This life is full of miseries……….you only knows your heart, you can never knows others’…………..whom you call your best friend might be the best of your enemy……………………..
“Truly, both amoke and I have the signatory right to everything concerning chief lawrence’s properties….but what about the lawyer that gives amoke the maximum authority and regards on the particular properties???? What if I murder amoke and also lose all the properties, won’t it be a turn over to the state of being poor for me?????????? What if I safe amoke’s life and she later change her mind toward me by sending me away out of her life, won’t it be a downfall for me as well????? God where are your eyes???? What should I do????? Only ayomide that connected us together had unbonded the connection, so what’s going to happen next????????
A month later, the technology had been fixed, so I have started monitoring every moves in the company……….each time I get to work, my first attempt is “listening to terminal communication tracking” to recapitulate the recorded conversation of any calls made in the premises…… And also to recipe the recorded video of the members’ movement within the company through the CCTV…….which I did on my personal laptop………
Through this I was totally overweening on getting those embezlers redhanded soon……………this monday morning, I was redressed for office, I walked in my hand my briefcase and headed to the dinning as usual to take my breakfast…..on getting to the dinning, I met nothing on the table to eat which was unusual of amokeamoke has never show that kind of attitude to me before..infact I was seriously irksome at that moment…I dropped the briefcase on a chair and went to amoke’s room…I knocked for like 30seconds before amoke could opened the door for me….”Dear what happened? Why haven’t you served my breakfast?” I asked “served or prepared?, I haven’t prepared anything talkless of serving, I am seriously damn tired and I can’t kill myself” she replied………. I stood there behind the opened door beside me for like 2minutes like a deaf and dumb reminiscing on what I just heard
“Was this truly my amoke that just spoken?”
“What sort of attitude is this???? infact this kind of attitude emitted by amoke this days was indefinable”
“Infact the showed indict of amoke was totally baffled”
“Or has she heard about seye’s advise???”
“Is amoke a witch???”
“Did she work through my phone???”
“Does she heard anything about me???”
“Was it about ayomide’s demise???”
“But she had already forgone everything that happened to our son ayomide now, and it is more than 2months this thing has happened, so why this unusual attitude??”
“….what has came over her????”
I spoke out…….
Me: amoke, what’s the meaning of all these?
Amoke: see alabi, please I need to rest, like seriously I am weak,
Me: but if you are truly weak, should that disturb you from making my breakfast?….do you want me to start eating outside?
Amoke: is this your first time????? Go ahead and you shall see the outcome
Me: what are you talking about???? Baby, please I don’t understand….. (made a soft response, and cheers my looks to settle things off her mind)
Amoke: what is it you don’t understand???? Do you think I’m a fool????? Look into my eyes….Tell me frankly if truly the woman you called suzzie is your business partner????? You can’t talk right????? How would she be your business partner while I wouldn’t know?????? Am I not the controller of the company for long before you took over?????
Me: (heeeyyy proudness don dey come ooooh) but baby, we have talked about this before and we have buried this matter ever since, so why are you bringing it up again???
Amoke: because I have got exposed to everything, I am now freed from the darkness I was already, your secret is now in my hand, so cook up another lie.
Me: (ehn egbami, my heart pounded) what secret are you talking about?