Episode 11
Me: elope with you?
Cynthia: yes now, i have enough money to sustain us over there
Me: But I don’t have a passport
Cynthia: I can work that out for you now
Me: you funny o, I am going nowhere , so you can beg me to elope with you, I once said it then, but you said you can’t leave your husband, so na me go leave my wife? Nah, my wife is pregnant
Cynthia: Daniel, I am sorry, please let’s go
Me: let’s hope in God, or lets reveal the truth, I will talk to Daniella about my own, and u should explain to chief as well,
Cynthia: what? (Exclamation) chief will kill me, he will do everything in his power to bring me down
Me: anyhow. Cynthia, me no go anywhere sha
Cynthia: oga o, so you don’t love me
Me: funny, what about you then,
Cynthia: Daniel, stop going back, but you know I love you
Me: Cynthia, let’s stay, no shaking
Cynthia: no problem sha
Me: yes
I went to sit besides her, teasing her,
Cynthia: leave me jare, not in the mood for that jare,
Me: no nah
Cynthia: I no do, abeg,
She left me in sitting room and went inside, after some minute, I heard her cry, I rushed to see what was happening
Me: haha, what’s all this
Cynthia: (weeping) Daniel why won’t I cry? is this how I plan my life? Omolara hates me, if this your Daniella should know as well nko, or my husband and his staffs, running away from all this will be better, or I should just die (sobbing) thank God I am not a barren,
Me: you can’t die, you can just run away from it, that will be better, you can tell him you want to travel, when you get there, you can start a new life there, or go there to cool your brain first before coming back
Cynthia: listen to yourself Daniel, no be one of his house I go stay over there?
Me: then divorce him, and be alone, cus i don’t know what to say again
Cynthia: oga o, I know you don’t love me now
Me: is that it? What do you want me to say?
Cynthia: I don’t expect you to say all this sef, you tried
I left her in the room and go back to my sitting room watching film, I don’t just know what to say, because I don’t want her to tell chief the truth, cus it will affect my home, and I don’t want such to happen, after some minute, she came out of the sitting room, went to sit at the dinning, I joined her there, just to show that I care,
Me: Cynthia, what’s the meaning of all this,
Cynthia: Daniel, I am tired of everything(pause) you are the only one that knows me(pause), I am tired, I can’t even tell all this to my friends,
Me: Cynthia, that’s why I said you should travel for some time, at least, go there and cool your brain
Cynthia: God will teach me what to do jare, when will you go and see Omolara
Me: I don’t just know
Cynthia: to go and see your daughter
Me: which daughter
Cynthia: abeggi jare, I b kid abi, my son is the first born and the only son for now
Me: na you know that one o
Cynthia: but seriously, you shouldn’t have married this innocent girl, you should have wait a little
Me: seriously, but I love her
Cynthia: I know you love her, I know you do, and she also loves you, you better go and be checking on her also, cus she might call you in the presence of your wife one day
Me: thank you
I am looking into her eyes, and she was looking at me also, I started smiling
Cynthia: what?
Me: let’s go na
Cynthia: leave me joor,
I carried her into the bedroom, put off her singlet, and off her bum short, she was naked, she picked the condom and she wore it on my already erected dick, I bounced on her like an hungry lion, after the sex, I was resting when I heard a knock

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