Honestly I was still confused about everything. Why will Uncle Ben be arrested? He wasn’t related to the horror in any physical way. Another angle is he’s rich and influential, I expect him to work things out with his influence except if there is more to this than I know.

Me: To tell you the truth, I am confused and I’m beginning to have headache.

Joy: I’m sorry dear

Me: But Uncle Ben is influential, why can’t he bail himself out with self recognition and get a good lawyer.

Joy: The case is bigger than what he can influence

Me: Who is the person against him? I guessed it’s supposed to be me.

Joy: Dr Samanja is behind it. He’s using every of his power to make sure Ben did not come out of this alive.

Me: (Smiles) Samanja, hmm

Joy: Did you know something?

Me: Maybe, but what exactly is Uncle Ben owing him? I thought they are friends.

Joy: They used to be until of recent he asked Ben to sell some of his shares to him.

Me: Uncle Ben refused him?

Joy: Yeah, he said you’ll get everything that belongs to him

Me: That’s even wrong. You are his wife, you should get everything.

Joy: I already have all I needed dear, besides whatever is yours is mine.

Me: Hmm, anyway I don’t want anything again, so he can sell to him

Joy: It’s not that easy, he’ll keep asking for more until he gets everything

Me: How can he even be friend with such person. I can’t testify in court in this condition. Is there a way he could be bail out?

Joy: He’s in prison, not police cell and the judge has refused his bail

Me: For a month now?

Joy: Yeah

Me: Wao! This is big. Well, let me talk with my mother, maybe I can help

Joy: Thank you Will

Me: But before I can do anything, I need to know about that woman that was with you on my birthday

Joy: All I can say is, she’s Ben sister

Me: Biological?

Joy: Yes

Me: She’s close to Samanja?

Joy: Samanja is like a friend to their family, so she’s definitely close. That’s why he’s holding a big post on the company.

Me: Hmm, there is a lot to know, and I’ll like to get to the root of everything. Is Victoria also arrested?

Joy: No she claimed she’s your girlfriend and you were together that night.

Me: My girlfriend? Wao! She tried. I’ll call you in the evening because mum will not wait to see you.

Joy: Thanks Will

Me: Can he be reached on phone?

Joy: No, nobody can contact him except on the hearing day

Me: When is the next sitting?

Joy: This coming Monday

Joy: Wao! That’s far, I don’t think anything can change my mom’s mind. We’ll surely leave tomorrow, but I will help him. Even though he rejected me, I still know he’s my uncle.

Joy: He didn’t reject you Will, he was only angry.

Me: No problem, I’ll do something my health can carry.

Joy: Thanks Will, I’ve missed you so much

Me: Hmm

Joy: I actually support you to leave tomorrow

Me: Really, why?

Joy: I’m not sure of what Samanja will do of he knows you are alive

Me: He didn’t know?

Joy: He didn’t even know you were only in coma. He thought you are dead.

Me: So you think I’m still in danger?

Joy: Yes you are, even Ben doesn’t know you are awake yet.

Me: But the news has already circulated, even all corps members have heard. I think he may have known already, I mean Samanja

Joy: You might be right and I’m honestly scared the more

Me: Can you get Uncle Ben’s lawyer to come later this evening?

Joy: I can do that

Me: Let’s him come over, discreetly though.

Joy: I get it. Thank you Will.

Me: Thank you too, we’ll talk later.

Due hugs me again and I could feel she was really sorry. I know she has a kind heart but she should have try to get my dude oof the story then, before concluding. She did try anyway, but I was too stubborn, I reacted to the way we he asked.

Uncle Ben might look like the devil just for that single act, but I think this is too much for him. He’s a good man and it will be evil of me to just neglect him there when I’m sure he wasn’t the one that tried to kill me. I determined to convince mum to allow me help him. He has done me many goods, he at least deserve this.

Me: Mum, I’m going to help uncle Ben

Mum: He’s not your uncle and you are not helping anybody

Me: Mum, you might not be fond of each other but we both know he’s my uncle

Dan: Will it’s dangerous. I have a feeling the person that tried to kill you is still around

Temmy: Can you remember the person that shot you?

