Written by: I am Olaolowo
The greatest obstacle to love is the hidden fear of not being worthy of being loved. Jane was a girl I met in church during one of the combined service we had. Ever since I set my eyes on her, I’ve not been able to let go. I dream and fantasize about her all through the period I’ve seen her. During one of the Sunday services, I summoned courage to walk up to her to get her digits. We got talking and I couldn’t have imagined how I have fallen in love with her. Whether she felt the same for me, I don’t care, all what matters to me was the love I have for her. Just two weeks later, she told me she was travelling and might not be back anytime soon. The first 8 weeks she travelled was one of the best moments of my life. We were always in touch with each other, day and night. Love resembles a tree, it bends under its own weight, deeply rooted in our being and sometimes turns green in the ruins of a heart. Oh! Love is a wonderful feeling. I felt have found her. I felt I’ve found my lost missing rib. I prayed and all I see is her. The 3rd month she left, things changed. Oh! Maybe I should lay it straight, she changed.
I felt lost. I felt dejected! How could Jane do this to me? She apologized countless of the promising to change but nothing changed. I couldn’t concentrate at work anymore. I couldn’t eat like before. Her love had consumed the whole of my heart. It’s obvious that I’ve lost myself in her. I was heartbroken. Just weeks later, she called to inform me about her convocation at the University of Ibadan. 19th of October came and I was looking forward to our showdown talk. Oh! She looked more beautiful and elegant in her blue gown but doubt if it’s still the same Jane I knew. “I don’t feel the same way you feel towards me. Just take me as your sibling” was all she could say. I felt betrayed. It was too late to let go. I’ve loved her with all my heart and I didn’t keep any percentage of my heart somewhere in case of a heartbreak. How can I survive without her? I left the convocation hall like someone who was just confirmed positive of Hiv/Aids. I was crying deep inside of me. I got the gate of the University of Ibadan and I just kept trekking. Haaaaaaaaaa! Was what I heard from passersby. I jumped out of my thought to know what was happening. I realized I was already at the middle of the road. A long Dangote trailer was just few inches before me running with a high speed. There was nothing I could do. It was late to run back. It happened all of a sudden and everything went black.
The End…

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