Many times we have this thought that rich people had it easier or were favored in one way better than the rest, but the truth is many of them went through fire, scenario that is way bigger than our situation. Next time you want to envy a rich man, talk to him about what he went through. My uncle’s situation is a perfect example of “money can’t entirely buy happiness”. Although I still felt his case is solvable if he wants to solve it, but he has already programmed his mind that it can never be reversed and that’s the first obstacle to be overcome if he’s to have children of his own. I wish he’ll have them to lessen the burden they are about to pass on me and to allow me chose my life freely. Having me as the only heir will cage me somehow. It will be a bitter sweet experience anyway.

One thing I can confirm from his story is that my biological father is dead in Asia as a drug trafficker killed by rival gang. That automatically put end to my search for my biological father. I’m sure Uncle Ben is yet to know his brother that died in Asia is my father and not the one he thought. I’m also sure he did not know I’m a twin. One project I wish to complete before my birthday next week is to bring him and Aunty Joy together.

I was unable to meet Aunty Joy for a private chat until two days to my birthday as she’s been traveling all over the region promoting the company’s products. She was very tired being the day she came back from her tour but I slept over at her place to give her my mind. Sleeping over at her place has become a norm for me these days that Rachael is around taking Temmy’s attention away from me.

She came into the sitting room around 1 am while I was still watching a series collection.

Joy: Will, common it’s 1am, you need to sleep.

Me: Today is a free day; by the way you should be sleeping.

Joy: I’ve rested enough and I don’t think the sleep is coming again.

Me: Just rest a little, it will come back again.

Joy: Thanks dear, I’ve missed you, how have you been?

Me: I miss you too and I can see you’ve been really stressed

Joy: The mistake I made was leaving you behind. Having you around would have made it easier.

Me: Maybe next time.

Joy: Next time is next year and I’m sure you’ll have left by then.

Me: You never can tell, I might still be here.

Joy: You’ll stay? (Looking excited)

Me: Maybe, depending on you and Uncle Ben.

Joy: Hmm, your Uncle is hiding his worries from me. Something is troubling him, I can tell but he is not sharing it.

Me: He has actually told me everything

Joy: He did? Can you share?

Me: Of course I will.

I narrated everything Uncle Ben told me to her as her mouth was wide open throughout. I sensed a reaction of mixed feeling from her the time I told her about his infertility.

Joy: That should be curable

Me: That’s what I told him. If he can apply medical and spiritual method, he could be cured.

Joy: Now I know why he’s moody sometimes. He has really gone through a lot, but he should have told me these all these while.

Me: He wanted you to be happy. He knows inability to have kids will surely make you sad.

Joy: Of course it makes me sad but I’ve outgrown it.

Me: How do you mean?

Joy: I was having the same fear as he. I never know how he’ll take it too.

Me: I’m still lost

Joy: I told you little about myself before, but I did not tell you I’ve had series of abortions.

Me: Oh, that’s then, we all make mistakes at youthful age

Joy: Yeah, but the last one I had proven to be a costly one. I nearly lost my life to it but God saved me. Not without losing my entire womb anyway.

Me: Oh! (Surprised) Oh my God!

Joy: Yeah, I can’t give birth either. His case is still curable but mine is done for life.

Me: I don’t agree. I’ve heard stories of people that still gave birth to children of their own with damaged womb.

Joy: I’m sure they are not 43 years old. Mine is a case of damaged womb plus menopause

Me: You are only close to menopause, you are not yet there. There is nothing God cannot do I believe.

Joy: Yeah, I believe too but I’ve taken my mind off it. Good thing about it is my husband to be is in the same boat

Me: Hmm

Joy: You see the way my nephew likes me? They are all my children. Ben got you and your sister too. We are happy.

Me: Two sisters

Joy: I don’t get that

Me: I mean I have two sisters

Joy: Deborah and who?

Me: I have a twin sister

Joy: Are you kidding me? You are a twin and she’s alive?

Me: Hail and healthy.

Joy: She’s the one you said you are supposed to celebrate with right?

Me: Yeah, Uncle Ben don’t know yet

Joy: Why didn’t you tell him?

Me: It’s a complicated case. I was looking for some information before I’ll tell him, though I’ve gotten them now.

Joy: Where is she?

Me: She’s in school. We attended the same school

Joy: Why then she never appeared in any of your family pictures?

Me: Because she has been with our biological mother.

Joy: Your what? You mean your mother is not your real mother?

Me: You see it’s complicated?

Joy: Wao! Your family should be named misery

Her phone rang and the call was from Uncle Ben. They spoke for a very long period that I slept off while they were still on it. This cut our discussion short as we couldn’t continue afterwards.

I was also hoping she’ll not divulge my biological mother and twin sister’s secret to Uncle Ben as I’ll love to be the one to do that.

