“The heart of a man is desperately wicked, who can know it”. “There are so many lizard lying down, how do we know which one is really having stomach pain”- Yoruba proverb. “Wisdom is the principal thing, in all your getting, get understanding” – Bible.

As Uche was looking at Victoria, obviously surprised to see her, Victoria was not moved. She just sat there smiling while rolling her eye periodically. It was a moment when Uche thought she’s a devil but met with a legion. At this point everybody was already in the sitting room. My mum, Aramide, Debby, Dan, Sewa, Funmi while Temmy and Rachael eventually join the action thriller we were witnessing. Only we don’t know the Victor and the villain, but to me and Funmi, they are both villain.

After a very loud silence which took everybody to planet confusion, Victoria broke the silence.

Victoria: My friend, it’s been a long time. Is that how life is? Was that our agreement?

Uche: Victoria, what are you doing here?

Victoria: The same thing you are doing here, or you think only you can have Willie?

Uche: Victoria!

Victoria: I’ve met him and found out he’s a kind of guy I like

Uche: Victoria can we talk in private please

Me: Hello no! You both tell us what you know here.

Mum: What’s going on?

Me: Mum meet Victoria, the second recipient of my pregnancy charity

Mum: I don’t understand

Me: She claim to be carrying my baby too

Victoria: I’m not claiming rich boy, this is your child (touching her belly)

Mum; You are pregnant for my son?

Victoria: Four months old

Mum: And yours is four old too Uche? (Uche Judy looked down with water already filling her eye). If I may get you right, he was dating you too?

Victoria: He’s my boyfriend, it’s just that Uche was knee on snatching him from me

Mum: He’s your boyfriend but you did not show up for once while he was in coma?

Victoria: I tried to…

Me: Mum, she’s the lady testifying against Uncle Ben along with the hotel manager

Mum: What!

Victoria: Mama cool down e, it’s not time fight, I’m the one that saved your son’s life that night

Uche: Lie! She’s the one that drugged and kidnapped him

Victoria: I did not kidnap him and I drugged him because of you, b—–d!

Uche: No, you did it for yourself s–t! You drugged him so you could tie him.

Victoria: Fine! Accepted, but you did the remaining drugging part because you want his child.

Dan picked up his phone and went outside the sitting room while Temmy followed him. I don’t know what they were up to but I wasn’t going to leave the sitting room until they are done opening their respective secrets

Uche: No I wasn’t there, I don’t even know you did such thing liar

Victoria: Really? If you were not there then you are not supposed to be pregnant for him. You see mama, her pregnancy is fake.

Uche: You prostitute of a lady, I gave you everything you requested for, yet you went behind me to cheat. I don’t blame you, that’s exactly the way your mother behaves till she kill your father. Like mother like daughter

Victoria: What did you say?

She moved closer to Uche and gave her two resounding slap offerings in quick succession that sends Uche’s brain to original default setting. Uche held on to her face, facing downward as we all looked on to what was going to turn into WWE stars show.

After some seconds, Uche gained back her consciousness and like a rocket reaching for space with maximum force, she lunched on to Victoria. The last time I witnessed that kind of mammalian lunching onto each other was on National Geographical where an obviously hungry lion descended on an antelope.

Have you witnessed an ice hockey game before? You remember the way the reference do allow two quarreling opponents to lock it out fighting while others watch on? That was exactly the way we were all watching them as they exchange series of exotic slaps. From face slap to body slap and head slap that tends to always beat the previous slap in intensity. The whole fighting game turned into a real wrestling match as I wondered who was John Cena among them.

Unfortunately, wrestling turned out to be the strong point of Victoria but weak for Uche who was trying to release herself so they could be back to punching and slapping position. The more she try, the more Victoria lunch on her as they both tore their respective clothes. Victoria initial mission (I guessed) was beginning to manifest at a point as she kept on hitting Uche on the stomach.

At this point, we knew we must intervene if one of them will not die that moment. Uncle Ben was the only able men left in the sitting room as Dan and Temmy were yet to come back inside. He was able to separate them but not until Uche started bleeding from her mouth while she could not stand up by herself.

