I chose not to describe her as usual this time around; because I don’t understand why I get stunned every time she appears like this. I admit I missed her a lot but she looks prettier than the last time I set my eye on her. Drawing me totally in the pool of love and emotion was her choice of dress that very moment. I’m very sure she has been planning for the day for a very long time. She took on the microphone and started speaking to everyone’s expectant hearing.

Funmi: It was one of those embarrassing moment last year, I was having my visitor and it came during a party. Unfortunately the protector got leaked and I was obviously stained all over my adored dress. I felt so embarrassed I couldn’t continue the party with my friends. I had to isolate myself in a place where I was sure nobody will see me. I was waiting for the night to get darker so I could hide the stains in the darkness of the night while going home. But I waited too long as the night got too dark and quiet I couldn’t go home alone, any longer. There came this angel in form of a man, dressed casually, probably to catch fresh air. He came to me and insisted on helping me even thought I rejected his offer.

Funmi: One sweet thing about him is how quickly he forgives. Baby you’ve got a heart of gold. I know so many things went against us and goof up big time. I don’t even deserve to be your friend but you’ve always cared for me. How you manage to keep your feelings inside, for all these months is really alien o me, because I know you’ve always love me. Hearing you talking about me while talking about your Uncle’s fiancée scatters me in an explosion of love for you. I love you too baby and I promise never to misuse this second opportunity I have. I’ll stick with you forever my baby and I don’t pray death separate us. I love you so much William, Happy birthday to you “Ifemi”.

The whole crowd went into cheering at her remarks as I stood to meet her on the stage. Getting very close to her I discovered we were wearing the same cloth style. The bluish light on the stage made it confusing earlier. She actually bought that lace for both of us.

I went up to her, gave her a passionate hug and kiss her on the lips for the very first time in public as people responded with applause. I picked up the microphone to reply her words.

Me: I’m very sorry for how I’ve hurt you this six month plus. To be sincere, I was deeply hurt by what I saw then and I felt letting you go would heal my heart. How wrong? Each day that passes, I kept realizing I’ve already built my world around you. Baby it’s you or nobody else. You are my heart and my desire and I love you to the moon and back.

She was smiling as I pulled back a little from her and went on my knees. The whole crowd went “AWE” as she covers her mouth with her hands. I didn’t know why I brought it to the party but I was so sure that was the right time to use it. I pulled out the ring case, opened it, and presented to her while I was on my knees.

Me: I know I’ve asked you this once, but I couldn’t afford a ring then even if I wanted to get one. I bought this ring this morning, when my uncle bought his, even though I don’t know what to do with it, but now I know. Even though I didn’t know you’ll be coming down to this place because of me, I guess my heart has always known. Oluwafunmilola, will you please do me the favour of being my better half?

Funmi: (Removing her hand from her mouth while smiling and blushing at the same time). William, My heart, I had a dream you proposed to me, like a thousand times and I said yes to every one of them. YES BABY I’LL MARRY YOU!

I rose up to her and kissed her again, I picked the microphone, to introduce her to Uncle Ben.

Me: Uncle, or should I say Daddy, since you have adopted me. This is Funmilola, my heart desire.

Everybody gave a round of applause as the D.J played the music to beautify the moment. I took Funmilola to uncle Ben and he hugged her. I was surprised how much love shown to her and I can only hope my mum would do the same when she meets her because I’ve finally decided.

The day went as planned, or not as entirely planned, I was actually surprised to see Funmi but I was very happy she was there. I’ve been living in denial that I don’t love her anymore, but I’m happy to have finally come out of my delusional state.
The party was almost over when a woman entered. She looked so much like uncle Ben, she was welcomed by uncle Ben who was introducing his fiancée aunty Joy to her. I left my gaze off her as I concentrated on the pictures Funmi was showing me on her notepad. We looked like an already married couple since we were wearing the same outfit.

Funmi: Baby, I don’t think we’ll need any pre-wedding shots again. These are enough.

Me: Wasn’t planning of having one before, I’ll only do it if you wanted to.

Funmi: Really?

Me: Yeah, I don’t really fall for pre-wedding picture stuff.

