Episode 9
I entered the house,
Daniella: baby you are back, what happen sef
Me: it’s a long story jare, haha, Cynthia what are you doing here by this time
Cynthia: chief is not around, so I’m here to sleep, and also to know my wife wella
Me: meaning
Cynthia: you guys did your wedding without telling me, mummy sef no call me, so I’m here to play with my wife
Me: you can’t stay here o,
Daniella: haha, Daniel stop all this, is she not your family?
Me: she can’t stay here, go and sleep in kola’s place and go back to your house tomorrow or you can go and play with mummy
Cynthia: what about my work, I told chief that I am coming over to play with you and your wife now, that I will be going to work from here (smiling) bro Daniel please, my handsome brother
Daniella: Iya oko mi, don’t mind him jare, (facing me) have prepared the visitors room for her,
Cynthia: thank you jare iyawo mi, and my Son is with my Mum, so nobody will disturb me
Daniella moved closer to me
Daniella: Come and sit now, let’s watch this film together
Me: no need, I want to go and sleep
I went into the bedroom and left them there, went to bed, and sleep off, I woke up and pray, Daniella and I left home, cus she said she want to rest, it’s her husband’s company, so she do anything she like, I left home early cus I want to go back home and go and talk to her, I called Daniella to ask of where she was,
Me: okay baby, just to check on you, hope you’ve served that my stubborn cousin food
Daniella: yes now, you better beg her in the evening, I don’t like the way you acted yesterday night
Me: ok ooo
I drove home, she is still at home, she was making up
Me: thank God, Cynthia what’s the meaning of what you are performing
Cynthia: haha, do I look like an artist?
Me: what have you come to do?
Cynthia: Daniel, I missed your dick, and besides chief is not at home, I told him before coming here, and besides you are my cousin, you don forget?
Me: I am not,
Cynthia: I am going nowhere
She moved closer to me,
Cynthia: Daniel stop all this now,
She grabbed my dick,
Me: stop
Unzipped my trouser, brought out my already erected dick, she bent down and put it inside her mouth, mesef don dey inside another planet, I also unbuttoned my shirt and her shirt, she push me to the bed, remove my trouser, my dick stand gidigba, she grabbed it again, giving me confirm B.J, after some minute, I insert my dick into her already waiting pussy, she was moaning, her moaning was giving me energy, after some minute of missionary style, I moved to doggy, smacking her light skinned ass, I carried her to the edge of the bed, giving her at the edge of the bed, after an hour with diff styles and rounds, she slept off, I picked my key and went back to work.


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