******* IMPLICATION ******
Few hours later I heard soft knock on my
door, I thought it was Jameelah at the door,
I quickly stood up, walked to the door and
opened it, I was surprised with who I saw
by the door, standing before me was the
image of Christabel and Susan.
Susan threw herself on me without having
second thought nor thinking Christabel is
here with me
Me: ***Pretending as if I didn’t like what
she did*** Susan what’s the meaning of
this, don’t you see my bae here in my front?
Susan: And so fucking what? Christabel
herself know that I have nothing to do with
you, beside I’ve my own boo so, what’s
the big deal?
Christabel: By the way you have to be giving
me the respect I deserve, Pesman is my man
not urs
Susan: ***Stupid girl I will soon snatch him
from you*** omo see talk o, I have my own
man too abegi no make me jealous o
Christabel: You better don’t do, or you go
and meet him
Susan: Wait don’t tell me Its a crime to hug
your man?
Christabel: Something higher than murder
Me: ***Cuts in*** You are welcome to my
hood, Christabel come and greet your king
nau, why the stand still?
Christabel: Don’t mind this naught Susan of
a girl ***She moved closed to me and
hugged me*** I miss you dear
Me: I miss you more ***I let them in***
Where are you guys going because this your
dress is for an occasion
Susan: We are going nowhere of course
Christabel: Have you forgotten your
Me: ***Can’t remembered when I promised
her*** Do I promise you of anything?
Susan: Yes last time you came to our house
you said you wanna take us out, and today
is the day we agreed on
Me: ***Suprised what am I going to do
now, Jameelah might be on her way
coming*** Have totally forgot
Christabel: Why won’t you forget when you
ain’t stick to just me
Me: Says who?
Christabel: I knew myself
Susan: Jealous no good o
Me: Thank you jare sister mi
Christabel: Two of you are not well
Susan: ***She faced me*** Where are you
taking us to?
Me: *** Faced Christabel *** Where do you
want us to go?
Christabel: Any cool place of your choice
Me: *** Thank God Jameelah appointment is
in the night not now*** We can go any
place but we’ll not be staying too long there
Christabel: You have appointment with
another girl right?
Me: You always think very low of me,
anyway am to meet with the man incharge
of my admission processing (I lied)
Susan: Have you checked your result?
Me: Yes I’ve
Christabel: Wow wow and you didn’t bother
to tell me, you’re too boring Pesman
Me: Am sorry we haven’t seen since then
Christabel: And you don’t have my number
Me: Am sorry hun
Susan: What was your score?
Me: 220
Christabel: *** Happy*** Didn’t I tell you
Susan? Pesman isn’t a dull guy, am proud of
you my love
Me: ***Only if you knew my original scores
was 152*** Thank you dear
Christabel: Let me see the print out
Me: ***Raised eyebrows*** Have given it to
the man I just told you about, you can’t
believe I made a silly mistake? I forgot to
make a photocopy before I handed it to him
Susan: I wish you all the best
Christabel: Good luck dear ***Kissed me***
Me: Thank you love, let me take my bath so
we will be going ***I entered into
bathroom took my bath, put on a nice shirt,
I wore my supernatural ring and left for cool
(Meanwhile Don and jay are outside, they sat
in one corner monitoring Pesman’s house,
immediately him and his visitors
stepped out Don took his pictures with
Christabel and Susan, what are they going to
do with those pictures is Still unknown,
anyway things are now working perfectly in
their favour)

Few minutes later we found ourselves in
one cool bar, where we order for fish and
drink, we ate, drank, talked before we made
our way to dance floor we danced for a
while before I suggested we called it a day, I
bought lots of goodies for both of them
which is going to serve as take away gift, I
also gave them transports fare, we parted
ways as everyone went to their various
houses, I made my way to my house.
I was about to unlock my door when my
phone sudden rang, I looked at the screen
behold the call was “private number”, I
began to sweat as my head played back the
event of the last time I received a call from a
private number, I looked both left and right
and I couldn’t see anyone, I summoned
courage and pick the call
Me: Who is this?
Voice: Weldone Pesman I saw you not too
long at the bar, keep watching out for me
***Hanged up***
Me: ***The voice is the same voice I heard
the first time this number called me*** Who
could it be??? I asked myself
****** JAMEELAH******
I was busy dressing up in my room, I’ve
nothing much to do just that I want to go
and visit my one and only, I put on a nice
yellow gown and applied little makeup on
my face, I don’t want to appear too flashy to
I looked myself in the mirror I don’t know
when I let out a cute smile “Beautiful girl” I
said as I winked at myself, To say the fact
Pesman didn’t deserve me but I don’t just
know what makes me love him, despite the
fact that I caught him kissing my mom I still
love him, I waved his thought as I took the
can of perfume, I wore it and I began
smelling nice, I was done very fast, I
grabbed my bag and walked to sitting room
where I met Sandra our maid.
