“Something is definitely fishy. How was she able to send me a gift and how did Temmy got them? Temmy obviously got some answers to give”.

I asked Temmy about the cloth and he presented me with two boxes. The first one contained a cute blue stripped well packed shirt. Of course she knows my taste. The second box contained an already sown beautiful white and blue patterned lace. She got my size so perfectly as the design at the cloth’s chest gave me goose bumps. A smaller box in the second box contained a pair of black Italian shoe which obviously matched the blue-white lace. She knows blue is my best colour and to be sincere, I missed her a lot at that moment.

I wore the cloth, putting on the “Ofi” (Aso Oke) made “Fila” (Yoruba cap) as I look so amazing, checking myself in the mirror. This babe knows me in totality. I put a call through to her as I obviously could not hold my emotions any longer.

Me: Hello Funmi

Funmi: (Sounding rather tensed) Will, you don’t like it?

Me: Which one of them?

Funmi: You’ve not gotten the cloth?

Me: I have and they look astonishingly great.

Funmi: You like it?

Me: No I don’t like it, I love it. Thanks so much baby.

Funmi: You just call me baby.

Me: Are you not?

Funmi: (Sounding funny) I thought you are still angry with me.

Me: I never was angry. I was just following your decision.

Funmi: Hmm, after all these while

Me: anyway, thanks so much dear, I really appreciate it. I look so great in them, especially the lace.

Funmi: I’m happy you love it.

Me: I don’t know I’ll say this but, I miss you.

Funmi: You did?

Me: Yeah, and I’m sorry I didn’t invite you to the party

Funmi: It’s not your fault, it’s the distance.

Me: Yeah, but if I wanted you to come, I’ll have arranged for it. Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you.

Funmi: I love how that sounds. Will you come to Lagos?

Me: Maybe I’ll come or maybe I’ll bring you over to this place.

Funmi: I’ll love it baby. So are we cool now?

Me: Cool how?

Funmi: You know what I meant. Are we back together?

Me: I have not said that.

Funmi: Common now (with an appealing voice)

Me: Okay, we are cool.

Funmi: (Sighs) At last. All these while Will, it’s not good o.

Me: We’ll talk about us later right?

Funmi: Won’t you say sorry?

Me: Oh, I’m sorry baby

Funmi: Do you mean it?

Me: Yeah, I mean it. I’m sorry.

Funmi: Thanks baby, I love you so much.

Me: Hmm, you know my answer

Funmi: No I don’t. I’ve not heard it for over six months

Me: Really? Are you that hungry to hear it?

Funmi: I’ve been longing for it all this while

Me: (Laughing)

Funmi: Why are you laughing now (with appealing voice)

Me: I love you Funmilola.

“Yeah I just said that. I did love her but was not sure of whom she was anymore. Was it that I am sure now? No, I can’t bear to see her hurt anymore.

I almost left the cloth on as it look so sweet on me.

Rachael: Oh my God! (They dash into the room). Will, you look so great.

Uche: You are getting me confused again (we all laughed). Will, you must buy mine.

Temmy: You will have to tell that to the buyer anyway. Will, off this cloth and let’s check on what’s up in the hall

Rachael: Aunty Joy is waiting for you in the sitting room.

Aunty Joy was looking rather sad as I met her in the sitting room glued to her phone.

Me: Aunty Joy what’s wrong?

Joy: Happy birthday my baby (She stood up and gave me a passionate hug)

Me: Thanks ma. We can talk right?

Joy: Can it pass?

Me: No, I need your joyous self, especially today. Don’t forget all these things are your hand work.

I took her out of the sitting room as we both sit in her car

Me: Tell me what’s wrong?

Joy: It’s your Uncle, he’s been acting strange since yesterday and he won’t talk to me.

Me: Since yesterday?

Joy: Yeah, he refused to call or pick my calls.

Me: Is this the first time he’ll act like that?

Joy: No, whenever he’s sad and moody, it has become norm for him. But he has revealed his problems to me and mine to him. We were both happy, so I don’t understand where this one is coming from.

Me: (I sensed he was faking this behavior judging by all he bought for her this morning and how happy he was buying them) Maybe he’s going through stuffs.

Joy: He should be telling me when he’s going through any bad situations, not just the good ones. He’s giving me emotional trauma with his attitude.

Me: You’ll have to be happy still. Don’t let his actions get to you. Your positive reaction might bring him out of his moody state. I need both of you to be happy today or I won’t appear at that party.

Joy: common I am Happy. You don’t have to do that dear, it’ll hurt him.

Me: It’s hurting me seeing you like this.

