******BREAKING NEWS******
I came down from keke and paid the Aboki
man, I walked to the gate and murmured
some prayers before I knocked on it, the
gate was threw opened after some
minutes and I walked in, standing before
me was my girl, she jumped me and hugged
me for some secons.
Tola: Wow I must confess you’re looking
good, your face, your dress and the perfume
you wear are so wonderful, I love this
Cnn: Really?
Tola: You know I said I want you to impress
Big mummy and I love the way you dress
Cnn: Nice, who is in the house?
Tola: Big mum and I, we are waiting for you
Cnn: I hope I haven’t late?
Tola: Yes you’re not, African time is not good
you know?
Cnn: Lets go inside or we are staying here?
Tola: Let’s go Big Mum has been waiting for
you***we headed to sitting room***
Cnn: Where is Mummy?
Tola: Let me call her for you, she is in her
room***She went to Big mummy’s room to
notify her of the arrival of Cnn*** she’s
coming dear
Cnn: ***I looked at the sitting room as the
event of the previous time began to played
in my head, that day I was seated on this
same couch when Tola moved closed to me
and sat on my lap, before I knew it we have
started kissing I was like disappeared when
the door to sitting room suddenly threw
opened and Big Mummy walked in, I smiled
at myself as I remembered how I managed
to escaped that day.
Big Mummy was shocked to meet her
daughter and I in that position, who will
not? Imagine in her sitting room, she took
her phone and dialed a number she was
about started conversation with the person
at the end of the line when I stood up, I
pushed her out of the way and ran out,
that was how I escaped that day, thank God
she had forgave me***
Big Mum: Hello (She said as she walked to
the sitting room)
Cnn: ***Her greeting brought me back to
Big Mum: You’re here my son inlaw
Tola: ***Smile and wink at Cnn at the same
Cnn: ***I stood up and prostrated in front
of her*** Good morning ma
Big Mum: ***You’re welcome to your cell***
My son inlaw! My son inlaw!! Good morning
how was your night?
Cnn: Fine ma
Big Mum: ***Seated opposite him*** Stand
up and have your sit dear
Cnn: ***I stood up from prostration
position and sat facing her***
Big Mum: You’re officially welcome to my
house, actually I sent for you but before we
can processed let do formally introductions,
what is your name?
Cnn: I’m Mujeeb by name ma
Big Mum: Nice name, we are from the same
state right?
Cnn: I think so ma, I’m from Osun
Big Mum: Ok, let do the introduction later
beside I’ve lot of things to discuss with you
concerning your wife to be, anyway you
have to eat something first Tola please
entertain your guest, when you’re done
with the meal you come and call me
Tola: Ok ma ***She left left for kitchen to
serve her man with semo,Egusi soup with
goat meat***
Big Mum: Feel at home dear ***She went to
her room***
Cnn: Thank you ma ***I now seated well
and balanced on the couch as if I was in my
daddy’s parlour, thank you God Big mum
received me with joy, Tola came with two
wrapped of semo and enough of meet, she
placed it in the dining she called me to come
and eat and I joined her in there as we ate
******BIG MUMMY******
I was feeling uncomfortable and restless as I
leave two of them alone in the sitting room
headed to my room, I sat on my bed and
began asking myself series of questions
“Time is going now, won’t he come again?”
“What could make him so late like this?”
“Is everything all right?”
“Or something bad has happened to him?”
“Oh my God the boy is now in my sitting
room waiting for his arrest.”
When I couldn’t take it any longer I took my
phone and dialed his number but he didn’t
answer my calls, anyway I don’t have to be
worries since his number is going through
maybe he had closed to me that’s why he
couldn’t pick my calls.
I have to do all my possible best to delay the
boy till the arrival of my brother, but God is
powerful than me because my eye was
cover to the extent that I don’t know tha my
brother had involved in an vital accident
somewhere around Jabi Lake.
Crowd are now gathered around our car as
some of onlookers were busy asking
themselves numerous questions
“Who is this man?”
“What happened shay na fight?”
“Bros accident happen here?”
“Oh my God this man don die o.”
Few minutes later I saw a blue hilux car
approaching us, the car moved closed to us
COMMISSION) boldly written on it, four men
came down from the hilux and came over to
our car, Thank God someone is here to safe
our lives not onlookers.
My daddy was buried his head on the
steering I think he hits his chest on it,
looking at him would make one concluded
he’s now
gone, the other two policemen and I were
unhurt, but our mind isn’t settled due to the
shocked of the accident and it really took us
The FRSC team forced the car doors opened
and brought us out four of us were carried
to Gwarimpa General Hospital, my daddy
was rushed to emergency ward, where he
was attended to,
“I’m the doctor assigned to your daddy” the
introduced himself to me as we made our
way to emergency ward
“Young lady don’t be afraid your dad will be
ok” Doctor said again.
