Amoke: don’t worry, the suffered heart will surely find a suit solution to its bruises…..just leave me alone and leave my room
The more I tried pleaded to amoke the higher she got furious, I decided to kill the flame only by chosen exiting option out of the room…….I couldn’t do anything else rather than leaving the room and left the entire house without taken anything as breakfast that morning because the accusation made by amoke that morning was indisputable and also the matter that morning was indomitable for me to defeat amoke’s point against me………….

I picked up my breifcase, walked to my car. I drove out of the entire house, but throughout my expedition from home to office wasn’t in good mood…..I was driving, shaking and was shivering alongside………I didn’t came up with the best idea to settle my home, the suitable idea to convince amoke on what she said and also couldn’t fished up how she got to know what she was revealed about suzzie and i… I continued my journey and I finally entered the office premise……………I went through the elevator at the other side of the main entrance which was in adjacent position to where my workers (secretary’s office, reception, and some officers’ office) situated in order to avoid greeting or showing sympathy with my bad looks which looks so questionable………………..I entered my office which nobody can knows if anybody was in the office, meanwhile, anytime I chose the other entrance apart from taking it through the reception do avoid me appearing to anyone and by instead taking my way through elevator ………………….I got into my office, sat on my rolling chair, bowed down my head on the table and started reminiscing on what happened at home before I left…I was even inedible if atall there is something for me to eat that morning……………..I was seriously carried away in my thought that I later found myself at a very ineffable immense land containing a well cultivated lands of many things like cocoa, yam, tubers, water melon, apple, kolanut, etc………….. I saw a girl which resemble amoke standing behind me and tapped me from back.
“Hey alabi, everything your eyes are seeing here was inherited and cultivated by me, so every income of this place was only for me,,, wont you mind to share all these with me???????” She asked
“Yes baby, I will be so glads if you can make me your partner, this is all what I actually dreaming of” I replied
“But you will surely need to give something in return to this indebted opportunity I am ready to share with you, so what do you have for me?????” She included
” Firstly, I have my precious life to render for your service with a best kind and everly humanitation and to indulge you your better desires….secondly I have my saliva to give to you alone and nobody else, whenever you are thirsty while we were at work on the farm ..if there was no available water to drink….I will give you my saliva instead of water and I will never share it with any other person any more……” I added
“Is that a promise?????” She asked
“Yes I promised” I replied
She accepted to make me her partner and we started doing all the farming indefatigably ….though all women are lazy but she wasn’t that too indolent and for the fact that woman cannot handle the much powerful work so she sometimes left some for me to carry power upon……..we did this for years and we both have the equal right on all the incomes at harvesting period of our swealt………..I made sure I stood on by my promise which I usually gave amoke my saliva to drink whenever we have unavailability of water in the surrounding……………one day after we have done the cutting of grass we did together, amoke was damn tired, she spread a mat at one side of the farm and sleptoff…..I stood up to check on the grows of our crops at the other side of the farm ..while on my way before getting to my destination, I met a woman who was damn beautiful, glamour, sophisiticated and Sekxy rolling to and fro on ground shouting for help. I saw the pains she was and I was so ineluctable to her help….
..”Please help me, I am damn thirsty, I need water or your saliva ..pleasesss” ………. I let a dump hearing to her side at onset but immediately I saw her flied-out lighted killer bosoms, I felt sorry for her and I bent down to give her my saliva, I walked closer to her seat and forwarded my lips to meet hers, the lips collided and I started supplying her my saliva with my hand on her two bosoms,,,,..performing some ministries…. After 2minutes service of saliva,,,, amoke caught us on the scene, and she got a brutal furious. took up a cutlass and was chasing me to death.. I was so indefensible that I couldn’t alter a dim because I made a flashback to the promise I made to her at the beginning
…….she almost stabbed me while I woke up from the dream,
“Chai, what kind of dream is this?????”
The dream was damn inscutable to me due to the dilution of thought in my mind
Immediately I got back alive, I started having an itch toward how to deal with amoke………
Once, Misunderstanding has already fell between I and amoke which made her to acted that way, the surely things that is inevitable to happen when I got home today is a command for me to pack my load and leave the house immediately……..so before the embarrassment and to avoid any harassment from amoke, why can’t I even follow what seye advised me about? I need to act wise on time and not to be injudicious because she had never made an intestate that will later be on my favour……..and to the fact that I was irrefutable to disapprove whatever she approved, so I need to act fast on the advised……..
To be continued next week