Episode 6
Susan is my daughter?
I left the place.
Back to Ibadan, I was in my office, thinking about life, how my life has been going
“How is my life like this?

Who brought all this into my life, can it be Cynthia or is it that am the cause of all this things am passing through? Will I tell kola about this again? Will the guy not be tired of me, aw come am always in ladies shit? Hope dis is not going to get out of hands? What will I do? Will I accept Omolara’s daughter as well? If I’m married to omolara it would have been better, unlike Daniella, that the future seems dull, how will she even wait sef”.
I’m on this when my secretary called me to inform me that Cynthia is around to see me, she was smiling, although am putting on a dull face but all the same, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pretty face and S£xy shape of hers.
Cynthia: baby, your office make sense o, I envy you o
Me: thank you
Cynthia: seriously (looking all around) you’ve tried, or should I say Daniella had helped your life?
Me: (thinking in my mind) see how she just jumped into conclusion” how did you know about this place?
Cynthia: c question, how won’t I know my husband’s office, although I got here through your friend kola. You can’t even offer me a sit, what’s wrong with you Dan, you look dull
She sat on the table directly, facing me, revealing her thigh, but that one no freak me
Me: Cynthia, what is my crime,
Cynthia: Hahaaaa
Me: what have I done to deserve all this? This is not how I plan my life, I dreamt of one happy family, even if I had offended you, this punishment is too much for me, besides I didn’t offend you
Cynthia: DANIEL
Me: I loved you, cherished you, showed you love, but all was to no avail all you could think is to turn me to mugun, you will leave me for guys and comes back, making me look like a door which you could just open and close at will, still I accepted you. Who does that? If not because I loved you, which am sure you are aware of (pause) before I finally let go of you, I tried my best to change you. I let go of you because after I deflowered you, I expects you to love me very much, cus I am your number one, I had expect you to have dropped all your bad habit, still u didn’t, that was when you just start (pause) truly when you came to my school, you met me on another lady which I did intentionally, thinking I could get over all you’ve done cus I need someone to cheer me up, and It lead into S£x, (pause) and I tried my best to look for you also after the incident, but you blocked me on all social media,
Cynthia: Daniel, what’s going on?
Me: Cynthia you said I destroyed your life, how did i? You married the man cus of money, and suppose dance to the tune yourself without dragging me into all this? Not that you don’t see young guys to marry, but you marry this man cus of money. I loved Omolara but see how you destroy the relationship, you lead me into all this, cus I never imagine Daniella and me together, (pause) ok, we are now married, and here you are luring me to dance to your tune, if I don’t, you will tell my wife the truth, imagine, after all what you’ve caused, if your chief should know the truth now, that’s another problem for me, if Daniella should know about your son and her mother now, that’s another thing again, I am just tired of everything, (pause) who did I want to tell? If I should explain all this to my mum she will be disappointed in me, or I maybe I will go and tell my pastor, but I don’t want to bother the man , cus I put myself into all this,
Cynthia: sigh* I don’t even know what to say Daniel (pause) but I am sorry for everything, I know I never make you happy, I have brought sadness into your life but I am regretting ever leaving you, I regret all what I did to you, cus I didn’t see a guy like you, Daniel you are a nice guy, you can go out of your way to satisfy your friend, (pause) you are very caring, and you are okay, but I was too blind to see all this cus of money and it is not my fault also, while dating chief ve dated diff guys also, but they all left me at the end, don’t know maybe chief was threatening them, cus the last one I date, Yinka, just message me not to call him again, cus he is too young to die , that’s why I eventually settle for chief (pause) I know and I accept that I marry the man cus of money, I didn’t know you will make in life like this, please forgive me Daniel, if I didn’t accept chief’s proposal, all this won’t happen, but I am sorry Daniel, I’m doing all this cus of you and my son, I promise you, your wife won’t find out about all this, I love you and you know
Me: I’ve heard you
Cynthia: oya, that’s my bae,
Me: (smilling) abeg jare
Cynthia: what now, I’m missing you o, missing that dick
Me: I can’t do anything
Cynthia: you will but not today, cus I came to play with you, chief want to travel sef, I think next month sha
Me: what’s my own
Cynthia: till then sha
She left, after I close for the day, I was at home with my wife, I placed my head on her stomach
Daniella: what?
Me: shhhhh, wait (after some minute) yes
Daniella: what is it now
Me: asking my son what he want his name to be,
Daniella: (she smile) you are not serious
Me: na you know,
She slept and lay her head on my leg, cus we were sitting on chair watching television,
Daniella: Daniel we need your help in our company o,
Me: what is it dear?
Daniella: mum said you and her want to travel to lag cus there is this contract, I told you now, so we need to go and defend it, she was the one that said I should call you sef, I don’t know the sudden love o, she said she want to use this medium to beg you
Me: ha, okay o

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