If there is one thing I avoid with all vehement, it’s trouble or should I say quarrel. Uche’s arrival will surely cause some rift and I can only hope Funmi will calm down. I don’t want her to give my mum any reason to dislike her. I still don’t understand Uche’s game plan but I’m sure I can’t trust her anymore. How could she blackmail me like this? After building a real friendship relationship with her. Men’s heart is definitely deep, although I still don’t accept her pregnancy if she’s indeed pregnant.

Before we could say anything to her, mum already came welcoming and ushering her in. I was already expecting full word drilling from Funmi.

Funmi: Will, I need you to give me sincere and true answers to these questions

Me: I will surely answer you dear. Just calm down

Funmi: Did you at any point date Uche while we were separated.

Me: No, not at all. I dated nobody during that period

Funmi: Are you sure about that?

Me: Very positive, I can say it to her face

Funmi: Okay, I believe you, but do you drink at her place or when she’s at yours?

Me: I drink but only water or soft drinks. You know I don’t do alcohol.

Funmi: So you were never high in her presence

Me: Except if I climb something (we both smile). No dear, I was never high because I don’t drink.

Funmi: Hmm, I’m really sorry about the questions I’m asking dear, I trust you but I’m confused.

Me: I am confused too, I know it sounds crazy but I am really confused. What the hell happened during those four months?

Funmi: How did she come about pinning you with pregnancy that is yours and mother kept saying she believe the child is yours

Me: I know the angle mum was coming from

Funmi: What angle is that?

Me: What I’m about to tell you might change your emotion for life, are you ready for it?

Funmi: What’s it?

Me: Whatever decision you take, I want you to know I’ll understand perfectly.

Funmi: You are scaring me, hope you are not thinking of breaking up. Hope I’ve not offended you?

Me: You are really amazing me. I don’t know you are this kind hearted. I never knew you love me this much, which is why I must tell you this. I’m really sorry about everything.

Funmi: Leave poem for literature Will, what is it?

I narrated everything to her, how doctor said my walking and procreation is a great doubt. I also made her understand mum was accepting Uche’s pregnancy because she’s scared I might not be able to reproduce again.

She immediately burst into tears, crying profusely. Age cried so much to the extent others came out to ask what the problem was, but I told them nothing, just so they can leave. She stood up on her chair and walk a little away from me cleaning her tears as I watched on.

At this point I was already point I was already prepared for whatever she’ll say. I honestly understand her pain. If I were a lady, I am not sure I’ll accept that kind of situation too.

To my surprise and to the watching eyes of mum and Uche who were watching us from the sitting room through the window (they don’t know I saw them). Funmi came closer to me and sat on my laps on the wheel chair. She hugged me passionately and I was already thinking it was a goodbye hug but she went ahead and kissed me too. She hugged me still, placing her head on my shoulder while rubbing my back affectionately. She also kisses me once a while before eventually standing up to sit back on her chair.

Funmi: I am angry about one thing though

Me: Feed me in

Funmi: How could you be carrying such burden alone without telling me

Me: I’m very lost

Funmi: I need you to promise me to never ever do such again. We’ll be sharing our burdens together dear, promise?

Me: Hello o, what going on?

Funmi: Do you promise?

Me: I promise but I’m still lost

Funmi: Why are you lost? Are you expecting me to leave you because of all that? Then you don’t really know me. I love you more than you can imagine

Me: Are you for real? I think I need water

Funmi: Oh, drinking right?

Me: No, I need it to wipe my face

Funmi: What for?

Me: It’s time to wake up

Funmi: Not believing me is hurting me dear. I mean it

Me: Wao! I’m sorry dear, but there is nothing to love about me anymore

Funmi: I’m sorry you are passing through something as big as this all alone. I need to ask a question though

Me: I’m listening

Funmi: Do you love me?

Me: With all my heart

Funmi: (showing me the engagement ring I gave her) Do you still want to marry me?

Me: I want nothing more than it in life

Funmi: (smiles) That’s all I need to hear. I don’t care if you can’t walk now because you’ll surely walk later. I don’t care about Uche’s presence because she’s a problem I caused, I pushed her to you and I’ll deal with it. If she’s truly pregnant for you, I’ll take the child

Me: I think you should take time to think about all these. It’s a very big decision, even your Dad will never support it.

Funmi: Oh I did not tell you. I’ve finally able to secure my freedom from my Dad. He has grant me freedom to marry whoever I love.

Me: Really, so no more Fred.

Funmi: I don’t even know where that one is

Me: Funny

Funmi: I also believe very much you’ll be active soon and we’ll have our own children

Me: Where is that coming from?

Funmi: I could feel you while I was rubbing you the other time.

Me: What are you talking about

Funmi: Are you saying you don’t feel your person rising and getting stronger that moment

Honestly my mind was not there and I really could not remember feeling anything, but as she kept describing it, I felt it rise indeed and very hard this time.