Joy: I’m sorry dear. I promise you my countenance will change (She forced a smile)

Me: Promise?

Joy: Yes I promise.

Me: Better, or you won’t see me at the party.

Joy: Don’t say that again, I’m happy already (we both laughed)

Her countenance did change after our short conversation and this made me love her more. She’s a selfless personality who put others happiness ahead of hers. I’m very sure Uncle Ben was playing prank on her but he shouldn’t take it too far as I’m not glad she’s not happy.

Some minutes to the start of the party, it all turned I had little clue about the party as many faces especially that of our fellow corps members who I’m sure I did not invite, started trooping in en mass. Our LI was not excluded as she accused me of not telling her.

LI: You this boy, where is Temmy? (with her Niger-Delta intonation)

Temmy: I’m here, good evening ma.

LI: Don’t good evening me, both of you are in soup. You did not even bother to invite me here.

Temmy: We invited everybody ma and you are here already (We both laugh while she fakes seriousness)

LI: Am I everybody? It was your Uncle that told me yesterday and I was telling him you did not mention it. I will query both of you.

Me: Don’t worry ma, we’ll make it up to you.

LI: You better, anyway I trust both of you, you won’t disappoint.

Temmy: Disappoint ke, we don’t want extension now. (We all laughed)

Our Li (Local inspector) is a nice woman; however the only language she understands is money and gifts. She knows we’ll surely give her something as we normally do every clearance day and some CDS days.

The party was set and I could tell you I don’t know 70% of people in attendance. There are some big personnel who came with police escorts and I was really amazed. Aunty Joy who was trying to usher me to my sit notice the surprise on my face.

Joy: Why are you surprised?

Me: I don’t know 70% of people here.

Joy: That’s what you get when your uncle is the highest shareholder of a rich company. You need to sit now, the program has started.

The party was so top class I was wondering if it was really my birthday or something else. I sat on a round table flanked by Temmy, Rachael and Uche. A sit was empty by my right side. Next to our table is Uncle Ben, flanked by Aunty Joy, two top officials of the company and one of the prominent men that came with police escort. I’m sure he’s a politician. Sincerely I don’t recognize majority of others on the so called VIP seats.

The MC was a well-known comedian and he started the party well, making everybody laugh while the DJ was accompanying him with soft music just as I love it. I’m sure that’s the handwork of Temmy, he’s the only one that knows my style of music apart from Funmi. The MC called up people to talk about me, a colleague at work, Temmy, Aunty Joy and finally my Uncle. It was my Uncle’s speech that turned the whole place emotional as he talks about his lost brothers.

Ben: William Opeyemi Albert, my nephew is not just an Albert but a super one. If you are very close to him and you know my father, then you’ll agree they have exactly same character even though my father passed on while we were very young. Opeyemi is the symbol of the Albert family as he joins me as the second male Albert living. Although he’s my nephew yet I announce today, I’m adopting him totally as my son. Therefore, William Opeyemi Albert is an heir to this great company of ours. (There was applause from people as I was totally surprise. I never expect him to say that, not openly)

Ben: Happy birthday to you my boy, you are a blessing to me beyond what you could imagine. I wish your mother and Deborah are here, but don’t worry, next time the whole family will be together. God bless you son.

He left the podium as I went to him and gave him a passionate hug. After these testimonies, the party gear shifts as people were now eating and drinking while some were dancing.

I sat down there alone at the table as Temmy was already dancing with Rachael and Uche with her new boyfriend. I’m sure she invited him. At this point I really miss Funmi or at least Aramide. After a while, Uncle Ben came and whisper to me “it’s time”. I in turn called on Temmy as we whisper to the MC and DJ to bring all dancing to a halt. After everybody had located their seat, Temmy and I took to the podium and started eulogizing Aunty Joy. I took the last speech but I spoke more of Funmi than I did Aunty Joy.

Me: I’m sorry I speak more of somebody I love so much and wish is here. This is because Aunty Joy always makes me remember what love look like. I’ll like to tell everybody that as from this moment onward, this party has upgraded to my Uncle’s engagement party.

There was a great surprise on Aunty Joy’s face as Uncle Ben went on his knee presenting her with the engagement ring

Me: Aunty Joy, please marry my Uncle.

After her show of surprise and blushing, she said yes, took the ring, put it on and hugged Uncle Ben affectionately to everybody’s delighted applause. I was so happy to finally see them cement their love and I can’t wait for them to get married already.

The MC took the microphone and draws everybody’s attention, saying one more person will love to talk about me. Looking towards the stage seeing the person walking down to collect the microphone, I was totally amazed as I open my mouth and could not close it.


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