi: I left you for your new girlfriends

Me: That’s new! Girlfriends?

Funmi: Yes! Two for that matter

Me: Can I know them?

Funmi: They are your girlfriend and you know them, so don’t play dumb with me.

Me: I have friends and you know them, but girlfriends? You’ll have to tell me who they are, because that’s strange to me.

Funmi: Sincerely I never expected you will lie like this. That alone pissed me totally off. What do you take me for, a fool?

Me: It’s better you tell me who they are, accusing me without evidence is more like you are trying to create something where there is none.

Funmi: Really? I’m creating something? Am I the one that created Ifunaya? Or am I that created. . . (she stopped before she could mention the other name) the other girl?

Me: Hmm, firstly Ifunaya is a mere friend. Yes we were close on camp but that was it. She was even engaged for marriage, imagine that.

Funmi: If she’s just a friend, why was it that you never made mention of her to me throughout?

Me: Really Funmi, you expect me to tell you I have a female friend so that you can start thinking otherwise?

Funmi: You know I will think otherwise yet you got close to them.

Me: I don’t know what they told you but she was just a friend and that’s all. By the way, who’s the second girl?

Funmi: Will you know her

Me: No problem, but who was the good for nothing personality feeding you with false information?

Funmi: What’s your own with that? Is the person lying?

Me: Yes the fellow is lying and I want to know the person. Let whoever it is bring out the proof..

Funmi: You are not remorse or sorry about it at all

Me: I did not do anything wrong, why would I be remorse? I am sorry though; I am sorry you chose to believe a stranger over me without a proof and I am sorry you lost something to your new man. What’s it you lost by the way?

Funmi: That’s mine to tell, you can’t force me to

Me: Of course I can’t force you. I don’t think this conversation is leading anywhere. Maybe we should just end the conversation here.

Funmi: No, not yet. I didn’t lose anything to him.

Me: You were the one that said you did

Funmi: Yeah, I lost my dignity to him and almost lost my virginity to him too.

Me: Hmm, not that I have right over it anyway

Funmi: Of course you don’t

Me: So why are you telling me?

Funmi: Because I’m sorry

Me: You are confusing me. Sorry about what? It’s yours to lose if you decided to and you don’t have to be sorry about it.

Funmi: No, not about it, I’m sorry about everything

Me: Hmm, I’m sorry too.

Funmi: Really? I think we should just forgive each other and amend our relationship.

Me: I have nothing to be forgiven for, except that I love you. I love you so much I did not have peace since you broke up. I was thinking I pushed you away but now I’m relieved. I think I can have peace now.

Funmi: Relieved about what?

Me: I’m relieved I wasn’t the one that pushed you away. You decided to dump my sorry a-s for a new guy. I heard you are engaged

Funmi: Who told you that?

Me: Though you are not putting on the diamond ring, what you save his number with speaks volume. Common Funmi, just three weeks! You have totally changed, now you drink and the way you are responding is even amazing. Maybe I was wrong about you.

Funmi: Wrong about what?

Me: Funmi, every time I think about my future you are always there. Whenever I try to think about my future without you, it all look vague and vacuumed. I saw you birthing all my children. I saw us living happily together, but that’s all but a dream and I think I’m awake now.

Funmi: So what are you saying?

Me: I’m saying nothing; I’m only going to respect your decision to let go of me.

Funmi: I’m sorry I did that, I was dumb and dillusioned Will, I’m really sorry.

Me: I know you are sorry but no, you are not dumbed and dillusioned. If you can change like this in three weeks, then I’m not sure what will happen fur the remaining days of our service year.

Funmi: You caused almost everything you know. If you had not insisted on going to PH this wouldn’t have happen.

Me: What happened to you trying to redeploy to PH too, you never even mentioned it as an option. Anyway, I accept I’m the cause of everything and I’m sorry about it. I wish you best with him.

Funmi: I’m no more with him

Me: But he’s still with you. He influenced you in three weeks, he’s got eleven months this time around. I want you to know I still love you very much and I’ll always be and I hope we can be good friends later.

Funmi: Please Will, let’s resolve this

Me: Thanks for the meal, we’ll be leaving very early tomorrow morning.

Funmi: Please sweetheart, let’s talk it through, don’t leave yet.

Me: Baby there is nothing more to say. Remember you don’t need my permission and I don’t need yours. I love you still. Be good and have a good night.

Funmi: I see you are paying me back. I love you Will and will always. I will never give up on us, I promise you that.

She came closer, hugged me and was not letting go until we almost slept there together in the veranda.

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