At this point I was filled with hatred, anger, fear and what have you. I have my twin sister and mother at the mercy of a psycho man who called himself husband. Uncle Ben and that woman whom I believe is my father’s twin sister just accused me of duping them, faking Albert. Come to think of it, I never ask for any of these. My mum was able to send me through school even before Daddy Orire showed up in my final year. We have our own house and we were okay.

“Honestly, their coming into my life has brought more confusion than peace. I wish my life can be reversed back to when it’s just myself, my mother and Debby. Life was so great like that. Even if Dan still shows like he did, I’m still comfortable with it. I’m going to take a harsh decision because of what Uncle Ben just did but I need to take care of Aramide and my mother first.”

Aramide narrated how they suffered at the hand of Vera’s father when I called her back.

Me: Hello Aramide

Aramide: Will, I’m still scared

Me: Cool down okay. He won’t come near you anytime soon.

Aramide: Are you sure?

Me: Yes I am, what of mother? Hope she wasn’t hurt anywhere?

Aramide: She was tied with rope and her mouth was plastered so she could not talk.

Me: D–n! How exactly did all these happened?

Aramide: Mum asked me to come home to celebrate my birthday. She said my step father wanted to celebrate it for me. I was reluctant but mum insisted so I came home yesterday. He indeed gave us a treat this morning and I was really surprised at all he did. My thought was he’s now a changed man, not knowing he had other things in mind.

Me: Menh!

Aramide: Everything changed this afternoon after he took Praise out to a place we don’t know and he then seized all our phones. He threatened us with a very sharp cutlass and grabbed me at a moment. Before we know what was going on, he had tied me with rope and plastered my mouth. When mum will not stop shouting and screaming for help, he did same to her. Vera tried so much to escape out of the house but was captured by one of his men who was already waiting outside.

Me: What was his main reason for doing this? Is it just for money?

Aramide: He said he’s been cheated

Me: Cheated how?

Aramide: He said you have money but only give to mother and neglect hi.

Me: Imagine! Do I know him? A man that asked my mother to abandon me is now asking me to be a son or what?

Aramide: He said mother is doing that because he doesn’t have a son.

Me: And whose fault is that?

Aramide: That time that mum was sick, he did planned it. It was to make both of us follow him to his herbalist. They told him if you forgive him and do the rituals forhim, he’ll have a male child.

Me: Imagine, I don’t have anything to forgive and I can never do any ritual. His case is OYO

Aramide: He knows you won’t want to do it, which is why they fake mother’s sickness. The plan was for you to do the ritual thinking you are doing it because of mother.

Me: Wao! Mum said it. Thank God he failed.

Aramide: Yes, it’s because he failed that he’s doing all these. He said he must be enjoying you as a son too.

Me: Funny human being. He doesn’t want me then, now he’s aspiring to be my father. Is he not eating from everything sent to mother?

Aramide: He eats the most self, but he wants monetary gifts.

Me: Who told him I have money. Am I working?

Aramide: I told him that, but he said he doesn’t care how you get the money.

Me: So where will you stay now?

Aramide: I don’t know, we’ll be going to camp next two weeks, I’m just waiting for the posting.

Me: Can you go to my mum till the camp time?

Aramide: That’s what I’m thinking but what of Vera, Praise and Mother?

Me: He can’t harm them. They are his blood but you are not. He can only harm them because of you. I’ll put a call through to mum now, you can go there when you are ready.

Aramide: Okay, thanks Will.

Me: Hope you still have enough on you?

Aramide: Yes, I did not spend a dime from the money you sent me for birthday.

Me: Okay, let me know if you need anything.

Aramide: Thanks Will.

I put a call through to my mum immediately I dropped the call to Aramide. I narrated the scenario to her and she accepted that Aramide should be staying with us on a permanent base, at least till she’s ready for marriage or have her own apartment.

I did not tell mum about the scenario I’m facing currently at the hand of Unccle Ben because I’m sure it will make her sad and regrettable.

Temmy: You told mum?

Me: No, she’ll be worried

Temmy: Let Uncle Ben cool down, we’ll explain everything to him

Me: I don’t feel like explaining.

Temmy: Why?

Me: Let him find out by himself. I didn’t ask for this, so I won’t push for it.

Temmy: Hmmm

Funmi: What will you do now?

Me: I’m thinking of leaving this place

Temmy: Why? Is it up to that?

Me: You know me Temmy, my mind is off this place already.

Temmy: But you can’t change your PPA

Me: We have approximately four months left to pass out, of course I’m not going to change the PPA. I’ll endure till the end but I want to change the resident. I won’t be comfortable living here, seeing them every now and then.

Rachael: I think you are taking it too far Will

Funmi: I agree, it’s not up to that

Rachael: Let things col down and then talk to him

Funmi: Talk to him dear.

I nodded in agreement but I wasn’t planning on doing anything they said. We went back to the lodge and the others were trying to lighting up the atmosphere as I lied down on a long chair, not responding to any of their play.

Some moments later, Aunty Joy came over to our lodge and demanded to talk to me in private. I declined to talk because I wasn’t in the mood but she insisted I must talk. Her reason was if I talk out, I’ll be relieved but I don’t buy that, because I do get angrier the more I talk. I succumbed to her pressure and spoke with her though.

Joy: You know how much you mean to him, that’s why he’s like that. You will do the same thing in his shoes.

Me: Really? I can’t be in his shoe anyway but if I am, I’ll rather listen than just conclude

Joy: Tell me the truth of this case. Who are you really?

Me: (I looked at her with an upset expression)

Joy: Don’t be upset dear, but I need to know.

Me: Why did you want to know?

Joy: You are forming a part of my life, I need to know who you are

Me: You need to know if I’m duping you too right?

Joy: Not necessarily but I need to know. Why can’t you just talk instead of arguing? All we want to know is if you are who you said you are.

Me: Who I said I am? Did I ever told you people I am someone before?

Joy: Okay, who you portray yourself to be.

Me: (My voice started rising) Really? Even you Aunty Joy? Do I know anybody when I enter this place? What do I even expect? Who will tsetse fly supports if not the open wounded.

Ben: (He and the woman met us where we talking outside the lodge) She asked you to tell us who you are

Woman: And If you cannot do that, pack your loads and leave this place immediately.

Me: Wao! That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear all day (Hearing our voices, Temmy, Rachael and Funmi all came out). I’ll do what you want. I’ll leave this place and never expect me here ever again. I’ll finish my service and leave your life. You should leave my life too, thank you.

Joy: That’s not what we are . . .

Me: Don’t bother! Come to think of it, I never ask any of you to love or accept me. Why didn’t you people leave me alone with my mother? God that has been taking care of us from day one is still there. Is it my fault that I was born a twin? Is it my fault that my father never showed up, not even once? Is it my fault that my mother dumped me and went with my twin to marry another man? If my father was caring enough, he would have look for the woman he impregnated before travelling to Ghana. Then I wouldn’t have been at the mercy of his brother who took care of me before he passed.

Ben: What are you talking about?

Me: Don’t bother. Just don’t come into my life or that of Debby or my mother again!

I stormed into the house, picked some clothes and my car key. I told Temmy, Funmi and Rahael I’ll call them as I drove out of the compound in anger without knowing where I was going. I eventually settled for an hotel where I lodged for the night. I switched off my phones to avoid disturbance from anybody.

Around 9pm in the evening, a lady came into my hotel room uninvited, claiming they told her I asked for a s-x worker. While I was trying to chase her out, another lady came out of nowhere and pinches me with a syringe, emptying the content into my body immediately. That was all I know as I black out.

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