****** ESCAPED ROUTE *******
I think we have been dulling ourselves
ontop of this matter time is going bro, when
are we going to strike I can’t take it
anymore, seeing the two of them together is
like an hell to me “Don” said to Jay who sat
under mango tree with well wrapped of
India hemp in his hand
Jay: Chill bro, its one after the other
Don: I know its one after the other, let finish
this guy of a Pesman on time
Jay: Calm down, don’t forget our agreement
with Jameelah, we have to be friendly with
both of them for a while
Don: I know, even its the reason why I paid
for the stupid guy result
Jay: Did you see his grade?
Don: No I didn’t, but I think he did well, less I
forget when are we dealing with him?
Jay: At least two months to this time
Don: ***He didn’t love the idea*** What if
he has travel before then?
Jay: We still have lot of works to do, we need
to be more closer to him so, we’ll be able to
know all his movement, that’s why I said
you should establish good friendship with
Don: Alright which of the deal are we pulling
Jay: Grace new guy
Don: Abbey?
Jay: Yes
Don: You should let us give him sometimes
too hun?
Jay: Have given him lots of times already,
since Grace birthday I haven’t raise a finger
on him
Don: What you gonna do to him?
Jay: I want to send him to jail
Don: ***Laughed*** How will you send him
to jail, are you a police, lawyer or judge
Jay: Don we have been friend for a very long
time, you should have known me better
Don: ***Hailing him*** The devil himself,
the next arrangement is?
Jay: With Abbey’s cap in my custody he’s in
jail already
Don: How?
Jay: Leave the event to master planner, am
still working on how it will be, once I’m
done you shall be hearing about it
Don: Hmmmm abbey is in trouble
****** PESMAN******
The following day, I was in my room
discussing with Abbey
Abbey: Pesman how is your result. I wasn’t
able to see it before we left cafe yesterday, I
hope you did well?
Me: I cannot lie you bro, I didn’t perform
well in that exam
Abbey: Na lie, what’s your score?
Me 152
Abbey: Opps its too low had it been you
scored 180 it would have been better than
Me: Am still going to waste another precious
year at home
Abbey: Only if you want to waste it Again
Me: How would I not waste it when I scored
less than required cutoff mark
Abbey: Do you need an advice?
Me: Why not?
Abbey: Instead of wasting another year at
home because of jamb why don’t you try
polytechnic, with what your grade you’re
good to go
Me: Poly what? I hate polytechnic with
passion, if its only option for me I prefer
staying home than going to Polytechnic
Abbey: Keep deceiving yourself there until
you grows gray hair, Aregbesola (Osun state
governor) is an HND holder he graduated
from Polytechic Ibadan. Wait don’t you
know you can still go to university after your
Me: Even if I wanted to go Polytechnic I
cannot go to far places and all the schools I
choose are located in northern part of the
country, let’s forget about it bro
Abbey: Do you like Oscotech Esa-oke? I
know someone there
Me: If I even want to consider it,. I didn’t
choose it in jamb
Abbey: You still have enough time, go for
changing of institutions then, we start your admission processing, you have nothing to
worry about
Me: Thank you bro, I will think about it (We
chatted for some hours before he left) Five
minutes after he left I received a call from
Jameelah “Pesman can you please come on
whatsapp, wanna tell you something and
am out of airtime”
I log in and met her online, but before I
could type a word another call came in this
time from Sandra “Hi Pesman kindly check
your whatsapp I leave some messages
check it and reply me”
As soon as I ended the call I met both
Jameelah and Sandra online, I firstly read
Sandra offline messages
Sandra: Pesman please what was my
offence, you have been avoiding me for a
long time now please what have I done
Me: Hmmmm
Sandra: ***Typing***
Jameelah: Welcome dear
Me: Thank you sweet bae, how is your
Jameelah: Fine fine
Me: You said you wanna tell me something
Jameelah: Yes
Sandra: Hmmm is your reply right?
Me: What do you want from me Sandra?
Jameelah: Dear I heard you have collected
your jamb result, I want to celebrate it for
you tonight
Sandra: Have been discussing this issue with
you for a while now, you don’t even act as if
you care do you know what am passing
Me: ***You wanna celebrate failure with
me*** You don’t mean it Jameelah
Sandra: ?????
Me: Listen Sandra, am happy you know my
position in that house, we cannot date, I
don’t want Madam Hadiza’s problem
Jameelah: Yes dear, or what do you have to
Sandra: I understand your fear but madam
is a nice person and I want you to know she
cannot marry me so, I’ve my life to live
and I can date whoever I love, she cannot
dictate for me when its coming to issue of
Me: I like it Jameelah so how do you want it
to be? And where do you want us to
celebrate it?
Sandra: Pesman Please chat with me
Me: ***This Sandra of a bae didn’t know
anything, am dating your madam and her
Daughter you too want to hook yourself on
me*** You’re right Sandra but I know what
Madam is capable of, she would easily get
mad at you if she eventually find out we
have something in common
Jameelah: I will bring both eating and
drinking to your house tonight and I will
sleep in your room
Me: In my room?
Sandra: My madam isn’t the owner of my life
she has nothing to say
Jameelah: Why not?
Me: There is no AC in my room I don’t think
you can sleep without AC (Air condition)
Jameelah: Lol do you know with love
everything can be done, yes you’re right I
love sleeping while AC is on, but I can still
sleep with you without AC
Me: Ok Sandra I will be thinking about it
Sandra: Till when
Me: I love you (Jameelah)
Jameelah: Love you too
Me: Very soon, I will let you know when its
time (Sandra)
Sandra: Last seen 1min ago
Jameelah: Be expecting me tonight
Me: Alright love bye
Jameelah: Bye last seen 1min ago

I felt like disappeared when the door
suddenly opened, the expression on Cnn’s
face when the door opened was shocked,
He was like “Am in trouble today” he didn’t
know what to say or do, he rose up and
prostrated for the elderly woman, the
woman just eyed him without uttering a
single word
Tola: ***With shaking voice*** Welcome
Big mum: Shii save your greeting, is this not
what you did in osun state that almost took
your life? you’re here now not up to a
month you have being flirting with an Aboki
guy, haaaaaa Tola! What is this world is
turning to?
Tola: Its not what you’re thinking ma Cnn is
not an Aboki
Big Mum: Its not what am thinking but I
caught you kissing him Asahwo, tell me how
did you meet him without my knowledge?
Tola: Cnn is not my new boyfriend, we have
been dating right from osun
Big Mum: ***She gave me a slap*** You’re
very stupid, you have been dating right from
osun, let me make it clear to you, here is FCT
not osun state, do you want to know there
is no room for nonsense here, the crime you
committed back in osun is still fresh and
you’re about committing another here, i will
make sure I report you to your father
Tola: ***Crying*** Try to understand me
ma, Cnn is the guy am dating in Osun, I was
sent packing because of him, we just
eventually meet here
Big Mum: ***She was dumb for some
secons*** You mean this boy is the criminal
my brother is looking for in Osun state?
Tola: Yes he’s
Big mum: Thank God, you have been doing
it before and go Scot free I promise you,
you’re going nowhere today, your “ESCAPED
phone and dialed a number***
Tola: I think I’m helping Cnn without
knowing I had made the case more
complicated for him, how he’s going to
Escape now?
To be continued

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