I’m honestly hoping this is a case of mistaken identity because if it’s true, it does not make any sense.

Me: (Laughs) He’s the one that insisted we call him uncle Ben, we are not related in any form.

Joy: Then how dud you know him?

Me: It was Daddy Orire who works for the company’s branch at my home town that introduced me to him.

Joy: Hmm, it seems there is a lot you don’t know. I don’t know Daddy Orire but what’s your last name?

Me: Albert

Joy: What’s Uncle Ben’s last name?

Me: Albert

Joy: And you think that’s a mere coincidence?

Me: Yes it is, he’s a Kalabari man but I’m Yoruba.

Joy: His mother is Kalabari but he’s a Yoruba. I think you need to ask him a lot of questions.

Me: I’ll rather you tell me the facts you know because I’m getting more confused now

Joy: Confused how?

Me: People tends to know more about me than I do. Almost at every junction of life, I keep discovering new thing about myself from others.

Joy: Don’t worry dear. I’ll tell you everything I know. Maybe by weekend or next week, I’ll invite you over to my place.

Me: Why can’t it be tonight?

Joy: Don’t rush. I have a date with your uncle tonight and it’s one I’ve been looking forward to.

Me: No problem. You like him a lot?

Joy: Yeah, I pushed him away saying he’s way older than me but I did love him and I wanted him back now.

Me: Anything you needed to do just tell me, I’ll help. I’ll love both of you together.

Joy: Thanks dear. I heard you saying it’s next month the other time. It’s your birthday right?

Me: Yeah, it’s next month

Joy: Hope your Uncle knows?

Me: I’m not sure. He’ll know that day.

Joy: I don’t think that’s a good idea. That’s the only thing he really don’t know about you, so it’ll be good you tell him earlier. It’ll make him happy.

Me: Oh, I don’t want to celebrate it, I’ll just mark it.

Joy: I’m not sure you can just mark it. Even myself will celebrate it with you.

Me: I really don’t like stuffs like that

Joy: I wish you know how precious you are to your uncle. He’s been checking on you from distance. Don’t worry I’ll tell you everything later.

Me: Hmm, thanks ma.

Just when I thought the mysterious drama of my life has got balance, another chapter was opened. “If Uncle Ben is my real uncle, then maybe he’ll know where my biological father is. Should I ask him directly or wait till he’s ready to talk? I’m getting highly impatient”.

She parked right in the compound while I headed straight into the room. I wished at that moment we were Americans where I can search for people’s history. As my curiosity grows, I put a call through to my mum to ask some questions

Me: Hello mum

Mum: Opeyemi mi (My Opeyemi) How are you?

Me: I’m fine mum. How are you and Debby?

Mun: I’m fine. Deborah is here (I could hear her shouting “call me o” from the background) age said you should call her.

Me: I’ll call her later. Mum I need to ask some questions

Mum: Hope there is no problem?

Me: Not at all. Mum, how many are they in my Dad’s family?

Mum: I don’t get the question

Me: I mean is it only my father and my step father that were born to their parents

Mun: Those are big questions. Well I only know your father and his brother. I didn’t not know much about your biological father as I only saw him a couple of times before he left for Ghana.

Me: What about their parents? Do you know anything about them?

Mum: According to my husband, their father died while they were young and their mother remarried.

Me: Where is the mother now?

Mum: I don’t know. He said they both ran away when their mother remarried. He tried to search for her before his demise but couldn’t. Why are all these questions coming now dear? Hope all is well?

Me: I’m just curious mum

Mum: Your mother might know more than I do, try asking her.

Me: Okay ma. Thank you.

Mum: Please be careful o. Before you take any step, let me know about it.

Me: I will mum, bye ma.

That call succeeded in complicating the matter rather than solve the puzzle. “So their father died and their mother remarried. Where is their mother? If they are just two and my step father is dead, at least I’m sure of that and Uncle Ben is his brother, then Uncle Ben is my father?” I grew more impatient and put a call through to my biological mother maybe she’ll shed more light.

