Time is 9:00am when Tola visited me in my
house, we sat in sitting room she rested her
head on my lap, she came to talk about the
issue she discussed with me on phone the
previous day, I couldn’t believe my hear after
she narrated everything to me, I was happy
and joyous at least I’ll have access to her
house anytime without any hindrance.
Cnn: So Big mum could be so kind to do all
this for me? I think I owe her something big
Tola: Even I as her daughter I couldn’t
believe she can do such, I thought she was
joking when she brake the news to me
Cnn: You can’t imaging how happy I’m
Tola: Please she wanted to see you
tomorrow you have to come
Cnn: Sure I’ll come, I want to even prove to
her that am not a notorious guy but gentle
man to the core
Tola: Gentle man indeed
Cnn: How I wish Pesman is here with us, I
trust him he will come along with me
Tola: Hmmmm its been long I heard from
uncle Pesman o, hope you guys are still in
talking term?
Cnn: We spoke last week
Tola: Pesman don’t even bother to ask of me
Cnn: It made me remember one yoruba
adage “Ogun omode ko’le sere fun ogun
odun” (Twenty children cannot play for
twenty years)
Tola: Its true but he suppose to be asking of
me once in a while, do you have airtime on
your phone let call him
Cnn: Yes I still have some ***Dialing
Pesman’s number which he picked on first
I was enjoying my sleeping and also having
a nice dream when my phone suddenly
interrupted me, I wish I could sleep back
and continue my dream from where I
stopped but I couldn’t, I
managed to opened my eye and went for
my phone which was lying on the floor, I
picked it
up and answered the call, “What could make
her calling me as early as this?”
Me: Good morning dear
Dupe: Still sleeping by this time?
Me: You wake me
Dupe: Lazy man sleeping till this hour
Me: What says the time?
Dupe: Check your wall clock
Me: I don’t remember I have one
Dupe: How was your night?
Me: Without being told you ought to know it
went well, because am still sleeping before
you wake me
Dupe: That’s very good of you, so what
happened to you?
Me: Nothing o
Dupe: Did you forget I called to tell you that
something is about to happened
Me: Yes you said it
Dupe: Oya tell me what happened?
Me: You’re the one seeing it,. What did you
Dupe: Am not a God and I have told you
times without numbers that I don’t usually
see everything I only see a little
Me: What happened is not something too
terrible, two girls stabbed themselves in my
house but not in my room o
Dupe: They are fighting because of you
Me: Not really
Dupe: It seems you don’t know me, don’t
forget I knew when you’re planning to go
for the women ritual cream, I knew when
you did it and I also knew every girls that fell
into your trap
so, you don’t need to lie
Me: Yes you’re right
Dupe: Pesman I love you and I know I can
never lose you to any of your side chicks
you’re having affairs with, once your cream
expire all of them will denied ever knowing
you, that’s why am still standing by your
side no matter what
Me: Thank you dear I love you more and
you’re the only girl I love, my heart belongs
to only you, I’m just passing time with the
rest of them
Dupe: Thank you dear when last did you
hear from Cnn?
Me: Some days back
Dupe: I want to tell you something about
Me: Hope no problem?
Dupe: Call him after this call, tell him to be
very careful of lady someone somewhere is
being planning evil for him and its because
of a woman, I don’t
see it more than that tell him not to fight
because of a woman and he should stay low
for the rest of this week after this week no
problem again he can do whatever he likes
Me: Hmmmm I hope my friend is safe?
Dupe: Yes only if he can take my advice
Me: Alright I’ll call him after this call
Dupe: Have a nice day ahead
Me: You too love bye.
Immediately after I hanged up I began to
“So, Dupe know me more than I know
“She said my cream will soon expired and all
my chicks would denied ever knowing me”
“But how possible?”
“Anyway have already accomplished my
mission, from Christabel to Nurse Titi,
Jameelah, Susan and Sandra too don’t let me
“She said something about Cnn too, omg I
have to act fast and call him before he run
into trouble”
I scroll through my contact I was about
dialing his number when a call entered my
phone, looking at screen made me
discovered the caller was the person I was
about calling
Me: Padi mi (Yoruba guys greeting) it seems
our mind is working together I was about
calling your line when your call came in, how
far ore?
Woman voice: Pesman!

Me: ***Cnn has started another game in
Abuja, probably he just met this new bea
and he had told her lot about me*** Good
morning ma
Voice: Stop using ma for me Pesman, infact
we are fighting
Me: ***It was then I realized that the person
at the other end of the line was Tola***
Tola!!! Is this you?
Tola: Shebi you don’t ask of me again?
