So many bad thoughts started creeping into my mind. Nobody knows where I am and I did not order for anything, which means no hotelier will come into the room. My legs and hands were still tied to the chair and I’m getting weaker as the hood would not allow me breath properly. I couldn’t shout neither could I move.

I tried to move the chair and my body together even though it was painful. After a forceful try, I found myself on the floor still firmly tied to the chair. Only God knows what time of the night it was that time. I started giving up, accepting my fate. I thought of mum and Debby, how the news of my demise will break them. This gave me a little motivation to try again. After many struggle, the rope used to tie my leg loosened a little and I was able free my legs but my arms was still tied. The way it was tied, there is no way I could untie it without breaking one of my arms or both. As I tried to force break one of the arms, somebody entered into the room without knocking.

Voice: Oh my God Willie, you want to kill yourself?

Me: Who are you?

Voice: Cool down!

She sat me back on the chair and removed the hood from the back. Afterwards, she started loosening the ropes

Voice: Do you trust me?

Me: I trust you can lose that rope and let me go, even though I don’t know you.

Voice: You still don’t recognize my voice?

Me: At this moment, I can’t recognize my own voice.

She untied the rope completely and I felt relieved but bringing my arms back to the front was so painful. She came to my front and it was then I discovered it was victoria.

Me: You! Who are you? You tied me, drugged me and what God knows. Wait! What did you and your friend did while I was out?

Victoria: You seem not to be scared, I’m here and you are not making any move to attack me. You are exactly who I was told you are.

Me: What do you mean?

Victoria: I was told your weakness is forgiveness. You forgive people easily and believe anything and that makes you vulnerable.

Me: You did not answer my question and why are you here? Why did you untie me?

Victoria: You said I’m beautiful. That’s the first time anybody will tell me that this year. The best they will say is I’ll be good in bed. Let’s just say I want you to live.

Me: Really? After all the drugs you gave me? Anyway, I was almost breaking myself free before you came, so I’ll still survive.

Victoria: (Laughs) Even if you free yourself, you think you’ll live? We left you to die, that’s what my client wanted.

Me: Why didn’t you just kill me then? I passed out twice; you could have killed me then.

Victoria: I don’t kill. I’m not an hire killer but a sharp babe. I do what people want but not killing. I didn’t agree to kill you but my client won’t relent. All I’ll tell you is to be careful of those you call friends and I’ll advice you to leave this place before day light,

Me: Why?

Victoria: Because my client will surely come back for you.

Me: To finish what you could not do right? And why do you think I can’t get you arrested for what you did?

Victoria: (Smiles) It’s your weakness and I am prepared if you try anything (She showed me a shot gun well packed in her brown hand bag)

Me: I thought you said you don’t kill?

Victoria: This is for protection. I have to leave now. Please take care, I put some drinks in fridge for you. I’ll call you.

She carried her bag and left the room as I watch in amazement. It’s either she uses something on me or I don’t have ball at all. Though I wasn’t scared speaking to her but I could have at least made some move, this is my primary abductor! “But she has gun, so it’s better I remain my gentle Will”.

I felt it will be unsafe to sleep in the same room or the same hotel again but it’s late already, walking around in the streets might put me in more danger than I face here. I call on the hotel manager to check if I could get an empty room to swap. He gave me another room, though after collecting some tips.

“I want to believe the manager knows something about everything I went through there, because I can’t phantom how such thing happened for a long period and nobody knows anything.”

After settling in the new room, I switched on my phone and that was when I knew it was 3:30AM in the morning.

I remembered Temmy, Funmi and Rachael; I hope they weren’t sent out after I left. I put a call through to Funmi and she picked almost immediately.

Funmi: Will where are you? (I could sense she’s crying)

Me: Cool down, I’m in an hotel. What’s wrong?

Funmi: Where are you, I need to see you

Me: It’s almost 4am in the morning dear, we’ll see at day break. Hope they didn’t disturb you?

Funmi: Not at all, they even treated us well. I think it’s that woman poisoning Uncle Ben’s heart.

Me: Why did you think so?

Funmi: He kept coming to us to ask if you have called. The last time he came, he was really worried.

