Leopard does not change it’s skin and Lion will always be lion. It’s good to give people chance to prove they are not what we assumed them to be, but one still need to thread with caution. All fingers and permutations pointed to her as the likely mole giving Funmi those information but I’ve always rejected the suggestion and decided to believe in her new personality. I’ve given her so much chance into my life to the extent I once had a strange feeling for her. She’s well loved by Debby and my two mothers alike only that my mum’s stance on Daddy Orire’s daughter remained unchanged.

This undoubtedly should have affected our friendship but I still decided to look at the other side. She could have decided to keep it in and I would never have evidently traced it to her but she decided to say the truth even though it’s coming rather late. Another angle to it is she was not the one that asked Funmi to break the relationship without proper investigation, she only gave her information which Funmi could have decided to ask me properly instead of jumping into conclusion, taking a damaging step in the long run.

Funmi and I are still close as we speak almost everyday. If not for distance I’m sure she’ll be by my side every moment, though I’ve decline to talk on us getting back together. I was waiting to meet Daddy Orire’s daughter before making my decision.

Me: Are you being serious right now?

Uche: Will, please I’m really sorry. I know you trust me now and it means a lot. It was a mistake then.

Me: Why are you telling me now?

Uche: I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’m scared you’ll hate me and I can’t afford that, but my conscience won’t let me rest.

Me: At least you have conscience. Till now, Funmi won’t tell me who told her.

Uche: That’s because she promised me she won’t

Me: But why did you do it?

Uche: I need to know you’ve forgiven me first

Me: If I’ve not, I’ll be out of your room by now

Uche: Thanks Will

Me: I’m listening

Uche: She approached me when she realized we were on the same camp

Me: Approach you where and when?

Uche: I received her call on camp asking about you. I sensed her insecurity then and took the opportunity

Me: Opportunity for what?

Uche: I know you love her so much and won’t look any side except she broke up with you.

Me: So you fed her with lie about me?

Uche: No, I only told her you are likely dating Ifunaya

Me: Common, likely is more like saying I was dating her

Uche: I’m sorry, I actually let my affections for you to take over that time

Me: So who is the other lady she was talking about?

Uche: That would be me

Me: You told her I was dating you too?

Uche: I did not tell her you were dating me. I only told her you are very close to me but I did not tell her it was me. I told her another girl. I did not give her name.

Me: Wao! You realize your action broke our relationship right?

Uche: Yeah, that was what I wanted then. I knew she was dating another guy on camp and I knew you went to her place that time after camp. I’m really sorry.

Me: It’s okay Uche. You can only force a camel to the river, you can’t force the camel to drink. It’s her choice to believe you not yours.

Uche: You guys will come back together right?

Me: I’m not sure about that

Uche: I saw a picture you took together recently on her DP

Me: That was the picture we took at Janet’s wedding last month. It means nothing. Why didn’t you come for the wedding?

Uche: I don’t really have the money to be going up and down, besides I don’t feel like being there because I literally gave her the guy.

Me: You should move on from that. They are married now.

Uche: I have moved on and I’m happy I did not go because I don’t know how I’ll be able to cope between you and Funmi, knowing I caused your separation.

Me: You are good Uche, and I’m happy you are finding love again.

Uche: I’m not dating him

Me: Not yet you mean. You don’t like him?

Uche: He’s okay, I’m not just sure. The moment we are done with service, who knows what he’ll turn to.

Me: Hmm, you may be right though. Just make sure you are happy, you deserve to be.

Uche: Thanks Will, this your heart always make one develop feelings for you. Everybody want a good man.

Me: Wrong assumption, I’m not near good at all.

Uche: That’s what you’ll say now. Though you have your shortcomings like every other person but you are indeed a caring fellow. I only wish you settle things with Funmi.

Me: Thanks, that part is complicated though.

Uche: I know you Will, if you want her back you’ll get her. Please I need you back together. I’m not sure I’ll have total peace of you don’t come back together.

Me: You’ll have peace Uche. Don’t put your happiness on anything other than yourself okay.

As we spoke on, I received a call from Aunty Joy, telling me it’s time to move. I left Uche’s room promising to visit her soon while she escorted me to the gate. I was expecting to meet Aunty Joy waiting outside the gate but she wasn’t there yet and this made me walk towards the building I saw her drove into earlier. I met her trying to separate herself from her nephew that refuse to come down from her arms.

