Only God knows what they were dragging about Uche but whatever it is, I want to hear it. She has not come to say even hi since I woke up. Or maybe she thought I’m dead too.

The phone rang again and I asked Debby not to cut it. I picked it to hear from Uche herself.

Me: Hello

Uche: Hello Temmy, I heard Will is alive, is that true?

Me: Yeah it’s true (I sensed she thought she was speaking with Temmy)

Uche: Why didn’t you tell me, and you’ve been terminating my calls since.

Me: Do you want him dead? And is this Temmy’s number? Don’t you have his number to call him on?

Uche: Who am I speaking with?

Me: Who does it sounds like?

Uche: (She paused a little) Will?

Me: Yes, I am. You want me dead or what?

Uche: Oh my God (She terminates the line)

Me: What’s wrong with Uche?

Temmy: What did she say?

Me: She thought she was speaking with you but after realizing it’s me, she terminates the call.

Temmy: Of course she did.

She called back almost immediately.

Me: Hello why did you terminate the call?

Uche: I’m sorry dear, my airtime got exhausted

Me: Really?

Uche: Yeah, I’m really happy you make it alive

Me: Are you sure?

Uche: Why not, can you come visiting like tomorrow?

Me: You want me to visit you tomorrow? You are indeed happy. You thought I traveled somewhere right?

Uche: I’m sorry, I just want to see you. When did you get well?

Me: What’s wrong Uche, your words are not coherent.

Uche: I’m sorry Will

Me: Sorry about what?

Uche: When I see you ill explain better, just forgive me.

Me: Uche you are confusing me. Why can’t you come over?

Uche: I’m not sure your folks want to see me

Me: Why won’t they not want to see you?

Uche: Please come over Will

Me: Maybe you should tell me on phone then, or have you offended any of them?

Uche: Can’t you come.

Me: You obviously did not check on me all these while, if you do, you’ll not ask me to come over. Since you are not ready to talk, next time then.

Uche: Oh, em em, okay I’ll call you (She terminates the call)

Me: What’s wrong with this girl?

Mum: I need to ask you some questions

Me: I’m listening

Mum: Did you ever went to Uche’s house alone without Temmy?

Me: Yes, like twice self, before my birthday…

Mum: Why would you do that? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?

Me: When does going to Uche’s place becomes dangerous, what’s going on? Even Temmy do go there alone sometimes and she comes here too.

Mun: She said she’ll get you arrested if you ever surface

Me: Arrested for what?

Debby: For Rape! She’s pregnant for you BB

Mum: Did you really rape her?

Me: Mum are you even asking that?

Mum: Sorry dear, but did you have s-x with her?

Me: No mum, why would I?

Mum: Well dear I don’t believe you in this case. That’s how you men normally fake ignorance after doing what you did. I’ve promised her to accept the responsibility for the child if she can drop the rape allegation

Me: What the hell, this is ridiculous. What’s going on here?

Dan: Man cool down. I think mum takes the best move. If we allow her to go out, your name and reputation will be soiled

Me: Why will Uche do that? What did I do to offend her? Are you sure she’s really pregnant or faking one?

Temmy: Paternity test will prove you right.

Mum: I am a woman, only the mother knows the father of her child. I have a very strong feeling and conviction that child is yours and I’m accepting the child. Dear remember what the doctor said, let’s not waste the opportunity.

Me: Mum! I’m running mad here!

Mum! I’ve decided dear, you can’t change my mind. I won’t even mind if you marry her, at least she’s a good girl and she’s beautiful.

Debby: Mum I think she’s blackmailing my BB. She deliberately got pregnant for him

Mum: Whether deliberately or not, I’m sure she did not rape your BB. I know you’ve falling for Funmi, I like Funmi too but by the time she hear your B&B’s condition, she’ll pick race.

Debby: She knows Uche is pregnant for him, yet she stays hoping he’ll wake up or which condition are you talking about.?

Mum: I have spoken.

Debby: I’m sure sister Aramide won’t like it.

Mum: This is bigger than what you and Aramide wants. You are a lady, you should understand better.

Dan: Mum, in as much as I support your decision on the pregnancy, I think you should leave the issue of marriage to Will. Funmi obviously still loves him.

Mum: Love alone can’t do it. I don’t want my son having children with many women, besides I’m sure Funmi won’t be able to bear the conditions

I watched on as they dragged the issue with each other. I was still confused of what is going on. It’s either Uche is not pregnant or she got pregnant for somebody else and wanted to to pin it on me somehow. I’ll like to meet her later to know what’s up.

