“Amoke chasing me with a cutlass because I served somebody else with what I promised to be given to her only”

“Amoke almost stabbed me inside the dream, does this mean amoke is planning something toward my demise due to this little matter?????”

“Is what going to happen this week is what I was thinking about?????? It must be how amoke will get rid of me???? But is it going to feel my absence atall?????? once ayomide that joined us has dejoin us and without me notice it, amoke may very soon depose me from the post of a chairman in the company and sent me away of her entire life if I don’t act fast as my friend suggested……………”

“What should I do now???????”

“Like seriously, I needed to follow my heart, my heart say “kill her” while my soul says “she is your life, spear her life”……..God which should I follow??????

I decided to share my plight with anyone close to me, should I share it with femi or temi?????? Or to suzzyie that cause the dispute????????? Let me share it with seye my best friend……..I picked up my phone, I checked the available airtime balance and it remains #2,215:54k, I was sure it will make up the discussion till any length…………..I dialed seye’s number and after 3rd time of ringing, he picked up the call

Me: hello bro

Seye: chiarman na when that one start????

Me: wetin be that???

Seye: who be your bro????

Me: na you noni, don’t you know that anybody that has a sharp brain than other is surely a senior to that person…

Seye: lol, you no serious….no be me, na God….

Me: I could remember vividly how you sampled two sisters in the same hostel back in school with this your brain

Seye: alaye forget that one jur, den no go use am collect money for bank

Me: lol for sure, that is your own gift……….

Seye: what is now your own gift ooooo

Me: do you have a browsing phone????

Seye: sure, what for????

Me: just goto: www.google.com/what_is_your_own_gift ……….there is nothing google cannot answer

Seye: lol, you no serious!

Me: where are you bro????

Seye: I dey home ooooo

Me: why???? Wetin happen????

Seye: my wife dey complain sey I no satisfy am weller on bed this days due to my work tight schedule

Me: heyah, ah beg do her wish oooooo, no turn your wife to someone like suzzie oooooo

Seye: you and this your suzzie sha, tell me, is the girl bad that much

Me: haaaaaaaaaa gbagbe, this babe na to dey call horror or professional sex distributor, infact sometime when e dey tackle me for bed, I dey call her many names like “witch” “catapilla” “capenter” and so on

Seye: lol..I wish to have a taste of that girl oooooo…

Me:.don’t worry, I go do the meeting for you and you won’t believe it???

Seye: what’s that???

Me: na ghana wey you dey the girl also dey

Seye: haaaaaa ah beg troway the connection now

Me: don’t worry, I go do that one when I come to that place

Seye: are you joking?

Me: for what?

Seye: coming to my ghana????? When?

Me: serious! May be this weekend

Seye: oya baddest, you don dey miss that suzzie’s toto abi????

Me: no jur, I wan come hide for that place ni ooooo………

Seye: hide ke! Wetin happen???? You caused trouble with police????? Or you rape commissioner’s daughter..?

Me: if na that one shey be e go sweet………..

Seye: then wetin??


Me: I just wan put neck for murder ni jare

Seye: who????

Me: see, since I got to work this morning, I have been in plight mood which I carried along from home

Seye: wetin happened??

Me: na amoke ooooooo, amoke don dey change ooooooo, infact she was producing a suspicious manner that I need to act fast upon, it seems the secret about suzzie and I had leaked into her hand and she had been emitting some dangerous attitude for days……. infact if I should tell you I havent taste anything since morning

Seye: thats a big lieodidi chairman (The whole chairman)

Me: believe me she never make any breakfast for me this morning.

Seye: heyah, that means her mind has been full up niyen ooo

Me: full up of what?

Seye: of everything now. Especially what to use to deal with you

Me: Is that means I must act fast be that

Seye: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, what do you now intend to do?

Me: planning to go on your suggestion

Seye: which suggestion

Me: wanna get rid of amoke but don’t know how to go about it because of her lawyer…..

Seye: that one na small thing, na dem both we go erase……

Me: is it going to be a clean job

Seye: forget…

Me: but I don’t have whom to hire

Seye: that one is simple, I will do the arrangement for you here, they will be coming from ghana to lagos to carry out the operation but why can’t you poison her and let the killers go only for the lawyer?

Me: haaaaa that one no go clean, I will be later suspected

Seye: you are right, don’t worry, let do it the way you idealized it…….but when do you want them to come for the execution?

Me: very soon, even this week because I don’t know what amoke may do to me this week oooooooo, I dont know what she is upto .the dream I had couples of minutes ago even deduced that she was planning to kill me or to do me bad…….. it was a damn cruel attitude she emitted toward me in the dream

Seye: what dream?

Me: I explained how the dream went to him….infact she was chasing me with cutlass and not showing mercy of saving my life atall….thank God I woke up before she stabbed, may be it might be how dem go get coffin for my dead body dem go call to ask you….

Seye: haaaaaaaaaaaa you be mumu??????how dem go stab you for dream and the wound reflect in your true life body??????

Me: ore (friend) there is nothing impossible in this life I dey scare seriously

Seye: lol, but this one is not possible…….ok?????even for movie, not done like thatashey otie le

Me: ok oooo…if you say so, but the dream was too scary

Seye: haaaaaaa do you now see what I was talking about? Once the child that brought love to you guys is no more, the love will surely fade away…

Me: now I realize and that’s why I need to act fast

Seye: ok don’t worry, we need to plan the operation weller, let chat after work before you go home sha

Me: alright bro, take care

To be continued

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