Me: Hello ma

Mother: Ejire Ara isokun (She continues to eulogies me as a twin until she’s satisfied)

Me: Thank you ma. How are you ma?

Mother: I give glory to God my son. I’m still enjoying everything you sent to me even though your little sister (Praise) wants to finish everything in a day.

Me: Let her eat mummy, I’ll send money to buy another one.

Mother: No, you are not working yet. When you start working, you can give as you wish.

Me: No problem ma, any little i can do now, I’ll be doing.

Mother: Thank you my dear. How is your friend?

Me: He’s fine ma. His name is Temiloluwa

Mother: He’s a good friend, you should never leave each other

Me: Yes ma’am

Mother: How is that girl too? That fair lady that came to the hospital then?

Me: Uche?

Mother: Yes, I remember she’s Igbo. How is she?

Me: She’s fine ma

Mother: She’s a good girl. Is she the one you are planning to marry?

Me: Mummy nooo, she’s just a friend

Mother: Are you sure? Don’t disappoint her o

Me: No mummy, we are not dating

Mother: She’s a lovely lady really. I’ll like to meet your wife to be anytime soon o.

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll bring her over

Mother: So there is somebody?

Me: Not really ma

Mother: Which one is not really? Don’t be a player o

Me: No ma, far from it

Mother: Alright dear, be good o.

Me: Thanks ma. Mummy I need to ask some questions about my father.

Mother: I’ll answer all your questions dear

Me: Mummy, is my father and his brother the only people from their family?

Mother: No, your father is a twin

Me: He’s a twin?

Mother: Yes, just like you and your sister, he had a twin sister too.

Me: Oh, the other is a female?

Mother: Yeah. They also have another brother. Their father is a little complicated one. Their mother remarried after the demise of their father and she has children with her new husband. The other brother they have is not of their mother.

Me: This is getting bigger

Mother: Just listen dear. Their younger brother is from another mother but their mother was the one that took care of him before their father passed on because her own mother was not. She died giving birth to him.

Me: Do you know how I can locate all of them?

Mother: Your father and their younger brother went to Ghana together. Your father’s twin sister stayed with their mother so she’ll probably know where their mother is.

Me: Do you know where she is?

Mother: I only saw her once when she came over to our town but I don’t think I can recognize her now.

Me: Do you know which tribe their mother is from?

Mother: Yes, she’s Kalabari and she remarried somebody from her tribe. Your father’s twin got married to an Ipere man

Me: You mean Ikwere?

Mother: Maybe, we call them Ipere here

Me: Is it from Rivers state here?

Mother: I know her husband is from Porthacourt

Me: Okay, it’s Ikwere ma

Mother: Okay. Why are you asking all these? Did you meet somebody?

Me: I’m close to that. If you see their brother, do you recognize him?

Mother:It’s been long, but I should. He has your father’s look

Me: Thank you ma, I’ll call you of I get anything.

Mother: You are welcome my dear. Please be careful o. I heard rivers are many over there. Please stay clear of water o, don’t underestimate them no matter how small it look.

Me: Thank you ma. Extend my greetings to praise.

Mother: She’s here, she want to speak with you

Me: Give her the phone ma

“One thing is confirmed from her revelations, Uncle Ben is indeed my Uncle, probably their younger brother, if Kalabari mother is true. I think that’s all I need for now. I’ll be dissecting others later.”

I got a little relieved knowing Uncle Ben is my real Uncle and I’m sure he’s the one asking Daddy Orire to send those money to me. The other positive thing here is he’ll know what happened to my father since they went to Ghana together. I was in this relieved thought when Temmy came in.

Temmy: Where have you been?

Me: We were just touring the whole city o. I even used the opportunity to see Uche. Don’t worry, there is gist on that

Temmy: No real enjoyment. I think I know why director is nice to us

Me: Why?

Temmy: She’s dating Uncle Ben

Me: Yeah, she told me that

Temmy: She told you? Wao! I’ve been in the old store since, helping the house help to clean the place. I saw your pictures there.

Me: My pictures?

Temmy: Yeah, you, Debby, mum and your Dad (He brought out the black and white pictures).

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