Me: He shouldn’t be, I’m fine. You’ll have to leave that place today

Funmi: Why? Are you not coming here?

Me: No, I’ll get a new apartment today

Funmi: Getting new apartment won’t be that easy dear, besides, what of Temmy?

Me: Of course we’ll go together, except he prefer to stay.

Funmi: He’s not been sleeping too.

Me: Where is he?

Funmi: In the sitting room

Me: Where are you?

Funmi: I’m in your room with Rachael

Me: Can you got to the sitting room and give him the phone?

Funmi: Okay, give me some minutes.

She terminates the call and called back like a minute after.

Me: Hello

Funmi: Will it’s me

Me: You are not giving it to Temmy?

Funmi: Uncle Ben is with him in the sitting room and he’s crying

Me: Who is crying?

Funmi: Uncle Ben. Temmy also look so worried, I couldn’t go to them.

Me: Okay let me call him directly

Funmi: That’s better. Please come as soon as possible dear

Me: I’m okay dear. I’ll call you

I put a call through to Temmy and he picked immediately.

Temmy: Will is that you?

Me: Cool down bro, what’s the problem?

Temmy: Oh! Thank God, where are you? (I heard Uncle Ben asking him to hand over the phone to him)

Ben: Hello William, this is Ben. Hope nobody hurt you? Hope you are safe?

Me: Thank you sir, I’m safe now.

Ben: Where are you presently?

Me: I’m sorry I can’t tell you that sir, can I speak with Temmy?

Ben: Forget all that happened earlier; please tell me where you are. I need you to be safe.

Me: Why? So that you can handle me over to police for fraud or what? Just tell me the police station you are taking me to, I’ll go there in the morning.

Ben: Please listen (His voice shaking) We’ll talk about all that happened later. You are not safe where you are and it’s killing me. Please where are you? (Temmy was also asking from the background)

I remembered what Victoria told me about being careful of people I call friend. She couldn’t be talking about Temmy, I’m certain of that, but who was she referring to? I hope telling them my location won’t put me in more danger.

Me: Okay, I’m in an hotel

Ben: Which hotel?

Me: Does it matter?

Ben: I does! We are coming to pick you there right away.

Me: We are in the middle of the night. I’ll come over by myself.

Ben: It might be late! Please tell me where you are.

I conceded to his pressure and gave him the address and room number of where I was. He toldme they are coming right away. I called Funmi back and told her where I was. I also told her Uncle Ben is coming for me but I don’t trust anybody anymore.

I look around the room and calculate how I’ll escape if anything happens. I packed my stuffs together, not that I debagged it before. I was ready to move, either through the back or front door depending on where the adversary comes through.

I sat on the bed waiting and I was already dozing off when I heard a sound that looked like a gun shot. I pocket my car key and strapped my hunch bag to my back, ready to run. The whole place went quiet after the shot but I heard two successive sounds afterwards. To say the truth at that point, I had become water as all my bravery vapourises into thin air. Some minutes after the two successive gun shots, I heard a weak knock on the door. I immediately removed the sound of my phone and move closer to the back door.

The knock continued but it was becoming weaker. Later I heard a weak voice that sounds like that of Victoria “Please Open the door, it’s me victoria”. I started asking my brain if I should open or not. While contemplating, I heard another shot, this time it was coming from the back side of the building, which means going through the back door is also dangerous.

“Should I use Barcelona style and Open the door to attack first, or use Chelsea style and allow them to come to me so I can hit them at the counter?” I settled for the Chelsea style as I removed a light wall hanger stick to protect myself. That was all I could get.

The knock continues and I decided to open the door. “But come to think of it, how did she know I’m here?” After opening the door, I met Victoria lying down at the door.

Me: What’s wrong with you?

Victoria: (Speaking so weak) They are here, you need to run now.

I drew her inside the room and close the door behind me. I discovered she’s been shot at one of her thighs. As I tried to help her stop the bleeding by tying a cloth round the wounded thigh, somebody banged into the room as if the door wasn’t locked. I couldn’t believe who I saw behind him. He drew out a gun and pointed at me at the command of the person behind him. All I heard last was Victoria saying, “Please don’t kill him”.


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