He making me the beneficiary of all his properties should be a good news but it’s a little weird and tricky. He’s as old as a person I can call daddy, I don’t understand why he did not get married and have kids of his own. On the other hand, he’s dating aunty Joy and I’m sure she’ll want kids, all these caring and making me the sole beneficiary will change. The best thing I can do now is to use his influence to get a good job or at least get financial backing to start my business. I’m also thinking I should not stay in this company.

Me: Why will he do that?

Joy: I really don’t know too but he’s highly obsessed about you.

Me: Well, by the time he starts having kids all of that will change.

Joy: Hmnn

Me: So what’s up? Are you guys back together for real?

Joy: Close to that but he’s still a little reluctant and I’m not sure why. I have something I should tell him too tough it might not be necessary anymore but he deserves to know.

Me:You can always tell him now. You are a lady; you always know how to do your things.

Joy: You think so? It’s huger than that. Maybe I’ll tell you later.

Me: No problem ma. You have a really great place here.

Joy: Thanks dear.

Me: Truth be told, it’ll take a guy a lot of guts and balls to come after seeing this except a perpetual gold digger.

Joy: Hmmn, so you mean you can’t woo me if you meet me ordinarily?

Me: Well, I’m not sure. Number one, you are richer, Number two, you are older.

Joy: Does that matter?

Me: It does not really matter but for a young dude like me, I think it matters. I only go after ladies I’ve made friends with.

JOY: So you don’t believe in love at first sight?

Me: There is nothing like that.

Joy: You know you speak more like him.

Me: I’ve not noticed that.

Joy: Let’s leave that, it’s time for dinner.

We had our dinner and chatted throughout the night, we went to sleep around 3a.m. She’s so understanding and modern that we flowed so freely. I’m really going to push hard for his relationship with Uncle Ben.

She also showed me more pictures of myself grown up with that of Debby. Uncle Ben has been stalking us for a longer time and I think daddy Orire is his agent.

Few days to my birthday, Uncle Ben took me out for real shopping. He bought me clothes and nice shoes without allowing me to say NO. Most of the things we bought were in twos as I always request for my home boy, Temmy. Even though I have a female twin sister, Temmy is my real twin brother as far as I’m concerned. After the shopping, we had a very long conversation.

Ben: If there is anything you need for your day to be cool, just let me know.

Me: Thank you sir, I …

Ben: I’ll transfer some money to your account this evening so you can buy whatever you want more.

Me: Thank you very much sir. I …

Ben: Be free to tell me anything okay. I shouldn’t be hearing it from others.

Me: Aunty Joy told you right?

Ben: Yes, if she did not, I would be so unhappy that day.

Me: I really don’t want to celebrate it because if I’m to celebrate it, there is someone I should celebrate it with.

Ben: You can invite the person over.

Me: Thanks sir

Ben: You are welcome

Me: Since you want me to tell you things freely, I think you should too.

Ben: You think I’m not telling you some things?

Me: I think we both have Aunty Joy sir.

Ben: (Smiles), What did she tell you?

Me: That you are my real uncle?

Ben: (Sighs) I honestly don’t know how to tell you all these while

Me: You were trying to make it a surprise?

Ben: No, I thought you will freak out

Me: I did freak out but I’ve been getting stuffs like that often.

Ben: I’m really sorry about everything. I wanted to come in and help when your father passed away but I wasn’t sure what your mother will say.

Me: No problem sir, God really took care of us.

Ben: Yeah, I see that. Your mother is a great personality. It was when I couldn’t bear it anymore that I begged my friend Orire to be transferred to your side. We had to start new branch there so he could be transferred there.

Me: I thought the branch there was opened because of the closeness to raw materials.

Ben: Yeah, that’s the logical reason behind it but the main reason is because of you guys. Besides, that’s our home too.

Me: Really?

Ben: Your father didn’t tell you before he died?

Me: Not really but we don’t have any family house there.

Ben: We do. Our father built a house before he died even though we were very young then. Our mother marrying another man scatters everything. This is why I’m particular about you.

