Her burdensome question threw me off
balance for some secons before I managed
to open my mouth and said something that
I don’t know when I said it
Me: You mean the girl that stabbed you?
Nurse Titi: No the one that gave me money,
Pesman you hear me right who is that girl? I
want you to lie to me that’s why am asking
you this because she has already told me
who she is, I just want to hear it from you
Me: what did she says to you?
Nurse Titi: Who is she to you?
Me: Actually she’s a friend to me and
nothing more
Nurse Titi: You can lie she said she’s your
Me: Haaaaaa Susan has been trying to
seduced me right from the day one but I
didn’t fall for it
Nurse Titi: You even know her name?
Me: I want you to believe me on this ***I
moved closed to her and caressed her
Having you as my babe is a blessing for me,
you’re so beautiful,endowed,ed­
ucated,intelligent and hard working lady so,
what else am I looking for in any other lady
that you lack? I love you Titi and I swear in
the name of God that I didn’t have anything
with that girl, she just want to force herself
on me, am very sorry for everything
Nurse Titi: ***Crying*** I always fall for your
sweet words, you talk to me in a loving way,
please keep talking to me in this way till the
end of my life I love you
Me: Hmmmm that’s why I love you my bae
you stand out of other girls out there, you’re
my love,my joy,my life and my everything
***Before I knew it she was all over me
kissing me like someone under sexual cause
without minding her wound, but we
couldn’t do anything due to her health
I was talking in exultant way with myself in
my room
“Yes finally finally I found him”
“Shame on my sister she doesn’t want me to
date someone I love”
come to think of it ever since in my life I
never love any man like this, thought I was
about to break the promise I made that I
will start my first relationship in university,
No! I couldn’t wait to become Pesman’s
the guy is just too cute and everything
about him is so special, I love him.
Oh my God I feel like hearing his voice right
now but I forgot to collected his number
when we were chatting so, I quickly log
back to Facebook to check if I can find his
number on Facebook, but I was totally
disappointed because he didn’t included his
phone number on his profile, I clicked on his
photo album while the satisfaction smile
kept appearing on my face as I went
through his
cute pictures, when I couldn’t find his
number I decided that his number would be
the first thing I would ask for when next we
I log out of Facebook and dialed my sister’s
(Tola) number but she didn’t answer my
calls, the happiness of chatting with him
couldn’t let my spirit rest, I really need
someone to talk to and I didn’t have
anybody to call again, have been calling my
sister but she ignored my calls so, I began to
scrolled down my contact and I later ended
up in dialing my daddy’s number
D.P.O: Hi darling
Nike: Daddy guess what?
D.P.O: Hmmmm you need money?
Nike: No
D.P.O: Dear tell daddy what’s going on
Nike: Have found (I wanted to say daddy
have found the love of my life who I have
being dying for, for a while now, I quickly
held back my words as soon as I
rememberd I was on call with my daddy not
my sister, so I just kept mute)
D.P.O: Hello dear what did you found?
Nike: Silent
D.P.O: Are you there?
Nike: ***I came back to my sense and I
quickly applied wisdom*** can you hear me
dad? Oh this network is bad (Despite the
fact that the network is much ok, I just
needed to confuse him)
D.P.O: Yes I can hear you clearly and loudly
Nike: Ok sir, I said have found the school I
want to go
D.P.O: Really?
Nike: Yes dad
D.P.O: But you should have wait till I come in
the night
Nike: No daddy I want to tell you now
D.P.O: Ok is it OAU (Obafemi Awolowo
University Ile-Ife) or Unilorin (University of
Nike: None of them
D.P.O: Which school then? I know you will
choose best school for yourself
Nike: Yes dad trust me
D.P.O: I trust you dear, am hearing you
Nike: Erm Erm Oscotech sir (Osun State
College Of Technology Esa-Oke)
D.P.O: State polytechnic?
Nike: Yes because my ***I wanted to say my
love is also planning to go there***
D.P.O: Because your what?
Nike: My friends there told me the school is
one of the best in the country
D.P.O: Hmmmm something is wrong
somewhere, we’ll talk things out when I
return home in the night
Nike: Nothing goes wrong dad, I hanged up

****** BIG MUMMY ******
I was seated in my sitting room and
thinking on a suitable way to talk to Tola
about the plan I had with her daddy, firstly I
needed to act innocently and suspicion free
if I really want our plan to work out. Tola
happened to be my daughter humble and
respectful but I can’t just sit and be
watching like this.
Imagine kissing my daughter in my home is
so irritating, I want the stupid boy to regret
his Action in my house, I smiled to myself as
I called Tola’s name
Big mum: Tola! Tola!! Tola!!!