Funmi: It’s fun dear but we can pass it.

Me: Then I’m happy to hear that.

Funmi: I’m really happy to see you Will.

Me: I’m most happy to see you, I’m sure Temmy’s hand is in your coming here.

Funmi: Yeah, and Uche.

Me: Irony of life, since when did you and Uche become close pals.

Funmi: Actually I don’t really trust her, that’s why I made her my friend.
Me: You made somebody you don’t trust your friend.

Funmi: It’s you I don’t trust her with, it’s more like asking the cat to watch over the fish. It will be difficult for it to steal the fish.

Me: You think so?

Funmi: Yeah, she’s human not cat, so she’ll have some conscience.

Me: What if you were wrong?

Funmi: I’m prepared for that. Funny she’s been looking at us since.

Me: Hmmm, she’s my friend though and she now has her own man.

Funmi: Really, that’s what she told you?

Me: I met the guy at her apartment.

Funmi: She doesn’t like the guy that much.

Me: Oh, you’re indeed close.

Funmi: Speaking of staring your uncle’s visitor’s eye has been on you for more than 10mins now.

Me: Really? (I tried to look at her side)

Funmi: (She blocked me) Don’t do that, she’ll know we are talking about her. She looks like your uncle though.

Me: She’s definitely father’s twin.

Funmi: Your father is a twin?

Me: Yeah, that’s what my mother told me.

Funmi: You think that’s true?

Me: Yeah, according to my mother.

Funmi: Wow! I’ll love to have a twin, will you do that for me?

Me: Am I God? Come on, I’ll love to have a twin too, don’t forget I’m one, so maybe, just maybe we will have one.

Funmi: Two girls.

Me: A boy and a girl.

Funmi:No I want two girls.

Me: Alright God is listening, keep praying.

Funmi: Will, there’s a question I will like to ask you. What will you do if my father rejects our relationship?

Me: Is he going to?

Funmi: I don’t know. But he kept trying to push me to people he wants.

Me:People like?

Funmi:Like Fred.

Me:What? Your father was the one that pitched you with Fred?

Funmi:Yes he did it, indirectly though.

Me: During the camp time?

Funmi: No,we have known each other before then, before I met you.

Me: Really?

Funmi: Yes, he relaxed on it for some time but he has increased the pressure since that camp period.
Me: But he didn’t force you to accept his proposal.

Funmi: Will, I didn’t know what I was doing that time.

Me: Hmm, so what do we do about it.

Funmi: I don’t know, I’m scared. Maybe we should run away after service.

Me: (smiles), run to where? Don’t worry, time will heal everything. With time your dad will get used to us together.

Funmi: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, I think it’s time I meet your dad.

Funmi: That’s not adviceable, he already told me I shouldn’t discuss anything related to such with him.

Me: Then let it be.

Funmi: Fred is another problem.

Me: How is he a problem?.

Funmi: He disturbs me and I don’t trust him

Me: Trust him how?

Funmi: He threatened to kidnap and rape me.

Me: What?

Funmi: Yes he said he would make me pregnant for him and make sure I deliver his second baby.

Me: He has a baby already?

Funmi: Yes, he raped the lady too.

Me: Wait! Is the guy that powerful?

Funmi: You know his father is one of the P.A to the governor.

Me: And so?

Funmi: He does as he likes.

Me: Then lets report to the police.

Funmi: No I don’t want you involved. Besides, police are in their pocket

Me: It’s ok, I think you’ll have to apply wisdom in dealing with him.
Funmi: Will, I am going to change my line.

Me: It’s better that way. When are you leaving?

Funmi: Are you chasing me?

Me: Of course not, there is a room for you already

Funmi: Really?

Me: Yeah

Funmi: Cool, then I’ll stay one week

Me: Cool with me, though I prefer two weeks

Funmi: Oliver twist (We both laughed as Temmy interrupted our discussion)

Temmy: Will, where is your phone?

Me: In my pocket, what’s up?

Temmy: Vera has been calling you since

Me: Oh, she called you?

Temmy: Yeah, there is a problem

Me: What’s it?

Temmy: Guy, Aramide has been kidnapped

Me/Funmi: What?

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