Episode 7
Me: ha
Daniella: Daniel don’t afraid, you can’t spend up 2 or 3 days,
Me: oga o
Daniella: what, that’s what I want Daniel, she can’t harm you now, trust me, I don’t know why she suddenly develop love for you, we do say lot of things about you
Me: are you sure? Oya gist me ,
Daniella: don’t worry, I am not that dump Daniella again, the Lord will go with you, besides you are not the only following her
Me: Amen, who call you dump
Daniella: no b you? I can’t forget lailai, you called me dump,
Me: I’m sorry, you caused it now
Daniella: I know but can’t you control your emotion?
Me: I am sorry o
Daniella: ok, don’t go and be following girls all around o,
Me: you are not serious
Daniella: baby I want to sleep jare, let’s go or you want to stay here,
Me: still want to watch,
Daniella: don’t disturb me when you come o, my thing still dey pain me for that yesterday own
Me: I will o
Daniella: will go and sleep in the guest room then,
After she left, I was thinking what this woman really want, what is she up to, hope this is not a death trap, but lai lai, me no fi die, after watching the program, I went to meet her in the bedroom and sleep. I tidy up my things the next day, Daniella went to my office to take over for the short time I will be using in lag
I went to Lagos with my in-law and their Deputy manager, she only asked me about her daughter and I said she’s fine, I sat beside the driver while she and her manager sat at the back seat, she was staring at me, I can see it through the side mirror, we arrived at the hotel, we were all in different room, the Project defend is the next day, I am seriously tired, I went into the room, called my wife and went to relax on bed, thinking of Omolara, “she no even call me sef, why should I call her also, instead of me to be thanking God for not using her daughter to bother me , I’m not heartless, but I am legally married, besides I love my wife, she’s trying her best for me, she will just transfer money into my account, 500k, 1M, what else did I want, where I am today, it’s all God and her, so I better forget about Omolara and her daughter. I was on this when I heard a knock
Me: who is there?
The person didn’t talk, I pep through the mirror on the door, it was Mrs. Rose, “ wetin this woman want again bai
I rushed back, pick up my phone, went to set my phone camera on the window, I put it in airplane mode, I open the door, she was on wrapper, white towel, my dick jack
Mrs. Rose: what took you so long to open the door?
Me: nothing ma
Mrs. Rose: sit down, we need to talk
Me: ok ma
Mrs. Rose: Daniel not that I hate you, like you seems to believe, Daniel since the day my husband travelled, I had made a vow that I will never have sex with anybody, until you came and break my vow, ok, agreed you broke it, you continue doing it, and you bleep my daughter also, don’t you know what you did is a taboo?, but I can’t say it out because people will blame me.
Me: I’m sorry ma
Mrs. Rose: but believe me, I had forgiven you, just love my daughter like she said you do, i know you do, but please love her the more, I would have kill you, but I don’t want to hurt my daughter
Me: okay ma, thank you ma
Mrs. Rose: (she stand up, walking to the door) so be free with me o, stop acting code to me, and go and remove your phone I know you thought I’m here to seduce you abi so u will record and be using it against me ba? Nawa o,
She left, so this woman get me sha, thank God I’m free from her, nobody will tell her except Cynthia, the only leaving witness


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