Sighting me, she introduced me to her sister who looks beautiful also but got more body and looks obviously older. “So you are the William I’ve been hearing about. You are indeed handsome” said the sister to which I responded “thank you ma” with a blushing smile. “Why didn’t you come inside here? You should visit often okay. The next time you come, I’ll make you white soup” She said. They’ve obviously been talking about me before then and she look very nice. I don’t know what they’ve discussed about me neither do I know what Aunty Joy has in mind towards me, but I sure want to taste that white soup. That would be the first time I’ll be hearing it.

We left the place and headed back to the lodge where she’ll drop me off before going to her side.

Me: Your nephew seems to like you a lot

Joy: Whenever I’m around, I automatically becomes his mother.

Me: That’s great, he’s telling you to do quick.

Joy: (She smiles) Yeah, you’ll be helping with getting that done

Me: (Okay, I’ll do like I don’t hear that). Your sister is also beautiful, I think it runs in the family.

Joy: Thanks dear

Me: You look so much alike, at least you know how you’ll look at her age.

Joy: (She smiles) That’s not possible again

Me: How do you mean?

Joy: She’s my younger sister. She’s our third and last born. There is a man in between us, he’s married and in abroad.

Me: Are you kidding me? You look younger than her

Joy: I hear that a lot.

Me: So only you has not married, why?

Joy: (She smiles) Maybe because I look younger. (We both laughed) I am a kind of lady who can’t accept a man over me. I have this ego that always push guys away from me. The longest relationship I had before now, lasted a year and the guy tried so much to make us work but I always push him away. He’s married now.

Me: OH! But I don’t see you as proud. Your personality I know is humble and nice. Except to the workers which I know you do to bring best out of them

Joy: Thanks Will, I know I’m stubborn most times and that’s why I’m still single. Don’t worry you’ll help me out, right?

Me: (Heaven knows I don’t know how, but what the heck!) Surely I will. Anything for you ma.

I received a call from Funmi and I was reluctant to pick it, though we’ve spoken earlier in the morning that day, Uche’s confession kind of made me felt somehow towards her, but I pick the call anyway.

Me: Hello Funmi

Funmi: Hello Will, I tried your number earlier but was out of coverage

Me: Oh! Maybe it was while I was on water. The village network was poor

Funmi: You traveled on water?

Me: Yeah

Funmi: To do what?

Me: Just for fun

Funmi: Really? Where did the courage came from because I know you have phobia for sea

Me: I’m learning to man up these days

Funmi: Like you weren’t man before. I sent you a message on BBM but it bounced back

Me: I need to update the app for it to work again. Send the message on WhatsApp

Funmi: Okay, anyway it’s about your birthday, how are you celebrating it?

Me: I’m not sure I want to. It’s still next month now.

Funmi: After today it’s not up to a month again

Me: I would have love to have it with my sister but I’m not going home anytime soon

Funmi: Common Will, you’ll celebrate it jor. Don’t worry we’ll talk about it later on WhatsApp.

Me: Alright, I need to tell you something though

Funmi: What’s that?

Me: I now know the person that fed you with those wrong info while I was on camp

Funmi: Common Will, are we still on that?

Me: No, it’s just amazing you could trust the person you told me to be careful of that much.

Funmi: I’m sorry Will, can we talk about it later?

Me: If it’s necessary

Funmi: Alright, I’ll tell you everything later. Take care dear.

Me: Yeah bye (the line went off)

Joy: Troubled relationship?

Me: We are no more together, we broke up since we were in camp

Joy: Why?

Me: She thought I was cheating so she went ahead and broke up

Joy: But she’s trying to come back now?

Me: Yeah, but I’m not having any of it.

Joy: Try to consider her okay, she’s a lady you know. There is little her heart can bear.

Me: (Well, that means you are not having ill thought towards me. Good to know) I’ll think about it.

Joy: She sounded like me. That’s the same mistake I made and I’m trying to get back now.

Me: I thought you said he’s married?

Joy: No, not that one. I’m talking about your uncle. He’s the one I said you’ll help me with.

Me: My uncle?

Joy: Yes, your father’s brother. Uncle Ben.

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