In my own opinion,religion has done a lot of damage to the world especially to Africa because of the extreme poverty rate! Prospective happy homes ruined in the name of ‘ consultation’. I’m of the opinion that no one knows tomorrow except God, but it’s a shame now how pastor determine your husband and wife just by writting his or her name in a sheet of paper! My first experience was in 2009, I met a lady on 2go app and we got chatting, initially she was reluctant to give me the attention, after some months she suddenly changed, most times starting the conversation, I was curious and I asked why the sudden interest, she reluctantly but soberly told me that her pastor asked her to break up with her man that GOD doesn’t want her to marry the guy! The guy was very sad, I read all the messages of the guy trying to bring her to her senses and I felt sorry for him! She ask me to tell her my full names so that the pastor can pray about it! I sent names but they were entirely not my names, but according to the pastor the name sent is the perfect husband God want for her even though those names were fake! My second experience was with another lady I knew I don’t have feelings for at all! I just wanna have a revenge f****k for what she did to me while we were awaiting JAMB results, that’s a story for another day though lol! She asked me to follow her to the church to see the pastor before she can say yes! I went with her knowing that most of those pastor are fake! We knelt down and after reading some verses snd speaking in tongues, the pastor was telling this lady how she sees my heart! Yeeee see knocking! Lol that God show him am the best man for her! His God couldn’t pick the fact that I was fake! After enough revenge kpanshing I move on! Don’t blame me until you know why I came for revenge)! After that experience I was more convinced that most of these pastors are just playing with our mind set and future! Meanwhile I can say conveniently I have tested up to 10 pastors or Alfa with fake names and they always hav something to say! Some of those names are even taken from movies! Dear sis, this is enough sermon from chronicle today! Stop putting pastor in the position of the almighty! Only God can determine your future, stop taking names around in the name of searching for Mr right! I’m a very good xtian! But I believe its better you talk to God yourself! A word is enough for the wise o! May the Lord bless the reading of his son words! Can we share the grace please? Lol



Culled from nairaland. 

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