We left PH for our home town the following day to the tears of Aunty Joy. Aramide left his PPA in Ogun state to meet us at home. She has been staying at our place since the kidnapping incident with her step dad. She was posted to a hospital in Ogun state for her service year.

The whole house seem very full as Rachael came to town to visit me and of course spend time with her boo Temmy. Funmi was also around even though mum was expecting her to leave sooner. Aramide stayed for a while too before going back to her PPA. Dan is around while Sewa also came to spend some weeks with us. Their wedding is less than a month’s time.

Seeing everybody around me made me happy and the caring I’m getting from Funmi is astonishing. I really feel for her and I wish she can leave in peace. The torment was too much for her, yet she’s enduring it. Her man is semi crippled with his ability to perform or procreate in great doubt. Another lady in person of Uche is claiming to be carrying his baby. I just hope Funmi will leave happily, she deserves better. I tried to ask her to leave, but I couldn’t withstand the hurt that will befall her.

Uncle Ben was eventually discharged as Victoria and the hotel manager refused to appear in court to testify again after hearing I’m alive. The video also help as it convince everybody I’m alive. He called me and told me Victoria ran away on hearing that I’m alive.

Ben: Thank you so much Will

Me: I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you, I’m really sorry

Ben: Thanks, coming back to life is the greatest thing you gave me. I would have died of guilt. I hope you are very fine now

Me: Yeah, I’m good now

Ben: I’m told you can’t walk yet.

Me: I will by God’s grace

Ben: Don’t worry, I’ll fly you out for better medical attention.

Me: I’ll be fine thank you sir.

Ben: I have spoken with the doctor and he has told me everything needed

Me: Don’t stress yourself sir. I’ll be fine

Ben: I’m really sorry about everything. I never knew this is how things will pan out

Me: Hope all charges ha been dropped against you

Ben: Yes for now, you are the only one who can revive it. But I’m still in danger and because of that I’ll be coming home next week.

Me: Really?

Ben: Yes, I hope we can talk by then.

Me: No problem sir. You’ll come with Aunty Joy?

Ben: Of course, I can’t leave her here alone.

Me: Alright, I’ll be expecting you.

Ben: Thanks Will. Can I ask you something?

Me: What’s that?

Ben: Is that lady really your girlfriend?

Me: Which lady?

Ben: The lady that testifies against me

Me: No she’s not, why?

Ben: Well, when I come over we’ll talk better. Go and rest and be good.

Me: Thank you

Ben: Hope you have enough on you?

Me: Yes thank you very much

I’m happy to see him free from bandage but I think the war is far from over. I have a feeling more secret will be burst open in the coming days and there will be more arrests. All I want is to walking again.

Mum called me aside one day and told me she’s inviting Uche ever.

Me: Mum No, I don’t want that. Not now, Funmi I’d still here.

Mum: It’s better that way, let’s see how Funmi will reacts to her presence.

Me: Mum, that is wickedness, I can’t do it. I don’t love Uche, and that pregnancy is not mine!

Mum: Wickedness is leaving a pregnant woman alone by herself. Besides how are you sure it’s not yours?

Me: Because I never had s-x with her mum!

Mum: You didn’t sleep with her?

Me: Not even a kiss. She’s lying mum!

Mum: Are you sure?

Me: Won’t I know if lay with a lady?

Mun: Hmm, but my spirit is very strong on that child Ben yours

Me: Mum check again

Mum: I’ve checked several times, but I’m trying to believe you. That child is yours dear, I know something is not right but that child is yours.

Me: Mum!

Mum: Dear I understand you, but remember we are not sure you can impregnate again. Your potency is a great doubt, rejecting thus child might be a doom. You might live to regret it in life. Please my child, accept the kid. You might not marry her if you don’t love her, but that child is an Albert.

Me: It’s will hurt Funmi mum

Mum: She’ll have to endure it for now, until the child is born at least. We don’t have options.

Me: D–n!

My mum actually make sense but I still don’t understand how that child can be mine. Even if the child is mine how am I sure Funmi will accept it. If I were her, would I accept such? It would have been a different case if I’m still very potent which means she’ll have her own children if she marries me. But seeing me having a child when she cannot have any while she’s not the cause will be extremely hard to forget nor accept. It will be better to allow Her leave yard marry another man she loves.

Funmi and I were discussing in the compound one evening when she entered into the compound. I wanted to ask how she got to know our house but I remembered she was there before, after camp period.

The hatred I saw on Funmi’s face was one I’ve never witnessed on her before and the way I see it, trouble was looming.

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