“please sir……….”

“I am sorry sir….”

“it’s not what you think sir………..”

“ I’m very sorry sir”

“ please conceal my secrets sir”

“I beg of you sir”

The cleaner was whispering and pleading with tears in her eyes which made the level of my ego and pride to boost further. I was silent for several moments and was staring at her at the same time and I think my silence confused her the more.  After a while of silence and thinking of what exactly to say or do, I finally took a deep breath with my arms still folded over each other.

ME:  So, you are the one making those sounds from inside?

CLEANER: (still rubbing her two palms against each other as she was still kneeling down on the floor) I am very sorry sir. Please protect me and cover my secret sir.

ME: “the more my ego was rising as I watch her pleading and shedding tears”.  you still haven’t answered my question. Were you the one making those sounds? , because I have the full audio recording on my phone

CLEANER: ( now, the gentle tears was resulting into a real cry)  Please sir,  cover my secret sir. Everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper!!, you will never have an accident sir, your generations shall be successful !!!!! ( she started heavy prayers)

ME: (After seeing her reaction for those few moments, my mind was soften as I saw a young lady who was trying so hard to save her daily bread from been taken away from her, she was so remorseful that she could do anything at that moment just for issues to die down) .   OK!!, You can stand up “ I dropped my arms and waved for her to stand up”

CLEANER: (stammering) Ar-ar-are you sure sir?

ME: Yes, I’m very sure.

CLEANER: (still feeling remorse) do you mean I can go now sir?, please pity me sir and don’t expose me, I don’t have any source of living and I don’t want to lose this job sir ( she knelt down again).

ME: ( couldn’t take it any longer) Madam, you can go. I am very serious.

CLEANER: Thank you sir.

ME: Do you know me? And do you know who I am?

CLEANER: (she was so frightened again) , No sir, I haven’t seen you before. Please sir, have mercy on me sir ( pleading again).

ME: No problems , you can go.

CLEANER: Thank you sir, ( she knelt down again) . What about the recording sir?, please delete it sir.

ME: (smiled) , don’t worry about the recording, just like I assured you, you are safe and you can leave. Now I am more interested in your partner who refused to come out since. Or what  is he still doing inside if I may ask?

CLEANER: ( Another set of tears dropping from her eyes again) I am sorry sir ( rubbing her palms against each other)

ME: you don’t want to talk right?, don’t worry. You can leave while I wait here for him to come outside. And if he refused to come out, I will call for attention.

CLEANER: (Knelt down again and tears still rolling from her eyes) please sir, have mercy on us sir

ME: ok then, I will keep your secret just like I told you earlier. But I can’t guarantee his own secret protection since he refused to come out. Or did you kill him inside the handicap rest room?

CLEANER: Haaa!!, NO sir, I didn’t kill anyone sir.

ME: then why exactly is he refusing to come out?.  After all, you aren’t the only person in this act because my recordings captured two voices.

CLEANER: (silent but still shedding tears) please have mercy sir.

Just as I was firing the cleaner and putting her on a hot seat, I heard the sound of the handicap”s restroom door which was opening gradually. I was super anxious to see the person behind the  scene of those sounds I was hearing from the rest room. To my surprise, the man that came out was exactly the same person who first read out the rules to us at the welcoming program. He was the same man who first made mentioned of the “no intimate relationship” thing.

That I was surprised is an understatement, I was totally confused and dumb folded at the same time. It was more like catching a policeman in an armed robbery scene. The man also was totally confused because I guess he knows I am knew in that office.  We were now three standing inside the office staring at each other.

“ Guy, please leave her out of this and lets discuss this thing as a Man to Man” That was the next thing I heard from him as he shut the door of the restroom and adjusted his tie”

He told the cleaner to go which I also seconded as we are both left inside the office.



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