Me: Very well, Uncle Ben is not involved

Mum: Are you sure? All fingers point to him.

Temmy: No mummy, we went to the hotel together that day with Aunty Joy.

Me: I just needed to be sure of something before I divulge the truth.

Temmy: I’m sure Uncle Ben is not involved but I have some confusion. The timing and everything is very suspicious.

Me: I still want to help him. My spirit help him; mum, he’s a good man.

Mum: (Sighs) Dear I’m more concern about you than anything. Helping him will be the right thing to do since you are sure he’s not the one that tried to kill you, but it will put you in more danger.

Dan: Mum is right, besides if you say he’s not he one, the court will ask you who

Me: I’m not planning to go to court.

Temmy: How will you help him then

Me: I’ve asked for his lawyer to come. The court and the accusers don’t know I’m alive yet. When the lawyer come this evening, I’ll make a video, confessing he’s not the criminal.

Temmy: Did you think that will be enough?

Me: It’s should be, we’ll all be there, including the lawyer so it will not look like a make up act.

Temmy: There is a girl also testifying against him apart from the hotel manager. She’s claiming to be your girlfriend

Me: Victoria, there is something I don’t understand about that lady.

Temmy: The lady’s name is Victoria? How did you know her that much?

Me: She was in the hotel that day. In my room or should I say rooms.

Dan: She was indeed in your room? You doing prostitute?

Temmy: No, my guy don’t do prostitutes. How did she get into your room Will?

Me: I’m still confused about her really. She is the main criminal

Temmy: How do you mean?

Me: She was my primary abductor. She and her colleagues injected many drugs into my body. I passed out more than twice that day.

Temmy: I still don’t understand

Me: The time I called you, I just escaped their kidnap

Temmy: She kidnapped you?

Me: More like kidnap hostage thing. I was tied to the chair and was covered with hood.

Temmy: D–n! That’s why your number was not going then

Me: No, I had off the phone before they came. Why I’m confused is because this same girl was the one that saved me. She came back after they’ve all left. She even warned me they’ll come back to kill me to the extent of her begging them not to kill me at gun point.

Temmy: This is confusing.

Me: She was shot that day, I was even trying to help her

Temmy: No she wasn’t shot at all. She’s perfectly sound. I think she faked the gun shot to get to you

Me: But I felt the wound and even tying cloth round the place to stop the bleeding

Dan: She claimed to ran away after Ben pointed gun at her.

Me: Wao! That girl must be devil. She told me that day she doesn’t kill. I don’t think she faked the gun shot. She might be testifying for money though. That’s what she does

Temmy: You might be right

Later in the evening, Uncle Ben’s lawyer came around and I made the video stating he’s innocent. I narrated as much as I could but insisted I could not remember the face of the shooter for now but I’m sure it’s not Uncle Ben. I also stated I wasn’t with any girlfriend, that every other persons that came into my room were intruders. The lawyer was happy with the testimony as he claimed it’s enough to save Uncle Ben.

I wish I can be there at the court but even the lawyer advised against it. Saying I’ll be in more danger. If anybody foresaw it that I’ll end my service year like this, I’ll have rebuke the person. I started so lovely I was envying myself, but ended rather pitifully. But all in all, Glory is to God.

Me: Mum, what of Daddy Orire?

Mun: He’s in Europe for his leave

Me: Oh, I thought he was going to wait till after our service year. He went with his daughter?

Mum: I can’t say. He fast forward it because of you. He couldn’t bear seeing you like that.

Me: He came here?

Mum: Yeah, he paid for your hospita bills after I reject Ben’s help

Me: Wao, but that means he has traveled before Uncle Ben was arrested?

Mum: Yeah

Debby was playing game on my phone and I noticed she has been rejecting a call on my line for up to four times.

Me: Debby who is it?

Debby: BB it’s nobody

Mum: Is it Uche?

Debby/Temmy/Dan: Mum!

Mum: I don’t think we should hide it from him anymore. He needs to know.

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