Hello Team-Onihaxy, sincere apology for my silence since the successful ending of the Adebimpe the facebook girl series. I have been so engaged in activities that took most of my time. Onihaxy is back with a new “10 seasonal story” (lol).  Sit back and enjoy reading….



I couldn’t hide my joy when I got to XYZ limited to resume office as one of the new employee of the company, I had woke up early that day because I didn’t want to get there late like the popular saying “first impression last longer”. I had set my alarm previously on Sunday night, the anxiety of the new job didn’t allow me to get a better sleep as I lied on my bed and continued to flash back to all the tedious test and interview process, I remembered how I always refreshed my email address on a per minute rate when I was expecting them to get back to me after the interview. I remembered how I almost worked myself out with anxiety for a whole three months without hearing from them at all, I remembered all the prayers and fasting sessions I had when I was frustrated and something was telling me that the old woman in my village must have been behind the delay. I remembered when I got the good news email about my offer letter and I was told to print it out and bring a copy of it along with me on the resumption date, I remembered how I was happy when I scrolled through to the remuneration area and I saw that my salary was so huge, I remembered how I rushed down to the cyber café to print out my offer letter and I scrolled over to the last page without bothering to read the terms and agreement on the middle page. I remembered how I rushed down to yaba in Lagos to buy pant trousers, new shoes and new shirts. All these anxiety and reminiscing led me to sleep late on that Sunday night at around 2am.

I walked in to the reception and I introduced myself to the lady I met there and she told me to sit down on the seats provided in the reception. As time was going by, other people were coming in to join me on the seat and we suddenly engaged in discussions and started asking each other several questions.

“bro, it seems I saw you during the interview?”

“ yes!!!!, you were the guy on a blue shirt whom the HR  manager was asking on how to generate 10 million naira monthly.”

“How did you see this job?, did you know anything about them?”

“ do you know whether there are other benefits attached to it aside the basic salary?”

“it seems I heard that we would be entitled to a loan after a year?”

“what role did you resumed for?”

“ do you have anybody inside that you know?”

“ do you have an idea about their closing time?”

“ what are they really into sef?”

Different questions continued to fly around as many people were busy interrogating one another at the reception, few sharp guys started getting close to the new ladies among us by exchanging contacts and forming “Mr nice guy”. I was just seated on the chair and taking my time to look around the reception and reading the charts that was placed on the wall. At around 9am, a lady who was gorgeously dressed walked into the reception looking so stunning and astonishing, I raised up my head and scanned her from the toes and saw the ID card of the company on her chest which indicated that she is a staff of the organization, I raised up my head further to see her face and she turned out to be Adeola who happened to be my long time girlfriend whom we got separated by a circumstance.

“Adeola!!!!!!!!” I screamed

“Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!” she shouted too,

I stood up and walked closer to her while she turned to my direction; both of us hugged each other so tight that other people who were seated suddenly stopped discussing and asking one another questions and they decided to turn us to a cinema movie.

ADEOLA: onihaxy, is this your face?. What happened to your line? , I have been trying to reach you for ages and it has never been reachable.


ME: so sorry about that dear, I lost my phone and I couldn’t retrieve my line because I couldn’t provide the security questions that I was asked during the process of retrieval, so I decided to buy a new sim since I didn’t have much contacts on the old sim.


ADEOLA: waoooh. I never believed I can see you again after an endless search.


ME: when did you came back from the states and it appeared so soon as against what you told me back then,


ADEOLA: it’s a long story my dear. We will discuss about it some other time. So what are you doing here?


ME: I just resumed here today as one of the recruits of XYZ company.


ADEOLA: waoooooh. That is cool. I am one of the project managers of this company as well.


ME: ******checked her ID card to confirm***** waooh, that’s nice. At last, I found someone to show me round this company.


ADEOLA: funny you onihaxy. Let me start going to my office as I’m already late for today’s meeting. We will see some other time.


ME: no problems dear. Take care.

Adeola walked away and I returned back to my seat. One particular inquisitive guy beside continued to ask me some annoying questions and I was reluctantly answering him, I was so happy when the receptionist made an announcement that we are told to move over to another place for a meeting and I thank God that finally, this guy will let me be.

We got to the hall with lots of chairs provided for us. Everywhere was looking very neat and attractive with beautiful interior decorations and paintings. About 10 minutes later, three people came inside to address us and they introduced themselves as the regional manager, HR manager and General manager respectively. The regional manager was the first person who came to address us. He greeted us and we all answered. He introduced himself again and told us about the company and what they do. He talked about the vision, mission and goals of the company. The next person to come out was the HR manager, she congratulated us for been successful throughout the recruitment exercise and he told us about the company and what they do. She briefed us a little about what our job roles would entail.

The last person to talk was the general manager of the company. He emphasized more about the goals, vision and mission of the company and told us about the strong competitors of the company and the strategies to outshine and outsmart them. As he was talking, Adeola stepped in and she moved towards the front where all of us could see her. The general manager lastly talked about the rules of the organization which were stated in the offer letter been sent to us which I didn’t even bother to read earlier. He began to read out the entire rules one after the other which wasn’t strange to me as they were basic rules which I expected until he got to the last rule which stated that “intimate relationships and/or marriage between two staffs are prohibited”. I became nervous as I flipped through the offer letter to read it for myself and I saw that it was clearly stated in the letter that if any two staffs must engage in intimate relationship or marriage, one of the staffs must resign as any partners or lovers caught will have their appointments been terminated without a prior query”.  I became so nervous and restless as I was reading the letter and also hearing the general manager hammering on it again. Just before he finished his speech, Adeola looked at me with a kind of sober look,. My eyes was immediately soaked with tears as I was feeling sad that I would lose Adeola again for the second time, I also noticed the same feelings on Adeola’s face as we were staring at each other.

My name is Onihaxy, and this is my office Romance story……………………………………………….

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