Me: Its not like that dear, my mind is always
with you but I don’t want your Daddy to be
looking for me, after the event of the other
day he had warned me to stay off you
Tola: Hear yourself Pesman, my father says
you should stay off me so, that’s why you
don’t bother to hear my voice again? Let me
ask you, how is he going to know that you
call me? Your excuse isn’t convincing at all,
better tell me you don’t have airtime to
make a call
Me: ***Laugh*** Seriously I wish I could call
you but have got your number deleted
during the time we had case with your
Daddy, since then I haven’t collected it back
from my friend so, am very sorry
Tola: Apology accepted, so how is
Me: We are fine o, and Fct too?
Tola: Fct was kinda boring before but now
with my man by my side I’m now enjoying
my stay
Me: Omo I go love o, tell me what’s going on
Tola: ***She told me everything, how big
mum had talked with with her Daddy and
how her dad had forgave and accepted
Me: Wow Cnn haven’t tell me all this
Tola: Yes It happened yesterday maybe he
doesn’t want to tell you at this time
Me: Give phone to him let me talk with him
Tola: ***Handed phone over to Cnn***
Cnn: Guy how far?
Me: Tola told me everything, guy you’re a
lucky man congratulation
Cnn: I must confess am very happy, am to
meet with big mum tomorrow
Me: Nice even have being wanted to call you
before your call came in
Cnn: Hope no problem?
Me: Not too much just that I had a dream
about you (I have to lie to him because I
don’t want him to know who Dupe is) I saw
you in a trap with unknown woman, guy
you have to stay away from p–y for a while
and be very careful in every steps you take,
don’t go out with a woman
Cnn: I stick with only Tola I don’t do runs
Me: You might starting tomorrow who
knows, just becarful in Tola’s house
tomorrow, know what you’ll say and if
possible don’t eat there
Cnn: Alright bro, I don’t know you have
become Joseph the dreamer in the bible,
anyway I’ll do all what you asked me to do
Me: Better ***We chatted for a while before
we bade ourselves goodbye and I hanged
3:20pm, police team that went to Airtel
office walked in to police headquarter with
the printed result of the sim certificate on
their leader’s hand, he headed straight to
Asp.Mic office saluted him and seated
opposite him
Asp: You welcome How far about the
Police1: We have done the proper check on
the sim sir and here is the data of the owner
of the sim *** He brought out a white paper
out of big brown envelop, handed it to
Asp: ***Collected the paper from him he
looked at it very well*** is this the data of
the owner of this sim?
Police1: Yes sir
Asp: I don’t think this face is looking familiar
or its?
Police1: Not really sir
Asp: Have you called the number?
Police1: Yes sir several time sir but it was
switched off
Asp: The next thing to do now is to go to
the house address and investigate him, tell
his neighbour that you’re from private
do I need to teach you your job?
Police1: Ok sir
Asp: Alright don’t forget to go with your
both I.D cards (Police and private company
I.D card,)
Police1: Yes sir. He saluted his boss and
walked out, he made his way to counter and
called his fellow team mate to gist them on
the next step, he wasn’t done with his
words when one of his team called his
attention to the
picture on the result they had from Airtel
office “Oga don’t you see that the picture in
this print out is looking like one of those
guys in the cell, let interrogate them” he saw
sense in his statement and sent for Jay/Don
in no time they were in front of him
Police1: Welcome guys, the man who
reported this case has withdrew the case so
your bail has been granted
Jay/Don: Haaaaaa thank God o ***They were
happy because their case has been
Police1: You see it call for celebration, but
you have to becarful next time
Jay: Thank you sir
Other policemen on counter: They do not
know what is going on, is he truly going to
free them?
Police1: You have to fill this bail form and
sign ***He brought out a form*** but we
are currently having just a form here so one
you will fill it and be realise while the other
one will fill his tomorrow and be realised
Jay: That mean one of us will be free today
and the second person would be free
Police1: Yes dear, we don’t have enough
form and we can’t made the photocopy
because it comes with serial number, so
who is going to fill it?
Jay/Don: ***They were about to be fighting
over it,. Am the one to fill it not you***
Police1: Relax, you don’t need to be fighting
ok? Who is Obisesan James Ayodele among
of you? He’s the one to fill the form
Don: ***He felt bad at last Jay is leaving him
Jay: ***He quickly came forward smiling***
I’m the one sir
Police1: ***He looked at his face to the
passport on the paper*** call your phone
Jay: ***He called it and it corresponded with
the Airtel line they investigated***
Police1: ***He gave him three slaps and
order him to be thrown back into the cell,
they are going to torture them and also
to court of law on Monday***
Don’t think you’re smart because some set
of people will out smart your smartnest.
To be continued

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