Episode 12
Me: who is there?
Kola: Wura ni
Me: na you,
I opened the door
Kola: watin do your face?
Me: nothing jare, was sleeping before
Kola: hmmm, guy na you I con see o, your Wife nko
Me: she no dey, watin happen
Kola: about what you said on phone that day, about omolara
Me: oh, come and sit jare
Kola: Cynthia nko
Me: she dey sleep
Kola: abi you don bleep her again
I dragged him to the chair
Me: na you know, just sit jare
I sat beside him
Me: guy, you remember the time wey we travel go lag concerning one contract,
Kola: yes
Me: that was when I saw her (I explained)
Kola: chai, oga o, so what do you think of doing
Me: baba, I don’t know o, or maybe I should go and be greeting her once in a while
Kola: hmm, that’s true but hope it won’t lead into another thing, cus I know you wella,
Me: guy I can’t promise, but they know I have a wife at home now, I am a human being but I can’t trade Daniella for anyone, I love her like anything,
Kola: then prove your love for her, I can’t tell you not to go, cus she is your daughter, but the thing is you falling for her again,
Me: fall? And I no fall for Cynthia?
Kola: that’s true sha, bad boy, just change sha, and be careful, if you call tell Daniella sef,
Me: guy forget that one,
Kola: Daniella loves you, and she will forgive you,
Me: I will try sha, how about your wife
Kola: wo, she’s trying to behave normal, but not like before
Me: Just give her time
Kola: I’m tired seriously, she’s at home o, but it’s just as if I’m the only one at home
Me: oga o, just give her time
We continue gisting, after some minute, Daniella came back. After some days, Cynthia left for her place, when her husband came back from the state, everything seems normal, I do call Omolara once in a while, while Susan, keep disturbing me about when I will come.
After some month, it was her 9th month, I mean Daniella, her mum was around staying with us, I have to go and check on Omolara, I lied to Daniella that I want to go and see my clients in Lagos, I arrived Lagos around 3 pm Friday, I called omolara to know her whereabouts, she said she is at work,
Me: can I go and wait for you at home?
Omolara: haha, where are you?
Me: actually, I am here to see my daughter
Omolara: can you still get the place, or should come and stay here, so as to take you home, I came with my car
Me: I also came with my car ni now
Omolara: chai, let’s do it like this then, will send the description to you, you can stay in an eatery till I’m done
Me: okay
She send the description to me, I waited for her in the eatery as she described it for me, I called my wife to inform her about my journey, around 5, I saw one pretty damsel entering the eatery, it was Omolara, she was looking all around for me, I looked at her for more than 3 minute before calling her, because the eatery is a big one, she is very pretty, can I control my dick? i went to meet her, she smiled at me
Omolara: August visitor
Me: abi now, where is my daughter?
Omolara: now you know she’s your daughter
Me: but I thought you just smiled at me now
Omolara: let’s go to your car
We entered my car,
Omolara: Daniel, let’s go to super market to pick something for your daughter,
We went to supermarket to buy some cloth for her, I met her with her private lesson teacher and she rushed to me
Susan: Daddy
I hugged her,
Me: how are you baby
Susan: fine
Me: will wait for you to finish your lesson,
Susan: okay Daddy
I released her, Omolara was looking at us, she smiled, we went into the house, I wanted to off my shoe
Omolara: when are you going, are you not going today?
Me: are you chasing me, or are you expecting someone?
Omolara: no, just asking
Me: I’m going tomorrow, can I go and sleep in the room, I am tired
Omolara: why not
I followed her to the room, the place was neatly arranged, I slept and woke around 7pm, when my phone rang, Daniella called me, I picked it, I heard their voice, in the sitting room, watching T.v, I went to join them, Susan ran to me
Susan: Dad, you are awake
Me: yes baby, come and sit beside me
She sat beside me, Omolara was looking at us
Me: how was school today?
Susan: fine, Daddy why are you living in Abeokuta and we are living in Lag?
Me: because of work ni baby
Susan: but Daddy, you came that day and Mum said you are her friend
Me: YES, it was because she was mad at me
Susan: okay, Daddy, will you take me to school tomorrow, so my friends can see you
Me: (Smile) I will baby
Omolara: (cut in) Susan, what are you eating tonyt, and you also Daniel
Susan: indomie
Me: anything you give me
After some minute, she prepared Amala and Efo riro for me, while eating, I was chatting with my wife at home, Omolara was looking at me, she knew I was chatting with my wife, she was looking at me somehow, I wished my wife Good night, Susan also go to bed, after eating, she went to change into her night gown. It was transparent, I can see her pant, black pant on a light skin girl Ass, you know now, her shaking Ass, we were watching t.v,
Me: baby
Omolara: you just chat with her now
Me: okay sha, it’s nothing
Omolara: what is noting
Me: can’t you just smile at me
Omolara: why should I? You are here to check on your daughter, so why should I smile?
Me: okay
After some minute, she also went to bed, I thought of going inside to meet her, but I don’t want Omolara’s trouble

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