Me: Oh my God!

Funmi: (smiles) Even if it will not perform, I’ll still stay with you. Let’s keep it secret, don’t tell anybody.

Me: Wao this is great, I’m really grateful to God, though the doctor’s fear was reproducing not been s-x active. But even at that, this is early

Funmi: I think we should start trying to walk too

Me:No, we might cause more problem. The doctor said at least sixteen weeks.

Funmi: I don’t care what he says

Me: Let’s take it easy, dear, slow and steady

Funmi: No problem love, all I know is you are walking before the sixteenth week

I don’t know what amazed me more, was it the hope I can perform or the way she’s so believed in me more than I do. I am really happy with the development as it raise my hope.

On the second day of Uche’s arrival, I got a chance to speak to her and I was amazed at her level of confidence.

Uche: You hate me right?

Me: No, you hate you

Uche: I know I’ve wrong you but I’m sorry

Me: What wrong did you do?

Uche: Just forgive me, for the sake of what we share

Me: Which is?

Uche: Love

Me: I’ll need to check dictionary for the meaning of that

Uche: You know I love you.

Me: That information is missing on my memory, please don’t try again later.

Uche: If you won’t love me for me, at least love me for the sake of our child.

Me: Your child you mean

Uche: You really think this navy is not yours?

Me: I’m not thinking, I know it

Uche: Well, you can always have Paternity test to confirm that when the child is born

Me: Who said on waiting for you till that time, I’m not interested

Uche: Police will be involved you know

Me: (smiles) You know what’s making me laugh? How extremely stupid I am to think you’ve changed from who I know you to be. I’m so gullible

Uche: You know I’ve change Will

Me: You are right, because that first time you would never have come up with pregnancy story saying I rape you.

Uche: I never said you rape me

Me: Really, then why is police going to be involved?

Uche: You really don’t remember that day, ddo you?

Me: Which day?

Uche: Maybe because you had a lot to drink that day. You were too rough on me I even believed you love me

Me: Wake up woman, I don’t drink and you know that, so look for another lie.

Uche: I am not lying. What will you do if the child looks exactly like you.

Me: I’ll wake up from your hypnotism

Uche: The child is yours Will, whether you remember or not. He’s your son

Me: Oh! You even know the gender

Uche: You’ll be surprised the baby’s yours

I angrily wheeled myself out of the place as it was obvious she wasn’t going to give any reasonable point. I was not able to bring out anything reasonable from her points. She was just saying things. Something is obviously not right because her confidence about the child being mine is superb.

The following day, Uncle Ben came to our home town with Aunty Joy as he had earlier said. He claimed he’ll find necessary rest there after all the problems he has went through.

My mum would still not give him face but I tried as much as I could to make sure they are on talking terms. I was so happy so see Aunty Joy also.

Uncle Ben was told every buts of my condition by the doctor. I don’t know if that’s professional but I feel he did it because he believed uncle Ben was the only father figure I have. Uncle Ben also promised to start the process of transferring me to a better medical center abroad.

Later in the evening, he came to our house to check on me

Ben: I heard about everything from the doctor and I’m really sorry about it. You’ll be cured, don’t worry.

Me: Thanks

Ben: Well you should be happy, there is someone I want you to meet. It’ll make you forget that problem. Let me ask the person to come inside from the car.

She was on full native wear from head to toe and that confused me a bit, but looking very closely I could recognize her very well

Me: Victoria!

Victoria: Willie, I told you ill contact you. I’m happy you are alive.

Me: Uncle Ben what’s going on?

Ben: Cool down boy, I can see you recognize her very well

Me: Was she not the one testifying against you in court?

Ben: Yes, I know

Me: Then why is she with you? She’s a criminal that should be in jail

Victoria: That hurts Willie, you said I’m beautiful before, why are you changing now?

Ben: We can’t send her to jail again, she’s got what we needed

Me: What the hell is it that I need from this criminal.

Victoria: I guess your forgiveness ability has died. So I’m now a criminal after helping you. Your real enemies are there, you are embracing them, it’s me the time help, you are hating on.

Ben: Will, she’s carrying your child

Me: What the shoot! Even Victoria? When did I become father Christmas dashing pregnancy to all and sundry

Ben: There is another person pregnant for you?

Me: It’s Uche, she’s even here trying to be a wife

Ben: I heard that of Uche but I thought it was a joke

Me: She’s claiming I rape her

Victoria: Seems I have a rival

Me: Victoria you really have guts. After kidnapping and giving me drugs… Wait! What did you do while I passed out after removing my clothes?

Victoria: No, it’s what you did and he result is I’m now carrying your child.

Ben: Will I’m getting lost

Me: Wao! I’m matching something here, I think she needs to meet Uche right now!

Ben: That’s not a good idea

Me: No, they must meet now!

I wheeled in a little and called on Uche to come. Sighting Victoria, she opened her mouth!

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