Tola: ***Answering from afar*** Am
coming ma (Few minutes later she walked
Big Mum: Give me ST.Lauren wine and two
Tola: Ok ma ***what is she going to use
two cups for?*** (She came with ST.Lauren
and two cups, placed it on the table in front
of Big mum and about to walked away)
Big Mum: Come here Tola where are you
Tola: To my room ma
Big Mum: What dId you think I needed two
cups for?
Tola: Seriously speaking I wanna ask you
Big Mum: Have your sit (Pointed to the
Tola: (She sat beside her) ok ma
Big Mum: The other cup is for you
Tola: Wow mum you want to have a drink
with your daughter?
Big Mum: Is it bad?
Tola: No not at all, I even like it, it’s suppose
to be happening like this once in a while
Big Mum: ***Yimu*** Yes its true, beside I
also have a good news for you, which call
for celebration, can you guess what its all
Tola: Hmmmm my brother wants to get
Big Mum: You mean Dele my son?
Tola: Yes brother Dele in UK
Big Mum: No, Dele is marrying not, the good
news is all about you ***I poured the wine
into the two glasses, took one and gave one
to her*** let toast dear
Tola: ***She collected the cup and have a
toast with Big mum, sip out of it*** Am
listening ma
Big Mum: You know you’re my daughter so,
as a good mother have being watching your
every steps since you came to live with me
here and I reconnaissance that you’re a
good girl, and ever since you came here I
never see you with any man except of that
your friend and according to your
explanations you have being dating him
back in osun state right?
Tola: ***She just nodded***
Big Mum: So, I have to think about it and I
discovered you deserve to be happy, this
made me talk to your daddy about it
Tola: ***Curious*** You told him Cnn is here
in Abuja, mum I know my dad he might
come for him
Big Mum: Calm down dear, have talked to
your daddy about it and he has agreed to let
you marry him if you wish
Tola: ***She hurriedly put down the cup of
wine in her hand*** mummy are you for
Big Mum: You know am a woman and I
know how we normally feel when someone
is trying to separate us from someone we
truly love and I don’t want you to see me
and your daddy as bad parents
Tola: ***Her phone rang that moment and
the caller happened to be her sister “Nike”
she ignored the call and listened to Big
mum*** So mum you mean daddy has
agreed to be in support of my relationship
with him?
Big Mum: *** You don’t know anything you
and your so called boyfriend will hear from
us*** Yes dear have talked to him, can you
now see that it calls for celebration
Tola: Absolutely
Big Mum: So, what you’ll do for me now is to
call your boyfriend that I want to see him
here next tomorrow by 10am
Tola: I will do that right now, thank so much
mum I love you ***She went to her room
with joyous heart***
Big Mum: Immediately after Tola left for her
room I smiled to myself, took my phone and
message my brother (D.P.O Ibrahim) “Hi have
talked with your daughter, her boyfriend
would be here next tomorrow by 10am so,
you come to Abuja tomorrow ” few secons
later I received a message from him saying
“Ok sister see you tomorrow”
I quickly rushed to my room and jumped
excitedly on my bed, my heart was filled
with joy and happiness, I couldn’t believe
Big mum could be this motherly and give me
full support in my relationship with Cnn, she
really did a wonderful job to win my daddy’s
heart anyway I couldn’t blame her my daddy
is her little bro so she must known how to
calm him down I thought this is the aspect
my mummy needed to work on.
I took my phone out of happiness and called
the love of my life, I needed to talk to him, I
needed to hear his voice, I needed to share
thegood news with him and also celebrate it
with him if I’ll be permitted
Tola: Hi love where are you?
Cnn: Am home, you talk in exciting way
what’s good?
Tola: Oh dear can you believe my daddy is
now in fully support of our relationship?
Cnn: April fool!!!
Tola: Are we in the month of joke? Am damn
serious about it,. Big mum invited me to
sitting room and explained everything to
me, she pleaded to my daddy on my behalf
and he has forgiven you, I will call my daddy
now and thank him .
Cnn: Are you serious? I can’t believe this
Tola: Yes dear, even Big mum said you
should come next tomorrow by 10am she
want to have a chat with you .
Cnn: Oh my God you can’t imagine how
happy I am
Tola: Same with me here dear, please don’t
disappoint me next tomorrow o, come by
10am .
Cnn: I will come dear, I will not do what
would make Big mum see me as unserious
guy .
Tola: Better
Cnn: Thank you love we are gonna
celebrate this
Tola: Yes We have to
Cnn: Alright love you
Tola: Love you more ***Hanged up****
Cnn is happy thinking his relationship with
D.P.O’s daughter has been upgraded to
another level without knowing its a mere
plan work between both sister and brother.
what exactly was Big Mum and D.P.O
Ibrahim’s plan?.
Do you think Cnn can scale trough this time
around in Abuja where there is no Pesman
and Madam Hadiza????? .
To be continued

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