Very early on my birthday, Uncle Ben took Temmy and I for a special shoping, he claimed he has some personal things to do. It was easier to leave Rachael at home because Uche was around as she slept over to the present day.

I know something was fishy with the said shopping as I’ve bought everything I needed the last time he took me out. I even have enough cash to buy more if I had wanted to. My suspicion was right as we went on shopping at ladies and jewelries corner rather than men’s corner. He bought some female jewelry obviously for Aunty Joy and allowed us to buy for our girlfriends too. I bought a beautiful necklace and a complete set of female jewelries for Funmi. I also got her a hand bag, a wrist watch and a beautiful blue dress I was sure will look great on her. I saw a ring and I bought it without thinking.

Temmy: You are buying a ring?

Me: Yeah, I might need it later.

Temmy: For whom? Funmi?

Me: I’ll give it to whoever deserves to wear it. I just love the ring.

Temmy: It will look so great on Funmi, you thought cool

Me: You are campaigning for Funmi:

Temmy: You love her and you know it. It’s time you stop this play. She has waited enough and I think she has passed the test of time.

Me: I wasn’t the one that broke up in the first place and I’m sure Fred will make her happy.

Temmy: Common! Fred is thing of the past and you know it.

Me: Temmy let things work out by itself. I’m not going to push for it. If it will work it will work by itself.

Temmy: It will, you should stop blocking it. By the way, what’s Uncle Ben up to today?

Me: I think he’s in love. (Uncle Ben came from behind and he obviously heard what I said)

Ben: Yes I am and I have a task for you guys.

Me: What’s the task?

He told us the plan and how he wants the birthday party to go.

Temmy/Me: Wao!

Temmy: Correct! I’ll love that

Ben: By the way who is Funmi?

Temmy: Will’s fiancée

Ben: You have a fiancée?

Me: Ex-girlfriend he meant to say. We are no more together.

Ben: Temmy, is she beautiful?

Temmy: Very beautiful and caring

Ben: I’ll like to meet her, maybe I’ll like her. Where is she?

Me: She’s in Lagos

Ben: I’ve not told you this before but I actually promised my friend Orire you’ll marry his daughter, but I don’t know why he has never allow me to see the lady, not even once. I only saw her pictures while she was younger.

Me: Really? Do you still have the pictures?

Ben: I can’t find it again. I’m changing my mind; I think it’s not right to just impose on you like that since you have somebody you are dating.

Me: We’ve broken up

Ben: Let me see her first

Temmy: You’ll like her sir

Ben: Have you met Orire’s daughter?

Me: I spoke with her once but I’ve never seen her.

Ben: I’ll talk to him. He should forget about it. He was only scared about something and I’ll assure him of it.

Me: Thanks, that’s a relief. I still love to meet the said babe though.

Ben: Hmm Ekun (Tiger). You don’t have the players instinct in you, just stay in your lane.

Me: How can you tell?

Ben: Common, it runs in the family. My late brothers and I were always like that too.

Me: Maybe I’m changing the status quo

Temmy: Sir, don’t trust him entirely o, the guy is a crook sometimes.

I playfully kicked him as we stepped out of the mall and headed for the lodge. The party was to be held at the company’s multipurpose hall and the fact that many company’s staff were going to be there was a turn off for me. I really don’t like crowd and party alike, but this is more like a reunion party with my uncle and I can’t deny him the joy.

Rachael brought my phone that I had left with her while we were going out, only to discover I had numerous missed calls and messages. Most of the calls came from Funmi. I called back everybody including my mum, Debby and my twin sister Aramide. I told her I had discovered many miseries about our father but will be telling her later. She also told me they’ve mobilize them for service as they will be going with the next batch A. Before I could drop the call to Aramide, Funmi’s call was already waiting.

Me: Hello Funmi

Funmi: Do you hate me that much?

Me: Common, I never hate you. Why did you say that?

Funmi: Why are you hurting me that much?

Me: I’m sorry but what are you talking about?

Funmi: I never know you are this wicked

Me: Hello o, who am I speaking with?

Funmi: (Laughing) I got you! Happy birthday baby. I wish you more love and happiness, though you didn’t invite me for the party.

Me: I’m sorry, it was the distance.

Funmi: No problem, enjoy you day. I’ll call you later. Love you.

Me: (I almost said “I love you too”) Thanks beauty. Talk to you later.

Funmi: Wait!

Me: What’s that?

Funmi: I sent you a cloth

Me: Really?

Funmi: Yeah, please do me a favour by wearing it to the party.

Me: I don’t understand

Funmi: The cloth is with Temmy. Please wear it, Ple-a-se!

Me: Alright I’ll wear it.

Funmi: (Obviously happy) Thanks baby. I love you so much.

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