Episode 8
We left for Ibadan, the manager said he will get back to us, I went home straight, I arrived home at 3:30, I called my wife to inform her that I’m home, she is at my place of work, we do close by 5, I chatted Kola and my other friends on whatsapp, after that I went into the kitchen to prepare rice, she came in around 5:30,
Daniella: baby, I am tired mehnn
Me: sorry dear
Daniella: how was your trip?
Me: fine o
Daniella: mum have called me, she said I should thank you, so what did she tell you
Me: haha, calm down na, go and freshen up sef, abi
Daniella: no, just eager to know ni
Me: well she said I should be free with her and that’s all, that I should love you the more
Daniella: are you serious?
Me: yes na
Daniella: thank God o, I can smell rice Daniel
Me: na me cook am na
Daniella: oya chef
Me: yes, you will see is difference from the one you usually cook
After eating, we were watching film when kola called me
Me: hello aw va
Kola: Daniel please where are you
Me: I’m at home now
Kola: please come and meet me at where I will describe for you, please come along with your car please
Me: what happen?
Kola: just come
Me: ok
I dropped the call,
Me: baby, please want to reach somewhere
Daniella: where?
Me: kola called me just now
He send the address, I went to meet him there, the place was an hotel, I went to meet him inside a room, my guy was on singlet and boxer
Me: guy watin happen?
kola: Daniel, I am in soup
Me: wating na
Kola: there is this girl in my company, you should know me now, and promotion is going on in the company, Cynthia and I are in charge, and you know I don’t fancy girls like you
Me: yes?
kola: she do bring food and all sort for me, so today, i went home, she now called me to meet her here, and you know, I thought it doesn’t mean anything, I met her on the bed, Daniel, I can’t control myself, I bleep the girl, and we slept off, but before I wake up, the girl don pack my cloth,
Me: haha
kola: when I was asleep, she snap me and her, and send it to me, that’s if she no get promotion, my home is gone, and she need money,
Me: guy forget, tell Juliet and she will forgive you jare
Kola: will you help me tell her
me: yes jare, so any time she ask you something, tell her you don’t have, if she deserve the promotion, she will get it
I explained what my Mum in-law tell me, I told him, he is happy for me, that I’m free, only Cynthia remain
We arrived in his house
Juliet: Haha baby, what happen?
Me: calm down, sit down
She sat, kola was looking like a caught thief,
Me: Kola did something, and before it lead to another thing, I think I need to tell you
Juliet: what is it Bro Daniel, did he impregnate another lady?
Me: ha, no o (I explain)
Juliet: its nothing bro Daniel, sebi I am not enough for him, let the girl come and replace me
Me: ha, not like that, we are mistake slave,
Juliet: mistake? So I can go and meet a guy in an hotel room abi
Me: I trust you, you can’t compare yourself with those slut now
Juliet: its nothing bro Daniel
I left the place after the pleading, Kola should continue the pleading, cus the girl neva gree, and my wife will be expecting me
On getting into my compound, I heard my wife gisting and laughing with someone, who ge visitor? I entered and to my surprise, she and Cynthia were gisting and laughing


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