I just stood folded my arms as I was busy
looking at Doctor Who was trying all his best
to revive my daddy, series of test has been
conducted on him, thank God his chest scan
was quickly out than expected, the result
shows that he didn’t sustain any injury on
his chest and I Thank God for that,
Doctor penned down something on file after
he gave him two injections, “Young lady you
can now wait for me at reception” he said
to me, without answering him I moved out
of emergency
ward and waited patently for him at
receptions, 30Minutes later he walked out
with sorrow written all over his face,
looking at his face made me confused more
weather my daddy has gave on the ghost, I
would have called my mummy and explained
everything to her but my phone is nowhere
to be found, maybe its in my daddy’s car? I
can’t say.
Nike: Doctor how is my daddy?
Doctor: You daddy is much ok now, but we
need some of your relatives who will sign
undertaken because we need to operate
Nike: ***Crying*** Ghos my daddy’s
condition is so critical to that level?
Doctor: Not really you can go and see him
after an hour, thought we still need to
operate him, please call your mummy
Nike: My p *** Before I could complete my
statement one of the FRSC officer walked to
us with my Daddy’s phone ringing in his
hand, he picked the call because the caller
name was saved with “MY SISTER”.
Seeing Cnn that morning really made me felt
ontop of the world, he presented himself
very well in front of Big Mummy, he was well
composed and looking handsome, have
already took my time to prepared his meal
and make sure everywhere is neat and tidy.
Big Mummy left us alone after she welcomed
him, she asked me to server him which I did
like someone under the spell, honestly I was
under the spell, not evil spell but love spell,
two of us settled at the dining as we
consumed our food while big mum left for
her room, I took glanced at his face his cute
smile welcomed me
Cnn: Dear I don’t know Big Mum is this nice
Tola: She is a nice person, even I couldn’t
believe my ear the day she discussed this
issue of meeting you with me, I thought she
was joking
Cnn: I really owe her lot of things
Tola: Only thing you can give her is to take
good care of me, she doesn’t need your
money because she has
Cnn: What about her husband?
Tola: Her husband is late
Cnn: Eyah! Sorry o, she has no child?
Tola: She had four and all of them are not in
country, they are in UK
Cnn: Na big woman she be o
Tola: Before nko? *** We continued chatting
till we finished our meal and returned to
sitting room where Big Mummy joined us
few minutes later***
Big Mum: ***Faced Cnn*** Guess you enjoy
the meal?
Cnn: To say the fact the food is yummy
Big Mum: ***Laughed*** Do you know I
cooked the food?
Cnn: Hahaha, mummy you’re indeed a chef
Tola: ***Laughing***
Big Mum: I’m playing Your wife does
Cnn: Wow so Tola can cook this good?
Big Mum: Your wife is not a lazy woman
Tola: Thank you mum
Big Mum: So my dear, thought I wasn’t
pleased with the position I met you and my
daughter the previous time
Cnn: Am very sorry about that ma
Big Mum: you’re forgiving already, so do you
truly love my daughter or you wanna chop
and clean mouth? abi you have been eating
it before?
Tola/Cnn: ***Feeling uncomfortable with the
Big Mum: The question is difficult to answer
Cnn: Not really ma, I truly love your daughter,
she can testify to it ma and I know she loves
me too because we have been dating for so
Big Mum: So what is your plan for her?
Cnn: To get marry to her whenever she’s
ready ma
Big Mum: Good idea but what do you want
to do with ur own life?
Cnn: I’m planning to further my education to
become a graduate and work in a big
Big Mum: Nice, I love you because you have
a vision, just be focus and work towards it I
wish you all the best in life
Cnn: Amen, thank You mum
Big mum: ***Ibrahim supposed to be
here*** You see my Daughter is a diamond,
you have to treat her like one, don’t beat my
daughter and don’t make her regrets
following you
Cnn: I won’t, I promise you ma
Big Mum: May God help you
Cnn: Amen, thank you
Big Mum: ***Faced Tola*** Tolani my
daughter, I don’t have much to tell you,
thank God you grow with your parents have
you ever seen them fighting before?
Tola: No ma
Big Mum: Be respectful and always obey
your man, you shall not regrets marrying
Tola: Amen, you’re so wonderful mummy, I
love you
Big Mum: ***Dialing his brother’s
number*** My children I want to use this
avenue to announce to you that am now in
fully support of your relationship, have called
my brother and his wife everything has
been discussed with them and they are in
support too
Tola: Thank you ma, thanks for everything
Big Mum: You see the first ***Before she
could finished her words, her call was
answered, Hello the person at the other end
of the line said to her*** Hello Ibrahim
where are you?
Voice: Hi my name is officer Danladi, This to
inform you that the owner of this phone is
involved in an accident and he
has been taken to Gwarimpa General
Hospital, if you reside in Abuja kindly come
to the hospital now or you call someone
very close to him***
Tola: Hope no problem?
Big Mum: ***Screamed*** I’m in trouble
Tola: What happened mum?
Cnn: What is it mum?
Big Mum: ***Faced Tola*** Your father
involved in an accident on her way coming
here, he has been taken to Gwanrimpa
Tola: ***Confused, my daddy should be in
Osun not Abuja*** You mean Ibrahim my
daddy? Accident on his way coming here? Is
he in Abuja?
Big Mum: ***She just nodded because she
couldn’t know the proper answer to give to
asked aboved questions***
To be continued

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