My mum started panicking shouting “omo olomo” (Another man’s child). She urged Rachael and the other ladies to lift her up as uncle Ben held Victoria to avoid further assault. But Uche could still not stand on her own so we decided to rush her down to the hospital. Victoria also started bleeding from the nose as she lost her consciousness and fell down. Uncle Ben carried her as they were both rushed down to the hospital leaving only the ladies and myself at home.

Rachael: Will you are really a strong man. These are the people you are dealing with? When did Uche become this, I know she’s rascal but not a criminal.

Funmi: You never told me they drugged you. More than one time?

Me: They were eventually two but I wasn’t able to see or recognize any voice that moment. But now I could see Uche was the second person

Funmi: I’m really sorry for ever pushing Uche towards you. I’m sorry dear.

Sewa: All what we are saying is good but I’m really scared for Will

Rachael: What’s your fear

Sewa: Will, have you done HIV test since you gained your consciousness?

Me: I can’t remember.

Sewa: Those girls are whores, especially that second lady, we don’t know what they’ve dashed you.

Funmi: How forbid! (Temmy and Dan entered)

Dan: I think we need to take you down to the hospital for the test too.

Temmy: We need to be sure

Dan: Those criminals are already there and police are with them.

Sewa: Police?

Temmy: Yes, they were responsible for Will’s kidnapping, they should be able to cmtell who shot him

Me: I know the person that shot me and I know the person that sent him.

Funmi/Sewa/Rachael: Really?

Temmy: I think you should keep it to yourself for now. We must not do anything that will put you in risk again.

Dan: That’s true, let nobody say it out for now. Let’s go to the hospital, we’ll talk about other stuffs later.

As we were about moving out, my mum came back.

Mum: Where are you heading to?

Temmy: Will needs to have some STD tests

Mum: Good idea, let’s thank God Uche is alive o, and don’t stop praying for her.

Dan: What’s the matter?

Mum: Uche is already in surgery, they said she lost the baby and they have to evacuate it immediately if she’s to be saved.

Temmy: What of Victoria?

Mum: They are carrying out test on her but she’s stable.

Me: Who is taking care of the bills?

Mum: Your uncle is doing that, besides they are both government properties now as police are already waiting for them.

We went to the same hospita so I could have STD tests. The tests were conducted and we were asked to wait for a while to get the result. When you have influence, some things are done pretty fast in this country.

The operation on Uche was successful and they said she’s recuperating. I really wish her case will not reach court, I just want her to go her way. She might be a devil who is using all means to get what she wanted but I don’t want her in jails because of me. Victoria on the other hand deserves whatever she’s getting. How I’ll be able to save Uche from Victoria’s charges is what I don’t know. I think I’ll drop any rape charges, that should safe her I guess.

The doctor who happened to be a family friend and church member was the one that attended to us. He was having the reports of Uche, Victoria and I.

Doctor: Opeyemi how is your body?

Me: I’m doing good sir

Doctor: Hope there is no pain anywhere

Me: Not at all sir

Doctor: I think you can start trying to walk, maybe I should give you some crutches.

Me: Thank you sir

Doctor: Your test result is out and you are safe of any STD. All results came negative, try having it next three months again.

Me: Okay sir, thank you. How is Uche doing? That girl that was operated on

Doctor: We thank God for her life, she lost the baby and we might have lost her too if we did not evacuate it. She’s now in a stable condition and should be discharged in a couple of days.

Me: That’s great, what of the other lady.?

Doctor: She’s fine, she only had little concussion but she’s good now. She’ll be discharged today.

Me: What about her baby? Hope the baby is safe?

Doctor: She’s not carrying any baby

Me: She’s sir

Doctor: No she’s not pregnant.

Me: Why did you conclude that sir?

Doctor: (smiles) We must conduct pregnancy test on her to know the kind of treatment to apply because we were told they were both pregnant when they came. But her own result came negative

Me: Wao! So she was lying

Doctor: She told you she’s pregnant?

Me: That was what causes their fight in the first place.

Doctor: I think she faked it, she’s not pregnant at all. No traces.

Me: Thank you Doctor

Few days ago I was expecting a kid, it makes two this morning but now I’ve got none. Even though the circumstances at which the child came was dubious and pathetic, I still felt in my heart I lost a child.

I felt I’m getting my strength back, though not yet walking but it’s time to expose those criminals who tried to kill me. I only hope the truth will not shatters uncle Ben which might eventually damaged the company

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