Me: I don’t understand sir

Ben: I’m the only male child of my father left. Your father and our other brothers passed on. Our sister is still alive, she lives in lagos. You’ll meet her later. You are the only one besides me that carries our fathers name Albert. That name must not die.

Me: Hmmn, Sir, why don’t you get married and have kids too?

Ben: (He placed his hand on my shoulder) It’s a long story but I’ll tell you everything

Me: Okay sir.

Ben: You see, I love Joy so much, though she initially rejected me but now she’s coming back but my conscience is pushing me away.

Me: Did you do something wrong?

Ben: Close to that, though not to her. What I’m about to tell you, I can’t tell her.

Me: She will be hurt if you don’t marry her. I will help you tell her since we are very close now.

Ben: Maybe, but after hearing what I’m about to say, I doubt you’ll want to tell her.

Me: I’m listening sir.

Ben: When we were still young adults, not married and things were not going smoothly, we all decided to go to Ghana since the opportunity present itself that time. Only your father refused to go with us saying he’ll prefer to make it right here in Nigeria and I’m happy he did not follow us because if he had, we won’t be having this conversation.

Ben: Getting to Ghana, things were not like we expected. It actually went from bad to worse. The four of us, myself, my brother and two other friends of my brother had to do menial jobs to survive as the person we went with abandoned us moment we got there. We never knew he was a drug peddler and wanted to use us for drug trafficking.

Ben: After suffering for many months, he later come back for us and we worked for him because we literarily don’t have option. He took us to an herbalist for protection but the man said he will only help us in exchange for something. What he asked for was too costly, so we decided we don’t want his protection, that we’ll do it using our brain.

Ben: We carried out the first operation and were highly successful. We became rich and wanting more. The problem started when my brother and one of his friends were caught in Asia and before our boss could do anything, they were both killed without trial. We later discovered they were captured and killed by a rival drug gang and not the government.

Ben: This made us very sad as I couldn’t believe I lost my brother just when things started changing for us. We went back to the herbalist to offer what he asked earlier in exchange for our protection as it was then dawn on us we have two major enemies, the government and other drug gangs. After doing it we were confident and continued our drug business.

Me: What was the thing you exchanged for protection?

Ben: (Sighs) Our manhood

Me: What? Like… (I opened my mouth)

Ben: (Smiles) No, my manhood is still there but I’ve traded the fertility. And that means I can never give birth to a child of my own.

Me: D–n! That’s huge. I’m sorry sir.

Ben: Don’t be sorry for me. I got what I wanted, it actually served me right.

Me: When did you stop the drug business?

Ben: After the rituals, we had four successful drug years and I was a little wise to be saving back home in Nigeria then. The other guy, my brothers other friend was lavishing his own money anyhow. Though he’s a nice guy. I forced him to save some in Nigeria and he did save with his brother. It was like I saw the doom coming forth as our boss was killed that year by other gangs in Asia while we were arrested.

Ben: We were in prison in Asia for fourteen years without trial and all hope was lost. The prison became filled up at a time and majority of us were drug traffickers. Some guys from south American initiated a jail break and we took the opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, many of us died as the government forces came after us. My brother’s friend lost his life and I was the only one who made it home.

Me: Wao! You’ve gone through all these?

Ben: Yeah, I started this company and gave shares to my dead brothers and to my friend that helped me when I got back home. He helped me to get back all my money and start this company.

Me: Why didn’t you come back to our home town?

Ben: It was difficult. I realized your father was dead and some people who knew I was a drug peddler were there those days. I had to hide myself because I felt I was still being chased. All of them are dead now so I can come when I’m ready.

Me: Wao! I don’t know what to say!

Ben: That’s why I need you to be great. You’ll inherit this company. Get married, give birth and continue our father’s name.

Me: I understand now. I still think you should tell Aunty Joy, she’ll understand.

Ben: She’s a woman, she’ll want kids.

Me: She’s also near menopause, I know. But I don’t think she’ll care too much about that.

Ben: I can’t tell her, maybe you should tell her.

Me: I can do that

Ben: As from now on, I’ll be showing you things you should know about the company.

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