Sandra: Good evening Jameelah
Jameelah: Evening Sandra babe, how are
Sandra: Am ok, it seems you’re going
Jameelah: You’re not far from the truth, yes
am going somewhere
Sandra: By this time of the day, wait if you
leave house by now when are you returning
Jameelah: Am sleeping there
Susan: Hmmmm hope its not what am
Jameelah: ***Sat beside Susan*** Tell me
what you’re thinking miss thinker
Sandra: Where are you going if I may ask?
Jameelah: Ok ok, am going to his house, any
Sandra ***Smiled*** Cool when are you
going to bring him home or you don’t want
us to know him?
Jameelah: ***Laughed*** Sandra I know
you may not believe this or see it coming
but he’s someone you very know
Sandra: ***Shocked, she said I know him,
but I don’t know any guy with her, I pray its
not Pesman*** Really so, who is he?
Jameelah: Promise me you won’t tell mum
Sandra: Am not a kid
Jameelah: I need promise
Sandra: I promise
Jameelah: ***With joy all over her voice***
Sandra: ***She couldn’t believe her ear***
You mean same Pesman
Jameelah: Yes same Pesman
Sandra: Your mom’s P.A
Jameelah: Whatever, you know we have a
deal? Am running late already. I ignored her
next question as I quickly walked out of her,
I entered into my car and
drove towards his house, I was on
high speed just then my phone rang, I
looked at the phone and the caller was my
ex, Don, what could he be calling me for? I
thought as I well packed my car along the
road and I answered the call
Jameelah: How are you Don?
Don: Evening Jameelah where are you?
Jameelah: Am on my way going somewhere
any problem?
Don: I sent you some pictures on whatsapp
I want you to download it
Jameelah: You must be stupid Don, what
does your pictures has to do with my life?
Please where am going is more important
than this your trash
Don: Its better you download the pictures to
save your relationship with Pesman
Jameelah: Which of my relationship did I told
you about? Please if you don’t have anything
to do with your airtime kindly press the red
key at the right hand side of your phone
***Hanged up***
I began to think on the call I just received
from Don, this guy must be stupid, imagine
am going to my boyfriend’s house the
stupid guy is calling me to check stupid
pictures on whatsapp, anyway am gonna
check it later I said as I stepped on the
Peddal accelerator, but what I failed to know
truly the picture Don sent can’t save my
relationship but bring it to the history, the
pictures he sent isn’t ordinary pictures
At mid night Jay and Don are seen with
mask on their faces and black outfit, the
time was 1:07am, if one mistaken come to
their path you don’t need to tell they were
there to carry out an operation.
They were roaming around a 3bedroom flat
house with fence of about 12height.
They walked carefully to the house fence
which they climbed and landed inside the
building, they gently walked to where car
were packed and trying to use a key to
unlock the car door but the door couldn’t
They walked to the entrance door and
knocked on it, “Sir help me am dying” Jay
cried out the man who is in the house
recognized the voice but he heard it clearly
that the person at door is dying, he quickly
threw the door open in aim of helping
who’s been crying for help, just then a petal
pistol was pointed at him
Jay: ***He commanded him like a soldier***
On your kneel
Don: ***He pulled him down*** Be on your
Man: ***He was only on boxer, he agreed
with them and went on his kneel***
Jay: We are angel sent by God, we don’t
violent our victims, we are not here to take
your life
Man: Please spare me, what do you need
from me?
Jay: Nice question I love someone like you,
firstly have been running tap on you for a
while and here is my result, You just arrived
from lagos you’re the only one in this house,
you’re blessed with one wife and five kids,
actually I’m here to collect my share, am
taking your money and phone
Don: ***He began to panic because he
didn’t knew its going to be this tough***
Man: Ok sir
Jay: Now stand up, lead the way to your
room while I follow from behind
Man: ***He did as commanded***
Jay: ***He took his money and phones***
now go and open the gate for us
Man: Please pull down your gun
Jay: Don’t act funny or else I send you to
Man: ***He walked to the gate and opened
it for them***
Jay: Guy exit
Don: ***He walked out***
Jay: bury your face on the ground
Man: ***He buried his face on ground***
Jay: If you like shout I just want you to know
that am still at your back, a word form you
will land you in early grave
Man: I will not shout sir
Jay: Incase you want to look for me take this
***He removed his cap (The Abbey’s cap he
took some weeks ago) and threw it at the
Man*** let’s go
Don: On the move already ***They quickly
ran out of sight***
Man: ***He took the cap Jay threw at him
and returned to his house with the thought
of going to police station in the morning to
report the case and provide the evidence***
To be continued

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