Episode 10
We pretended as if nothing happen in the evening, but seriously, I’ve missed her, Daniella no dey give me like that,
I called Kola to ask the new development about his wife,
Kola: guy, she’s acting somehow, I’m tired jare
Me: normal thing now, just be begging her,
Kola: I’m tired of begging now
Me: you must o, is she cooking for you?
Kola: yes, she do cook, but I can’t talk to her not to talk of touching her,
Me: give her time
Kola: hmmm, prof, just thinking of something
Me: what?
Kola: why can’t you sit her down and explain everything to Daniella
Me: what? That Cynthia that call herself cousin is my baby mama? Or i don bleep her mum, or Lara also born for me?
Kola: lara do what? Haha, you don’t tell me that now
Me: me sef just know ni now
Kola: oga o, well, her mother’s own don go, just tell her, if she forgive you, good, and if she no forgive you, that’s all
Me: will think about it
Kola: but let’s talk one on one base on Lara’s case o, and hope you no give Cynthia face sha, cus she said na your house she dey
Me: I no touch her
I ended the call, when we slept that night, I thought of going into her room, but Daniella fit catch me ,was thinking on bed, sebi all she want is sex, and I will be giving her wella, will turn her into my sex toy, will just be careful so no one will catch me, God don free me from Daniella’s mother, I know he will surely free me from her also, but what about Omolara, she no kuku call me, and I will not also call her, I need to make the marriage work, but Susan is my daughter also, will she forgive me when she grow up and got to know that I abandoned her, but she sef no call me na, and how sure I’m I that she’s my daughter, but the girl use style resemble me nw, wo I can’t kill myself, will just be calling her, maybe once in a while, cus if I go now, Lara is somehow strict jare. But how will I remove myself from all this, Cynthia Is my baby mama, Lara also. God dey jare, I slept off.
It was Saturday morning, Daniella went to greet her mother, I was at home with Cynthia, we ve had 3 round of sex as soon as Daniella left, after the sex, she was on bump short, with a yellow singlet, and we were talking
Me: Cynthia when will you go?
Cynthia: Daniel I will now, when my husband is back
Me: when will he be back?
Cynthia: I don’t know, maybe in a month time
Me: ha, what about your son
Cynthia: abi our son, they are on vacation now, so I planned it wella, when last have I see someone to bleep me like this,
Me: Cynthia, I have an advice for you, it’s better you run away from this chief, leave Nigeria, use all the money you’ve seen to establish yourself when you get there, cus if you don’t and this man find out about all what you’ve done, mo sorry o
Cynthia: Daniel I’m also scared, I must tell you, just take care of my son,
Me: meaning
Cynthia: Daniel, I may die, if the man find out, he can kill me, he love the boy like,
We were on this when my phone ring, it was omolara
Me: hello
Omolara: Daniel, (swallow) did I ask money from you? (Pause) For you to even call and ask about your daughter’s welfare is a crime abi
Me: I’m sorry
Omolara: I didn’t say you should leave your wife for me, I know you are married, but at least communicate with me, you don’t know before, but now you know, and act like you care, or you need a D.N.A test before you can believe? Or didn’t u notice the resemblance?
Me: I’m sorry
Omolara: that’s all I want to say sha, bye, and hope your wife know about your son with Cynthia?
Me: stop all this jare,
Omolara: I wish I know the girl, she would have fallen for your lies like I did then,
Me: Lara stop all this now, I am sorry and make amendment, can you give the phone to her?
Omolara: what will I call you for her, my friend or what?
Me: anything,
She gave the phone to Susan I heard “Susan your Daddy want to speak with you”
Me: hello suzy
Susan: Daddy when will you come, I want to see you
Me: I will come very soon
I ended the call, back to me and Cynthia
Cynthia: so you and Lara still talk, and you can’t tell me
Me: we just met naaani
Cynthia: hope you didnt tell her about me, cus I don’t even know how to face her, (pause, she held my hand) Daniel can we run away together?
Me: what?

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